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Speedo959 12-04-2002 02:50 PM

What do you guys think?
Ok here's my situation.
My 75 year old grandfather bought a '83' 944 about a year ago. I guess he had to find out about all this Porsche talk he's been hearing from me.

Well after about three months of ownership he decides to take a drive up in the hills. Going around a curve he hits some sand and goes over a small embankment, rolling on top of a huge boulder. The body was fine, but the drivers side suspension was completely torn off! Destroying the rack along with it. He didn't get hurt at all.

Now to the point of this whole thing. I posted a want for a rack & pinion in the 944 classifieds and got a response. Everything was cool......until I got the part! The guy sends me a rack with no pinion! Now how am I suppose to use that with no pinion gear? He claims to have put it in the package, but I soon realized through reading between the lines he left it attached to the car.
He claims the car is now gone and offered a small refund. I feel it doesn't matter it's still junk to us. I told him to give us a full refund, but he still refuses.

What do you guys think? Am I being unreasonable in just asking for what we paid for? I am still new to all this buying over the net. My trust in people needs to be a little more salted.

red-beard 12-04-2002 03:16 PM

Hmmmm. To give my opinion, I'd need to know how much dinero is involved and whether it is worth getting my panties in a bunch.


Zeke 12-04-2002 04:39 PM

I have had outstanding experiences with fellow Pelicans. I try to buy all used stuff from them. At Pomona, I'm skeptical, but I know a few of the ususal vendors. Ebay? Fuggetaboutit! Got no need for that charade.

Your sellar was, in my mind, not thinking of you, if thinking at all. Possibly worse, he just didn't care. If it was Ebay, give negative feedback, if the Recycler, well you may be SOL.

Speedo959 12-04-2002 04:52 PM

Red beard,
It's not's not even my money, but my grandfathers. I set up the deal though, and feel really bad. Were only talking 80 bucks. Ha ha.. I guess you could say it's the principle. I know it's not much money, but it does add up. Now that I gotta go and get another rack.

I bought it off a guy here at the 944 forum. In the future unless I know the guy or can get some good references no more off the net stuff.

derek_sf 12-04-2002 05:11 PM

if you want to go this far...

local police depts have people dealing with online fraud. I've heard of people using this with great success. do you have any emails or an ad proving what he said he would sell you? usually when people find out the police are going to be visiting they cough up the $ pretty fast.

Speedo959 12-04-2002 05:28 PM

Oh yeah I saved every one. Thanks Derek I didn't even think of that! Got the ammo I was looking for. Thanks!

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