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TCMdocs944 02-17-2004 01:16 PM

Drip, Drip, Drip ... where is it from?
Did my front oil seals...runs great, sounds great.....Screwed up.

There is quite the oil leak coming from behind the rear belt cover.

Rate 1/4 quart per hour

Drip one - at bottom of crankcase behind belt cover..Above oil pan.

Drip two - between oil press. sensor and oil filter housing dripping off of a "wire bracket holder"

I assume the two are coming from the same leak, just taking different paths. Belts seem to be dry and no oil is in the bottom of the belt box.

Any Ideas?
Any common errors?

I just don't feel like removing all the belts and rollers to check it out unless I need to. :(

Possible hint - I installed the crank drive gear backwards the first time:eek:

Tishabet 02-17-2004 01:30 PM

Ouch, that sucks!

TCMdocs944 02-17-2004 01:48 PM

Yes it does.

TSNAPCRACKLEPOP 02-17-2004 01:56 PM

black gold, the pelican grief
well, if it is real clean, and you are sure it is engine oil, it can only be the crank pulley(which you had a problem with), or a bal shaft. i was such a chicken that i have not yet put the front cover on, so i could observe problems. i have a small leak, like 3 drops a day after shut off, which i am sure is the lower bal shaft seal. ( you know about the directionality of the seals on the shafts, the lower one has the left handed or universal direction seal?) i suggest taking off the front cover, wiping it down with a rag, let it run a few min, and see whats up with the dripping down.

could it be power steer fluid? hope,hope!

justt got back from colorado, 85 plus most of the time, and 31 mpg with the lights off.

can you send a pix of where the drops are at, like a clean piece of cardboard under the parked car, with the relative position of the front bumper in the view? well lit?

dr tom

todwic 02-17-2004 01:56 PM

Did you apply a light coat of oil on the seals before you installed them?

TCMdocs944 02-17-2004 03:16 PM

Oiled the seals

Dont have power steering

Direction right on the balance shaft seals

Q - Can I pull/check the crank seal without removing the whole shibang?
(cant remember)

TSNAPCRACKLEPOP 02-17-2004 03:23 PM

its hard to get the impact wench in without pulling the radiator and fans, or a big long breaker bar would do it, but no room to work.... of course the belts (ugh) must be removed. Mark the direction of their rotation.SmileWavy

repoman 02-17-2004 10:01 PM

gee, this sounds familiar. dealing with same but less leakage from my seal change.

since belts are dry and leak is small I'm going to let it go until I fix cam cover leak

noticed there is a small hole in extreme bottom of timing cover so perhaps porsche designed an escape route for small amounts of oil to protect belts?

TCMdocs944 02-18-2004 09:03 AM

I GUESS I am going to have to remove the belts and rollers again....


Well, I guess it should be pretty easy the second time around. Already have all the parts and they are all clean. Just monkey disassembly and reassembly with german precision.

Zero10 02-18-2004 09:31 AM

Hmm, I have a leak in a very similar location, I think mine is the oil cooler seals. Have you checked them out?

TCMdocs944 02-18-2004 12:05 PM

Did my oil cooler one year ago...........Hmmmmmm

Maybe my seals were ok all along????

Maybe one of the cooler bolts backed out or the gasket "settled"

Maybe the drip is going from the cooler along under the cover towards the front?


One key fact though....Only leaks with compression....Not when shut off.

repoman 02-19-2004 06:56 AM

I'm kinda hoping once my cam cover leak is fixed, leak in front disappears

wishful thinking

TCMdocs944 02-19-2004 08:04 AM

I think the oil cooler cannot be the culprit....Wouldn't it be leaking coolant only and AFTER I shut the engine off and it cooled?

My thoughts now are that both leaks are from one taking the high road the other the low. That is my hope anyway.

Tommorow I will pull down until I find it.

QUESTION - How will I find the leak if it only happens during running especially when I have just cleaned everything weeks before? Tale tell "dirt" trail probably won't be there and no starting w/o the belts.

TCMdocs944 02-23-2004 06:02 AM

Pulled the WHOLE front off this weekend.....

very very slightly suspect lower balance seal.
Pulled it...reseated it.

Everything back together....SAME LEAK.

No oil in belt box at all. Crank seal dry all others appear dry?????

Noticed it looked more like area around the oil cooler had drips.

Did I do the whole front seal job for a leak elsewhere?

Any Ideas?

TCMdocs944 02-23-2004 07:24 AM


?What are pressure relief valve symptoms?

TCMdocs944 02-23-2004 11:51 AM




Ok, you guys usually answer in like one hour or better, I always brag about you to my friends.....What gives? Did everyone get jobs? Is the boss cracking down on internet usage? Are you all out there doing chia mods? Come on guys... simple oil leak.

Wire bracket in front of oil pressure releif valve
Oil cooler seems to have oil dripping occasion. but only lower half.

........Possibly seperate
oil pan under and to left of crank...coming from above somewhere

Sheesh....This may actually take a few hours to figure out ;-)

TSNAPCRACKLEPOP 02-23-2004 12:01 PM

i hope your leak is the same as mine, so 2 birds are stoned at once. i will look under mine tonite., it must be engine oil as it is so clean, 3 drops per,stop, 2500 miles. i comes from the area of lower bal, but i will look close tonite. could be st elsewhere.

dr tom

TCMdocs944 02-23-2004 12:04 PM

Mine seems the same area Tom but..

Belt box is absolutely dry. Lower balance housing the same. :-(

Maybe it IS seal oil like FR says.....(how did a seal get in my belt box?)

FLA944 02-23-2004 05:23 PM


We want to help desperately but am dumbfounded as you are. When you put up the oilpan did you use sealant on the corners wher it curves?

Any chance to get it on ramps sart it up,crawl under it with a rag and purple power with it running clean a suspected area and watch it then move around (use of a halogen flashlight)

NOTE TO SELF! Have someone with you incase of something bad. I hate it when "bad" happens


TCMdocs944 02-23-2004 06:10 PM

Yeh, I know Rick...I really want to help myself too.

Nope to the oil pan thing....I think that may be one of my problems.

The other has me stumped. I have done just as you said with shop towels and the oil cooler area seems to magically get oil on the housing again.

I DID change the oil filter w.i.w.i.t. with the seals...Could I have screwed that up?

Guess I will just have to start checking torques and maybe pull the oil filter....

I will feel so dumb if it was the filter all along.

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