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surfcity914 11-13-1999 01:34 PM

paint shop in Orange County, California
Can anyone recommend a good paint shop located in Orange County area? I would like to find a shop that has a lot of experience with 914's.

James M 11-13-1999 09:15 PM

As long as we are on the subject, i live in Huntington Beach and have been looking for a good place in O.C. to do my fender flares as well. Any ideas?

Steve M 11-15-1999 08:33 AM

I'm sick of all you west coast people where all you have to worry about is faded paint!. You know there are some northeasterners who have 914's who need some rust work done on them!..........right?.......any northeasterners here?
Anyone know of a descent shop that wont ream me a new one for some chassis work?

Steve M

jabb 11-15-1999 10:40 AM

Steve: Check out: CFR
Custom Fabrication & Repair
This guy knows 914's... Located in Manchester, CT...860-647-1917..Anyone who speaks of this guy is very happy with his work and reasonable prices. Beware rust repair is not cheap... And sometimes is much worst then it appears. BTW where are you located ?

Germain 11-15-1999 11:36 AM

Argh! We here up in MI do our own rust repair... Thats cause we cause so much of it

However if your looking for a good place, theres a place in Lansing, MI. German Automotive. They seem to get good reviews.

Germain 11-15-1999 11:38 AM

jabb... Click the cool shades by the posted date, it contains a user profile. Steve is from "Brooklyn, NY US of A".

surfcity914 11-17-1999 01:33 PM

hello everyone, i still need help.

John Rogers 11-18-1999 07:51 AM

This may scare some peopole, but when I had both 914s painted, dents removed, fenders flared, etc I had them done in Tijuana. Cost was approx 1/3 of what shops in San Diego were quoting me. I bought Dupont two-stage paint, primer, etc and they did the rest. I took in in on Monday and gave them all week to do it and it turned out great. They also have exact fabric/carpet/etc material matches because of the VW factory in Mexico. As an example, the cost of materials on the 914 race car was $275, cost to get it done was $550, including removing the seals, smoothing the stretched fenders, etc. Worry about things getting stolen, no, I worry more in San Diego.

Germain 11-18-1999 09:04 AM

Tijuana is a long hull from MI. Of course if ya doit yourself, you can save more money. It takes time and pataince though.

Ascaris 11-18-1999 09:32 AM

So how much is a good paint job going for now? I was recently quoted $1600 (out in the sticks in Washington State) for paint and leveling out any dings. That's assuming I strip the car, but don't sand etc.

I've seen this guys work and like it. I'd just like to know if he's in the ballpark.

John Rogers 11-18-1999 02:45 PM

You have a good point Brian. I am lucky as my wife is Spanish and we have been going to TJ since I moved here in 1969 and I am a little more comfortable with doing business there and the shop has done several cars for me over the years. I did have a really neat '66 Chevelle taken from a body shop in upstate NY in 1968 and was totaled, so it can happen anywhere.

turbo2.0 11-23-1999 12:24 PM

What's rust? Is that the brown stuff that gets on bare metal after a couple months and has to taken off with a scouring pad? Sorry. Couldn't help myself. We here in So. Cal. don't have to worry so much about rust, but when was the last time you heard someone from West Virginia complain about not being able to register their car because of a failed smog test? I guess we all have problems to deal with.

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