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Brando 08-07-2004 08:40 PM

The Damage Toll

Well, i got it all apart. Transmission is back about 5 inches, CV's disconnected, bellhousing detached, driveshaft detached.

Then i got the clutch, pressure plate/friction disc and release bearing out. Right as i took it out, i got some nice shrapnel in my face. So, I could see the driveshaft now and it's a bit oblong on the tip, not gouged out nearly as bad as my last one but still out of spec for how it's supposed to be. I also examined the shrapnel that fell into my face. it was severely warped and shredded inner part of the pilot bearing. Feeling in where the pilot bearing is (still lodged) i can see the outer part is still present and worn down. none of the rollers are there (bad sign).

So, seeing as i more then likely am looking at a new driveshaft and pilot bearing ($700 at least) what's the verdict? Keep? Sell? Part out? Looking for opinions and suggestions. I originally bought the car for $250 and have since then invested another $1500... close to $2000 total in this car (including small things).

Also, i was wrong about the bellhousing being loose. In fact, everything on the drivetrain was torqued to spec, it just appeared as the bellhousing was off and such. I examined the bellhousing and it's machined with a gap in certain areas between it and the engine. Durh, ima retard.

I'll try to snap some pics tomorrow. Clutch disk was pretty worn down (almost to the rivets that hold it together) but still usable. Compared to new clutch though, looks in bad shape.

Well, that be that. I'm still quite depressed and not sure what im going to do exactly... All opinions apprecieated.

AllPorsche944 08-07-2004 10:07 PM

Man...tough decision...With body parts and so forth, I wonder if you should part out your car and use the funds towards a complete one...Same thing happened to me in my first Porsche. It was a 78' 924 that I got for a song...rebuilt the cylinder head, replaced about2k worth or stuff and then had the car painted in Guards Red...Two weeks after I got it back...I was in an accident...Tried to locate a front clip without any luck and wound up parting out the car...Good Luck either way....

SoCal Driver 08-08-2004 07:50 AM

Could have had a nice 944 for that money!

Brando 08-08-2004 12:22 PM

So here's the addendum...

After some speculation with ken (fellow 924 restorer) we came to a few conclusions that would cause the driveshaft and pilot bearing to fail yet again.

I had been told what originally was the cause of the problem was the release bearing ("throwout bearing"). Further investigation shows that the release bearing does not in any way come into contact with the driveshaft. It sits around a 'sleeve' on the torque tube then when engaged. Still could not become a cause as far as i know for the driveshaft and bearing to come out of alignment at all.

The next thought was maybe that the driveshaft was not seated straight into the pilot bearing. Sitting at an angle would cause uneven wear or pressure, eventually eating it's way through the inner race of bearing and wearing down the driveshaft yet again. Causes could be that the part of the torquetube that bolts into the bellhousing (4 bolts) maybe requires proper alignment before fully attaching it? The bellhousing as well? It seemed to me that it bolted on exactly without play but i'm still unsure.

Another thought, was that the transmission was maybe out of alignment at the rear of the car. Seeing as the driveshaft has to be near-perfectly aligned on the centerline of the car, if it were out of alignment would it not cause the driveshaft to be improperly seated? It 'looked' like it was properly in place before i took it apart so i'm unsure again.

Any speculation or other ideas are welcomed.. I'm more concerned with what would cause a second failure of driveshaft and pilot bearing with both being new parts.

Oh yeah, expect another parts fest soon and thanks for your opinions :)

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