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Ben Nichols 09-11-2018 10:39 PM

Minor overheat issue
Hi All

I have got the car back on the road but it's got an overheat problem. The symptoms are:

1. It takes a good 10 minutes for the temp gauge to start moving
2. It slowly creeps to vertical after about 20 minutes
3. After about another 15 minutes it will be nudging the red on the gauge if I drive at a around 3,5000 - 4,000 rpm for prolonged periods. I don't want to push any further
4. If I slow to about 3,000 rpm it starts to very slowly creep back down to between the start of the red and vertical but won't go back to vertical

Whilst sorting the car I have had the following replaced:

1. Thermostat (correct one) from Awesome Powdercoat in the US
2. Cooling flaps stripped and serviced, mechanism refurbished and cable replaced
3. New push rod seals
4. Carbs fully rebuilt (it has twin Weber 40 idf's) and set up correctly

Other things I did include (just in case they may have an impact??!)

1. Removed the heating system and pipes from the heat exchangers including the end pieces with diverter flaps controlled by the lever on the centre console
2. Removed the bursch exhaust and replaced with megaphones from Dansk

I'm really confused so if anyone can help I'd be really grateful. The engine is a 1.8 that was converted a while ago to 2.0 (and rebuilt twice now including new heads).

Please please please help. It's stopping me going more than about 30 miles on a run which kind of defeats the object of having the car..... Thanks.


falcor 09-12-2018 09:21 PM

Check that the temp gauge tells the truth? I dont know exactly what the "red zone" temp is but I'd imagine its somewhere around 120 C. Test the sender in boiling water, that will show you where 100C is on the scale jus to get a reference. (Then you can use an external thermometer to see where the red zone temp is.)

Check your ignition timing? If the timing is off you could create more heat that necessary.

Oil level, make sure you are at the upper mark on the stick.

If nothing else works, you could disconnect the thermostat cable, that should default the flaps to fully open, then go for a drive and see if theres is a difference.

udidwht 10-20-2018 01:51 AM

What type of gauge you using?

Without any numbers to go by impossible to know if you're even overheating.

When you say properly set up (Webers) what do you mean?

vent size?

jet sizes?


air corrector size?

Float height/drop measurements?

Fuel pressure?

Snap and upload a pic of the bottom-side of car.

porschetub 10-20-2018 09:51 PM

Start with timing,try retarding the timing a bit you will get a running temp difference once warmed up,if that works retime the engine,what jetting do you have ?,if too lean on the idle jets you will also have high running temps,what is the starting condition like ?fire up and run @ a smooth idle after its warmed up ? if not your idle jets are too small.
Good move on the thermostat ,appears you are a bit slow getting temp up however,is the cable adjusted correctly and moving freely?,check the cooling flaps for correct operation.
Good luck.

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