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quaz 10-16-2005 10:35 AM

Update on the Yellow Targa Resto and a ?
Well I had a couple of hours today to sneak up to the barn and hang my fenders and front bumper. I also finished polishing my wheels this week so I have them on the car for drama.

Question I have is, I have 16x7s and 16x8s and I also have 6 tires: 2 205s, 2 225s, and 2 245s. Do I go with 225s and 245s or do I stay conservative and go with 205s and 225s? They are all Yoko AVSs in good shape so no matter what combination it will be a matched set.

Enjoy the pics

quaz 10-16-2005 05:16 PM

Man no comments? Usually someone has something to say....

kilodawg 10-16-2005 05:17 PM

I want it!

ghnat 10-16-2005 05:20 PM

Sorry - I just stared at the pics and my mind was off. The car looks beautiful right now. Should be stunning when complete. I wish I had money to continue my project...

Brother 10-16-2005 05:20 PM

I have 205/225 set up on the same wheels. The sidewalls are bulging out beyond the rim like they should. You might have weaker sidewalls with the larger width tires.

JTL 10-16-2005 05:22 PM

My track wheels/tires are 225's on 8x16 front and 245's 9x16 rear. The rims are some non p-car brand black centers with power coated lips. Fronts have 951 offset 23.3mm and rears have 11mm. The fronts rub a little during hard cornering even with the insider fenders rolled.
My street Fuchs 16 6's and 7's run with 205's 225's.

-84 targa

quaz 10-17-2005 03:00 AM

Hmmm, sounds like the 205s and 225s are the way to go. I can always save the 245s for a rainy day.

Thanks for the compliments on the car. It is coming along nicely. There are some flaws in the paint that I will probably redo next year, but it sure beats faded out calico yellow and rust.

mb911 10-17-2005 03:45 AM


Did you repaint it?? I need to stop by and look first hand. Emal me at

quaz 10-17-2005 06:21 AM


I just got done repainting it a couple weekends ago. I will email you later tonight.

acapella8 10-17-2005 06:45 AM

I like the bright yellow.

quaz 10-17-2005 07:20 AM

The original color was light yellow. This color is very very close, but has a bit more black in it. The hood hinges didn't get painted and you can hardly tell the difference. It is 1997 Audi Brilliant Yellow. In the sun it should apear to have some green in it.

Neal Boysen 10-18-2005 02:25 PM

Looks great! Keep putting that thing back together. I think I'd go with the 205/225 tires. Now a question, are you going for the lightweight look with no trim on the bumpers and rockers and torsion covers and fog light covers removed? Keep the pics coming, I have a 71 T Targa and I want to see your finished project.

quaz 10-18-2005 02:38 PM

Neal, I am going for the lightweight look. There will be only the black stripe on the bumpers. No rocker trim, but the torsion covers will go back on. I was actually going to go with no duck tail, but they just look so damn good on targas I couldn't resist. I think for grins I may refinish the original deck lid next year and change compare it. However I like the way the duck looks now.

Also, I am trying another experiment. I bought an RS rear bumper for it, but I cut out the center of it. I am going to use the original chrome bumpers and steel middle panel, but the FG sides to match up with the flares. That way I can actualy bump something in the rear without killing the rear bumper. You can see both sides in the first picture under the rear of the car. I am just going to bond them onto the original bumper mounts.

Neal Boysen 10-18-2005 05:04 PM

Kevin, I think that will look awesome! My 71 is what I call "comestically challenged" and my plan is to also build mine up in the lightweight theme. But as you know there aren't many Targas built up that way so I look forward to seeing more updates and the finished project!

quaz 10-18-2005 05:06 PM

Well if things go my way this weekend the motor/trans will go back in and I can put the interior back together. Then it will just be glass away from an entire car.

kepperly 10-18-2005 05:34 PM

The paint is real close to mine, a little softer than the speed yellow, in fact mine is a factory color call summer yellow, avaialbe I believe only a few years. I think I have the only slant cab that color

Keith Epperly 87 slant nose turbo look carera cabrilet

Dan in Pasadena 10-18-2005 08:12 PM

quaz - Show us more pictures!!! LOVE what your car is looking like.

quaz 10-19-2005 07:25 AM

Here is the front of the car. This bumper was mangled and trashed, but I think it was saved from the brink.

jorian 10-19-2005 07:37 AM


Great car, great color.

I recently put 7's and 8's on and stayed with 205 and 225 rubber. Big improvement over the 6 & 7's with 205 & 225. I switched from Yoko ES100 to Bridgestone SO3 which probably accounts for some of the difference.

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