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bobswei 07-13-2019 06:50 PM

Shift Linkage - Easy for you, not for me
I'm restoring my '74 and as I reassemble the shifter and linkage, it doesn't fit anymore. The main shift rod is hitting the motor mount cross bar. What is not correct on these photos? One photo is the correct way, the rest are mine.
Thanks for getting me straightened out.

jess p 07-14-2019 08:31 AM

My first question is, do you have it located correctly at the shifter?

jess p 07-14-2019 08:35 AM

And is the lock pin at the universal just before the firewall, is there one in there

bobswei 07-14-2019 09:55 AM

I did disconnect the shifter so I would have more free play on the shift rod. No, there's no pin there since I can't get it lined up straight to slide it in all the way.
It seems like, something is upside down or backwards. I keep looking at all the mounting points and all seems in the right place. I know it's something simple. Just not obvious.
Thanks for the input...

jess p 07-14-2019 10:05 AM

Ok, there are two locator pins. One at the trans and one before the firewall. What I do is remove the shifter so there is no known obstruction in the tunnel. I then line up the pins at the trans and before the firewall and screw them in tight. Then I reinsert the shifter onto the tunnel shift rod.

jess p 07-14-2019 10:09 AM

Ok, sorry. The tunnel shift rod can be a pain in the ass to get in the universal and lined up. That’s your problem.

jess p 07-14-2019 10:14 AM

What I do is get someone to hold the shift rod and move it with the selector towards the front of the car. Then you dont have much room but to use a small brass hammer and carefully tap the shift rod in the tunnel or reconnect the shifter to the tunnel rod, tighten and with the assistant holding the engine compartment rod try to move the shifter forward and it may push into the universal.

jess p 07-14-2019 10:15 AM

You see if you look at the firewall the tunnel rod has not engaged into the universal enough

jess p 07-14-2019 10:23 AM

Now, Dave would frown at me telling you this but, I’ve taken some vice grips and attached then on the shift rod just forward of the motor mount bar where it passes through the motor mount hole. That eliminates the need of an assistant. That way when you tap the tunnel shift rod into the universal it won’t move. Spray some wd40 into the point where the tunnel shift rod enters the universal. Use a small screwdriver to check to see through the pin hole if you get alignment

Dave at Pelican Parts 07-14-2019 12:51 PM

That's a pretty decent use of vise-grips. If you're worried about the finish of the bar, you can use a rag in the jaws of the vise-grip.


bobswei 07-14-2019 02:32 PM

OK, problem has been identified. A friend stopped by, who's a 914 guy, and we started looking at it. We decided to remove it and he sees that the rod is bent. Not sure how it got bent. Maybe when I was hammering out the pin for changing the bushings in the coupler. Anyway, I'll bend it back then follow jess p's procedures for adjustment. Yea, the vice grips sounds like a good idea.
Thanks for the responses and info for getting it sorted. Bob

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