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J1NX3D 08-07-2004 07:22 PM

944 DME trouble
hi all,
i pretty much ghost at this site and rennlist these days as you guys are mainly 944/ 951 specific but i have a query to ask on behalf of my stepdad.

hes had a euro '84 944 roadcar the last 8 yrs and until 3yrs ago a '86 944 US spec track car he built up himself and changed to euro engine/ dme and transaxle. He sold that after 3 seasons and bought a '78 911SC thats been tracked now for almost 18yrs.

Anyway, both the 944's had their fair share of DME and DME relay problems and hes finally sick of it after it stranded him recently on his hour trip home from work. In the rain!

Having gone into semi-retirement he has more time on his hands and has been cutting down his assets. The SC is up for sale after 2 seasons, he sold a classic formula ford he had but then bought another, and hes sold his project Beggs Formula 5000 car, but you know what they say about idle hands... ;)

He wants to use the 944 as his daily driver but because of the problems its been having hes been driving his 964 C2 more which hes trying to keep his km's down on for resale value.
The 944 had a year off the road at one stage replacing all the typical 944 problem areas incl the DME and all sensors (with a used one) and 6 mths later its stuffed again!!

He would like to know if there is any aftermarket replacement for the DME. Hes not looking for performance/ power increase, etc, just reliabilty. Hes even been thinking of *God forbid* converting it to carbs just for a fun project and simplicity. hes not afraid to start a project like that and even has the carbs already from another project.

Thats the other thing he wanted to know, if anyone had carbed a 944 before. I think its crazy and a step backwards but like i said, hes got too much time on his hands. he has said though if anything he would just like to replace the DME with something more modern and reliable. He should buy a boat.... ! :D

All help appreciated, any critisisms (sp?) will be noted but he knows people who can fabricate/ machine for him and his minds fairly set.
If he goes ahead with the carbs I'll be documenting his progress with pics, etc Id be happy to share with you all!


Moneyguy1 08-07-2004 07:58 PM

Lots of the computer "brains" develop solder joint problems as they age. The "cure", according to our in-house gurus is to remove the unit, open it up and resolder just about everything. Hey..I know it works on modern TVs...those solder bath systems can malfunction, allowing the circutry to work for a while, then fail intermittently or catastrophicly(SP)

My '84 recently developed a "no start" problem, isolated to the fuel system since there is spark and the engine will turn over with a shot of ether. SO, I am starting from the rear and working forward.. dumping the 6 MO gas, new tank to pump hose, new fuel filter, blowing the lines clean, a new DME relay, will check the pressure at the injectors and if all is well, it should be OK. If I need to resolder the unit connections, so be it. But, I am certain (thanks to kind words from FR and a few of the other more knowledgeable folks) that I can see this through.

If you do a search you may come up with something on carbed 944s. Doyou have emissions testing in NZ? If not, anything goes!!

J1NX3D 08-07-2004 08:07 PM

no emissions testing here!! lol
did a search but anything carby related came up with non-porsche engines (v8 conversions) or people wanting to dump the CIS on their 924's fpr carbies.

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