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WizPorsche944 06-05-2004 06:25 PM

Changing the Crest
I bought a new crest for my 87 944. How do I change it ???

exc911ence 06-05-2004 07:35 PM

Remove the bolts at the rear of the crest header panel (with the hood open... duh!) and pull the rear edge up enough to slide a wrench in to undo the speed nuts on the two posts on the rear of the crest. Installation is reverse of removal. :)

swimmingly 06-05-2004 07:44 PM

here's a step by step (it's slightly different than what's on although his site has some nice pictures):
1. manually raise the lights (disc. the battery so the lights don't chop your finger off if they happen to close or something)
2. unscrew the 4 phillips screws at the top of the nose panel
3. on mine: I had to remove a rubber seal thing that was on the 8 mm retaining nuts, you might have to do the same (if you do, just give them a tug, they're not attached to anything and should come out quite easily)
4. use the 8mm socket to remove those retaining nuts
5. use a 10mm socket with a 1/4" rachet (MUST have a 1/4" rachet and a 2 in" extension on it or else it won't fit!) to remove those side nuts
6. on mine: there were two phillips screws underneath the nose panel. if you do everything else, you should be able to fit a screw driver in there and get them out easily. never mentions them though, so I'm not sure if it's on all or not
7. give the nose panel a firm tug towards the front (you'll see why when you open it, you need to pull the nose panel forward). you might have to wiggle it a little to get it loose first because it's probably been together for ages.
8. use a putty knife or teflon scraper to gently wedge up the sides of the crest until it falls out.

good luck

IceShark 06-05-2004 09:02 PM

Many cars didn't have the speed nuts on the crest posts. They have two plastic inserts in the nose panel that grip the posts. You just lay a putty knife on the panel to protect the paint and stick another knife in to wiggle up each side of the crest. Pretty easy couple minute job.

So get a mirror in there to see if you have the nuts or just try and see if you can wiggle the crest off before you go to too much work assuming that you have the speed nuts.

swimmingly 06-05-2004 09:05 PM

Oh, yeah, I had those crest posts. I'm not sure about how to remove the speed nuts, but I was able to use a teflon scraper to pry it off.

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