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kdfoust 08-16-2002 10:20 PM


campbellcj 08-16-2002 10:46 PM

A lot of it is just personal preference and budget.

One additional factor is that I would limit my search to FIA approved seats. Regardless of whether it really buys you anything safety wise (although it probably does), it definitely is advantageous from a track event rules/inpection standpoint.

kellzey 08-17-2002 11:39 AM

Another factor to consider is width. Depending on if you want your backbad installed or not. Many aftermarket seats will not fit within the confines of the backpad.

Also, some seats have problems with the emergency brake handle or the center cushion/storage tray clearance.

And make sure you figure out how you will mount it.

Just some things to consider in my research.

I'm about to buy a set of Koenig SP700 seats from Stable Energies. I've been told they fit fairly well, and can be mounted to the stock rails... I will choose, however, to buy their mounting brackets.


Joe Ricard 08-17-2002 06:26 PM

Cobra seats Yuck
AT least the ones I just looked at. My son and I went to a car show down here and there was this Acura NSX with Cobra seats. Absolutely did not like them. The side bolsters were weak and TOOO flexible. (see rag doll)
Lots of Poser cars, Never see so many Type R, Type S, Vtec whatever. And the mass amount of imitation Carbon Fiber.
Now maybe I am a Dope but shouldn't Carbon fiber not look like a sticker over plexiglass. I think I make one young lad a bit mad must have been the rolling eye thing:rolleyes: Could have been the way I snickered walking away.:D

bander 08-19-2002 04:41 AM

I Noticed that your looking at a Sube Sport website and I must chime in and say that I had a very bad experience there. They recomended a harness that would not fit my car and then refused to refund my money. I'm steaming just thinking about that experience.

Dont go to Sube Sports. Take your money somewhere else.

Jeroen 08-19-2002 04:07 PM

These Cobra seats are quite nice actually.
I think they are the most budget-friendly full-shell seats I've seen.
And they are FIA approved...

These seats have side-mounts and if you want to keep them on a slider, some fabrication will be needed as well as some ingenuity (that crossbeam can get in the way)

Cobra is often seen in ricers, but those are not the seats Kevin is looking at

Little advice: don't buy your seats post-order. Go to an actual store and sit in 'em so you can see which seat fits you best and most comfortable.



campbellcj 08-19-2002 07:08 PM

There are several POC guys running the Cobra seat, although I don't know which model. I think it's a quality piece.

One of the most popular seats out there, from what I have seen, is probably the Sparco Pro2000. Not sure if it fits well in the 914 though. You are right that anything over 18" wide IIRC would be pushing it.

I have a gutted-interior 73 down in the garage, with an older Konig P700 installed at the moment, in case you need any measurements.

BTW if lowest possible cost is not an issue, I completely agree about staying away from the tube-frame entry level seats. A full f/g or carbon/kevlar shell seat is far superior. I know the alum shell seats have a lot of fans, but most of them are not FIA certified (?) so I think you'd have to run a seat back brace.

Last thing, I think you'd be saving yourself a lot of potential headaches and fab work if you focus on bottom-mount seats. There are certain seats designed for side mount, some bottom mount, a few can go both ways.

Ok, really the last thing, FWIW I have done biz w/ Sube Sports and been 100% satisfied. YMMV of course. No vendor is perfect. One of our favorite "near-perfect" P-car parts vendors is reputed to source its seats and safety/race parts from Sube, by the way.

Keep us posted what you decide - I'm gonna be in the market too, in a few months.

campbellcj 08-19-2002 10:59 PM

No e-brake or tunnel interference issues with those Forza's or the Konigs I have now. Tight fit, but no probs.

I was using completely stock base & mounting geometry. If you do a custom/aftermarket mount, you can angle or move the seat slightly so it is closer to 'centered' compared to the steering column.

Dave at Pelican Parts 08-20-2002 06:13 AM

I'm leaving Renegade off the list cause they don't seem to have any means to show me a finished seat.

You might try calling Pelican (888/280-7799) and asking if we have one at the shop, or easily available in the area.

I'm up north so I don't know what's at the shop...


