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DaddyGlenn 12-15-2019 06:53 AM

Winter Project Gone Wild? ...
... or just your typical slippery slope.

After losing the #2 rod bearing on my 1985.1 NA track car in September, my winter project was simply to rebuild the engine with some reliability and performance upgrades and to strip some more weight from the car. That engine rebuild is being covered in a thread on Rennlist. And a version of this thread is on Rennlist, as well.

For weight reduction, I planned to remove the rest of the interior carpet (rear was already done) and to do an AC delete. Once I got got all of the AC out, I figured I didn't need heat either. So a heater delete, then while I was in there ... ripping out the dash, alarm system, cruise control, unused wires, etc. Now with the car being that gutted, it seems like a good time to replace the bolt in roll bar with a full cage. The cage will have nascar bars on both sides, which means gutting the doors and fabricating manual window function so it will still be weather tight.

Guess it sounds more like a slippery slope.

Here is the current status. Engine out, donor engine (1988) torn down and most of it is in the hands of Lindsey Racing right now. The carpet and insulation has been removed as well as the dash and everything behind it. All wiring harnesses except one have been removed and I've removed most of the unnecessary wires from them. The motor that allows you to open the hatch from the driver's seat has been removed. And yesterday I removed the roof lifting mechanism and gutted and cut the right door.

Next on the list:

Gut and cut the left door
Clean up all the glue and remaining traces of insulation
Repair cracks at the left rear seat mounts (maybe fabricate new seat mounts)
Remove the windshield (for cage installation)
Have cage welded in
Seal up the holes in the firewall left from the AC, heat and vent delete
Install some new heat insulation on both sides of the firewall
Prime and paint interior
Wire in a battery cut off switch
Modify dash to include the gauges I had in the center console and some new switches
Put it all back together, including a 3 piece cross member
Build, install and break in the engine

Working a few hours at night and most weekends, I hope to have it all done by March.

And the cracks at the seat mount

And the gutted and cut right door

I don't plan to keep much of what is being removed. So if there is something you need let me know.

kdjones2000 12-15-2019 08:20 AM

Glenn, it looks like you are doing things the right way.

I would take out the reinforcement bars in the doors as well, since you are going to have your cage to protect you.

Fix up the seat mounts with some stitch welding, after removing all of the undercoating in that area. I had to do that on the '88 shell I swapped to after my car was totaled when I messed up.

I would not worry too much about adding heat shielding on the firewall afterwards - I have not done it on any of the 3 924's I have built.

Now is a good time to upgrading the suspension points with Delrin/Urethane if you haven't already. Also, urethane your transmission mount if it's the single piece design.

Looking forward to seeing the progress...

jjeffries 12-15-2019 08:38 AM

Another new 4 cyl wasserpumpfer project, and from a guy with other excellent projects here on PP.

Will you paint it yellow Glenn?

best, John

DaddyGlenn 12-15-2019 09:29 AM


Originally Posted by jjeffries (Post 10689096)
Another new 4 cyl wasserpumpfer project, and from a guy with other excellent projects here on PP.

Will you paint it yellow Glenn?

best, John

I kinda like the Pastel Beige. It is an uncommon color and gets more than its fair share of complements. So no color change for the exterior. I am thinking about a brown for the inside since that was the original interior color.

v2rocket_aka944 12-17-2019 09:33 AM

I can sympathize with getting carried away.
One day years ago I went outside to vacuum my car... In an hour or so I had pulled the seats and ripped out all the tan carpet and ordered new black carpet to put

DaddyGlenn 12-23-2019 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by v2rocket_aka944 (Post 10691153)
I can sympathize with getting carried away.
One day years ago I went outside to vacuum my car... In an hour or so I had pulled the seats and ripped out all the tan carpet and ordered new black carpet to put

It happens to the best of us. :D

Update: Slow progress, is still progress.
Got the driver's door gutted and cut. I also removed the quarter windows. I hope they go back in as easily as they came out. And I have started removing the glue residual.

Made a decision on interior finish. I am going to fabricate a lightweight carpet set, similar to the 911 RS, carpet kits to use in the rear of the car. The rest will remain bare (but freshened) Pastel Beige paint. Perhaps with the cage painted brown.

DaddyGlenn 12-26-2019 05:53 AM

Removed the windshield yesterday. Not a super fun project. The hard part is removing the trim. First you pull out the rubber seals between the aluminum trim and the glass. That was easy. But that revels the challenge. There are a bunch of spring clips that have to be slid to one side to release their grip on the trim. I used a screwdriver and gentle tapping to get them to move. The top clip on both sides was rusted. So I ended up destroying those ($8 to $10 each). One trick I found was to dig out the windshield glue from around the clip before trying to move it.

Once the clips are out, the trim can be pulled off, carefully. The driver's side had a ton of windshield glue that made it more challenging.

Getting at the clips on the top piece of trim was virtually impossible. Fortunately, using an interior trim tool and working gently from one end to the other, I was able to remove it without loosening the clips.

Next was to use my new Harbor Freight windshield removal tool (a wire between two handles) to cut the glue so I could lift off the glass.
The glass was pressed so tight to the frame that in trying to feed the wire through, I cracked the windshield.
Then when I completed running the wire around the windshield, I found that the windshield glue hadn't completely released its grip. And in trying to lift off the now cracked windshield, I cracked it again.

Lessons learned: take your time, don't force it, or better yet, hire someone else to remove the windshield.

