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aporsche914 06-23-1999 04:23 PM

Where to mount the oil cooler??
I cant decide on where i should mount my oil cooler, its pretty small, but kinda long, it has 4 mounting holes and i cant decide where i should put it, i thought about mounting it under the rear trunk w/ a fan, like Rich Johnson did his..but any other options? i know theres alot..theres why im having problems deciding, thanx in advance for any info!!

MJHanna 06-23-1999 06:36 PM

Put it in the front trunk. Pull the black plugs= airflow. OH, I can't wait for the “you can’t” do that crowd to pipe up. Been there done that it still works.

aporsche914 06-23-1999 06:48 PM

nope, cant mount it in the front trunk, a/c condenser is in the way..

Dave at Pelican Parts 06-23-1999 09:02 PM

What are your objectives for the car? For the cooler?

If you are searching for maximum possible oil cooling, then you need to find a good clean source of high-pressure cold air. The best and easiest source is the front of the car. You can put the cooler in the trunk (well, if you didn't have A/C). The holes work reasonably well to get air in, but of course you have to let the air out again for there to be flow. The fresh air intake up by the windshield doesn't work very well as an exhaust location, as that is a high-pressure area.

You can try putting the cooler in the front bumper, and open up the bumper somewhat to get flow to it. A bit of ducting may be needed as well. Then get the air into the trunk through the abovementioned holes, and out through the airco hole. That may work reasonably well.

Another option that is popular on time trial cars locally is to hang the cooler out in front of the front bumper. Good cooling, but VERY subject to debris and other drivers' errors.

The under-the-rear-trunk is a crappy location as far as getting cold air flow. However, you can supposedly make up for that at least somewhat by using an oversized cooler (just bought a ~13" x ~13" Earl's cooler) and a fan. I haven't figured out the mounting details yet, though.

I know two people who have coolers located in a rear tail. You can see one of them if you have the latest issue of "Excellence". Check for the "Nine Lives" article, and the photo of Number 22 in the Corkscrew. The other is a somewhat more restrained installation, with the standard small wedge-shaped tail sectioned in the middle for the cooler. The tail location does present some real routing challenges, though.

I have seen pictures of a 914 with a cooler just sitting flush on top of the rear deck lid. Don't know how effective that is, plus you still have some of the mounting challenges.

The engine lid (with a fan) is another popular location locally. Mostly because it is VERY easy to install there. Pre-heats your intake air and your cooling air a bit, of course.

And finally, one guy I know seems obsessed with putting a cooler or two in the targa bar somehow. He's not sure yet, but he thinks it can be done reasonably with some creative ducting.


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mikeyz 06-24-1999 07:23 AM

Not a popular place to put one, but I put one in the rear trunk. I like to use the front one for storage/luggage, as it is the only one that still locks.

I cut a hole over the transxle, mounted the combination cooler and a fan. The fan kicks on at 100C/212/F and blows down over the transaxle. I was able to find a Bosch/Porsche oil cooling unit. Aase Brothers tossed it in with the deal when I bought the 3.0 for my conversion.

Advantages, out of the way of the rocks, good ventilation, no preheating the intake air, out of sight and easily acccesible, VERY short oil lines.

Cons-your top can get a little hot when stored back there and the engine is run hard. But it's been there two years, no warpage and the headliner has not stripped off.

Wherever you put it. Don't forget to get a good oil temp gauge with matching sender. There is danger in being too cool. If you do not maintain normal operating temp., you can start to develope sludge. You might also want to consider an inline thermostat. A slug of cold oil can burst an aftermarket oil cooler.

Good Luck

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oredith 06-24-1999 04:49 PM

I've got a question for all of you who either have or plan to have external oil coolers. Are you attaching the cooler through the sandwich adapter that pelican sells?.. or are you taking out the existing cooler and just running your own lines?
I ask because if you use the sandwich adapter, won't the oil flow through the path of least resistance, that being the stock cooler instead of one that's piped through more tubes?.. just a thought, i'd like to know for my own future reference..


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mikeyz 06-25-1999 08:38 AM

When I had a 2.0/4 I used the sandwich adapter. Two reasons, taking out the stock cooler was a dumb idea, unless it is a dedicated track car. No air flow in bumper-to-bumper traffic would cook the the motor.
Second, the external cooler is for added cooling, not primary cooling.

The adapter sandwich plate has a one way valve, sending oil to the cooler and returning it to the filter and then back through the engine. Don't foget to use an inline oil thermostat, for the previously posted reasons.

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