Jeroen 08-20-2002 07:04 AM

I just measured the available width
The distance between the center tunnel and the inner long is 20"
(50 cm actually)
You need a little under 2" (4 cm) clearance for the parking brake, so that leaves you with about 18" of workable space...



derek_sf 08-20-2002 10:44 AM

are the renegade seats FIA approved? can you get them without the writing on the seat back?

campbellcj 08-20-2002 11:33 AM


Originally posted by derek_sf
are the renegade seats FIA approved? can you get them without the writing on the seat back?
If we're talking about the same ones, I highly doubt it. The Renegade seats (although cool) are a street-sport seat made from a factory 914 core. They do not have harness pass-thru's for a 5-point, which is of course a key requirement in a track seat.

Dave at Pelican Parts 08-20-2002 01:18 PM

That is correct. They are street seats, but more supportive than stock. Fine for AutoX, so-so for DE, not acceptable for wheel-to-wheel. The writing is an option.


Jeroen 08-21-2002 01:17 AM

Be smart, don't waste your time and money on tubular frame seats (even if they are FIA approved)



David McLaughlin 08-21-2002 07:18 AM

I bought the Forza seats off of a guy on the 911 board. I only bought these because of the price... never used and 2 for one sale. They are no means as comfortable as the Sparcos that I wanted but I couldn't pass up the bargan price.

Having been in a Sparco Evo II, I wish I could afford these. That said, I believe you would loose the E Brake function if they could be mounted at all. For all track use, get a tight seat as it'll hold you in place better with less fatigue. For combo street/ track, find the best compromise based on where you'll drive the car more.

Good luck,

Oh, BTW, anyone ever mount a seat in the passenger side of a '70 car with out the sliders? Hmm, maybe I'll post another thread...

derek_sf 08-21-2002 11:01 PM

I like the vintage look of the renegades and the better than stock support of them, but they are quite pricey. so $400 each, then you need to send them a core seat, and also pay for shipping 2x? are these seats THAT good? I'm looking for something which fits a 914 like it should, looks vintage, and has some support. I guess FIA is not requirred, since I only want to do DE events or open track days. what else is there? far as I can tell there's the renegades, the AA ones, and konig KS914? anyone try out the konig's yet?

HMeeder 08-22-2002 12:26 AM

I found Corbeau Forzas at that I ordered today. I'll let everyone know my $.02 when it comes in.

I like the fit of them for my build (I'm a bit slim at the waist) and you can order an adapter designed for the 914 that mounts the original seat rail to the seat. I also like the fact that they are available in a black vinyl version that hopefully will complement the rest of the interior (just geting the one seat for now.)

By calling Jim Husten directly at 888 504-0280 I got the seat and adapter shipped to my door for $234.00! I like the sound of that!

The price is the best that I have found and if the result is a good one, I'll shout it from the rooftops.

Now, the question is (though I have already made the purchase) what, specifically, is the argument against a tube frame seat? And is the argument germain to a vehicle that will see limited track time, mostly AX, DE, TT and possibly POC Small Track?

David McLaughlin 08-22-2002 06:58 AM

I believe the argument is that the tube frame seats (particularly the middle springs) aren't that comfortable. If you sit in a solid 'glass or metal seat then in the tube frame, you'll really see the difference. Like you said, the price is hard to pass up.

HMeeder 08-22-2002 05:06 PM

Ahh, I thought it may be a safety issue.

OK, I can buy that. I guess I'll find out the hard way what the difference is (something that feels good in a showroom, may certainly leave a different 'impression' after a long drive.)

It has already shipped so I'm committed (unless I want to eat the re-stocking and return shipping fees.)

Joe Ricard 08-23-2002 06:08 PM

Chime in again
I have two Corbeau Forza seats in my Boys Teener. Came with the car. snug fit light wieght a trick to get into for tall people.
Told my boy that his girl friend must be able to fit in the seat. Sort of narrows the field around these parts. BMW's (Big Mississippi Women).
Plenty of room for E brake and inbetween the seats I put a fire extinguisher. No center console no stock back pad. My riding limit is about 65 miles so far. Maybe I can build up some endurance.

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