I will have the new windshield installed by a pro. Fortunately, it appears new windshields are not horribly expensive.

Next is to remove all the leftover adhesive. That will not be a fun job, either. However, I did discover while trying to clean that crap off my hands, that WD-40 dissolves it.

DaddyGlenn 01-13-2020 05:59 PM

Well, life got in the way again and not much progress has been made. But the little I have completed brings me to a milestone. The car is now ready for the cage install. Cage kit will be shipped to my installer this week and I plan to take the car to him this weekend, before life takes me away from the project again for a few weeks.

Also got good news from Mike at Lindsey Racing. They have finished all the work and they were just about ready to ship it all to me. But I stopped him. Since life is eating up more time than I had allotted for, I'm going to have Mike assemble the short block and bolt on the head before shipping it. So, I've got a few more parts to pack up so he can do that job. He has done so much already that going the rest of the way wasn't that much more.

911tracker85 01-14-2020 07:37 AM

Mike and Dave are great to work with. just talked to them for more parts for rebuilding my 951/DE engine. working to have it ready for the DE season.

not gutting the 951, but for my 930 .....:eek:

DaddyGlenn 02-06-2020 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by 911tracker85 (Post 10718953)
{snip} ...not gutting the 951, but for my 930 .....:eek:

My SC was in a similar condition several years ago. Sometimes I would just look at it and the gravity of the work ahead made me question my sanity.

On to the update ...

Got an email from Mike today. He hopes to finish his part of the engine assembly tomorrow. Then it will come back to me to finish (all the easy stuff). I thought I would share a portion of the email where he describes his approach to the rod bearings.

"... Regarding the rod bearings, I got the ACL bearings in. We made a standard size and a .001" undersize. What I do is I measure the journal diameter, they set my dial bore gauge to the crank. I am shooting for .0022"-.0023" bearing clearance. I had some of each of the bearings coated by Calico, the coating is .0002" thick. The ACL bearings are good enough to run without a coating, but what the coating does is gives me the ability to combine coated and uncoated standard and undersize bearings to dial in the exact clearance I am looking for. On your crank I used a coated undersize bearing on the rod and a standard uncoated bearing on the cap. This combination put he clearance right where I wanted it. If you were going to be spinning this higher, like a dry sumped engine could spin, then we would have used 2 undersize bearings, one or both coated, it all depends on the particular crank its running on. I would go for .0025"-.0026" for that.

I put the coated bearing half on the beam of the rod where the highest load is. These bearings have more eccentricity than a stock bearing, the clearance at the parting line is .0008" greater than on the center line, a stock bearing is less than half that. This lets more oil fill that gap which increases the pressure under the bearing when it comes on load. These bearings have the same thickness at the parting line, which lets us use any combination of the standard and undersize bearings. The coating does give a slight amount of different dimension at the parting line when using one uncoated and one coated, but its only .0001".

Call me strange, but I found that interesting. Oh, he promised pictures, too. I'll share those when they come in.

I had to spend a few weeks in Florida helping out while my Mom recovered from surgery. (I head home this weekend) So I brought the nose, rear and dash wiring harnesses with me. I stripped out everything I don't need, documented every remaining wire and put together a plan to put it all back together. I am going to eliminate the stock fuse and relay blocks and reposition those components to be more easily accessible.

I will try to reuse the nose and rear harnesses. But the dash and power distribution will all be replaced with Mil-Spec wire (M22759/16). The wire has been ordered along with some new toggle switches.

There were some delays with the cage kit but it is in the hands of the installer now.

With all of this coming together, there should be more, and more frequent, updates in the coming weeks.

DaddyGlenn 02-07-2020 05:08 AM


DaddyGlenn 02-14-2020 01:07 PM

Valentines Day gifts?

DaddyGlenn 02-18-2020 06:25 PM

Cage install is almost complete. The Hanksville kit is so tight to the frame that there was little room for variations in their mock-up car and my car. Some trimming of the cage kit was needed along with "reshaping" of parts of my car to get it to fit. Unfortunately, that is driving the install costs up, but it will be a good fitting cage.

I've got some engine parts out for a fresh application of yellow zinc and others getting powder coated. (Because good looking motors make more horsepower. ;) )

I've booked a couple DE's so I have committed to be finished, including engine break in, before May 2nd when I run Pitt Race with Auto Interests, then its off for a 3 day Potomac PCA event at WGI 2 weeks later.

I've got a lot to do before then. :eek:

911tracker85 02-19-2020 06:22 AM


Cage install is almost complete.
just started the process of fitting my cage in the 930. it is a bolt-in, weld in plates to the frame and then the cage bolts to them. I just have a bolt-in roll bar in the 951.


Because good looking motors make more horsepower
not sure about that but my motto is,"it is better to look good than be 1 sec faster lap time...."


I've booked a couple DE's so I have committed to be finished
I keep thinking of doing this, but keep encountering issues with parts. machine shop called with concern about the new valve guides being a lot larger than what came out. well checking with the supplier all that is available, incl from Porsche, are the over sized.

I had ordered them and the valves from another supplier when Lindsey Racing were out. so called Mike and turns out they have new valve guides machined to fit unless the head has been damaged and needs the larger one. so now have another set of valve guides on the way. will my head ever get done?

sent the oil pan to the welder to do the baffle and pick up tube support. got the crank scraper installed but not bolted down until I get the pick up tube support bracket back.

my friend continues to make progress on his TB/WP/etc/etc job on his 944

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