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rammstein 08-13-2004 04:51 PM

OEM spark plugs
Normally I would just order these, but I want to do this tomorrow. Autozone tried to sell me Densos... I'd rather do what Porsche says. The part #is Bosch WR7DC. Should I go to the dealer for these? Napa's website doesn't list them. Basically, I am wondering if there is way to get these locally tomorrow? (or is there is another truly safe alternative)

Panzer909 08-13-2004 06:33 PM

Are you absolutely hell-bent on those exact plugs? I wouldn't sweat it; Bosch has a number of variants these days; my preference is the +4s personally.

Nothing neccessarily wrong with other brands. The only benefit of dealer-purchased plugs is that the curb weight of the car will significantly drop................from the money you've lost out of your wallet for something you could have bought at virtually ANY local parts store.

CJFusco 08-13-2004 07:54 PM

the +4s get terrible reviews by just about any automotive tester.

You see, the electrical spark travels only to the closest/easiest electrode... so if the spark only travels to one of the smaller four electrodes, it isn't gonna be as strong as if it connects with one, larger electrode.

From what i hear, the regular Plain Jane Bosch Platinum single-electrode plugs are the best to use.

This HAS been covered a bit before. Try the search button; this topic has been discussed in detail not to long ago.

rammstein 08-13-2004 08:32 PM

You Porsche Snob! :p

CJFusco 08-13-2004 08:42 PM

maybe so, but i speak the truth :D

bluebullet 08-13-2004 09:40 PM

i use NGK plugs in my runs so much better and the dieseling stopped...

CJFusco 08-14-2004 05:30 AM

that probably has less to do with the type of plugs you were using and more to do with the fact that you finally replaced your old plugs

nize 08-14-2004 07:39 AM

i've said it before and i'll say it again. the bosch platinum plugs suck. why? because the center platinum electrode is so thin (like, thinner than a sewing needle) it wears out MUCH too quickly and ends up receding deep into the ceramic sleeve, which in turn ends up giving you a weak spark.

they're great for the first 5000 miles or so, but depending on how hard you drive they'll deteriorate pretty quickly. definitely not worth the money.

the ngk's on the other hand, have a very large platinum 'disk' that's embedded into the regular (copper?) center electrode, so they don't wear out as fast.

of course neither can hold a candle to the solid-platinum core racing plugs that both bosch and ngk make, but those plugs are like $50 each.

edit; here's a good article on platinum plugs;

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