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rigitrite 03-06-2005 05:30 PM

no spark problem
Hi list,
I replaced my water pump and belts this weekend, (84' 944), got everything lined up right, filled it up and cranked it...nothing, wouldn't even catch. OK, put on my spark tester to the #1 plug, no spark. Put the spark tester on the dist. cap, nothing. Really depressed at this point, so the next day I tried it again, and it started! Ran like crap, but it ran. Ran it for about 3-5 min, before it low idled and died. Would NOT restart. I tried all day today to get any spark at all, nothing. Since this thing is mototronic, what diagnostic should I go through?
thanks in advance

SoCal Driver 03-06-2005 05:36 PM

I would look at the cable between the dist. and the cap. These can pull loose inside the weather boots. Could be that the rotor is twisting on the shaft. Check to see that the screws are in the shaft to the cam.

rigitrite 03-08-2005 06:38 AM

Those things are OK, there's is no spark comming from the coil to the distributor. What are the various things that would cause this?

SoCal Driver 03-08-2005 07:42 AM

No voltage to the coil: bad ignition switch.

Sensors are not connected or set properly.

Bad DME relay. This powers the DME (brain) and the injectors. With the key on check for voltage at the coil and at the injectors.

rigitrite 03-08-2005 11:08 AM

Thanks! This gives me some things to check.

SoCal Driver 03-08-2005 02:15 PM

If you have voltage at both the injectors and coil then take a hard look at the connectors for the sensors; speed and reference. These are hard plastic and crack with age. Sometimes when they crack they also break the wires runing through them. Could just be loose. The reference sensor (rear one) is what triggers the DME. The DME grounds and releases the coil to cause the spark.

DannoXYZ 03-08-2005 10:13 PM

Phase of the moon problem. Wait a while, the moon will change phases and your car will run just fine again...

SoCal Driver 03-09-2005 06:40 AM

I keep wondering where all that hair comes from.

operationcougar 03-25-2005 01:40 PM

i am having the same problem and i spoke with ian at and he was telling me to check the alarm, he also stated that he hasnt sold a coil in 3 years, he said to place jumpers on the alarm (if you have one) then try and start it, the position of the jumpers is from 1-4 and 7-8 and this should bypass the alarm phase of ignition, if you try this if you try this and it works awsome, as for me im afraid my problems a little deeper

DannoXYZ 03-25-2005 04:09 PM

Simple to check proper operation of the alarm box without briding anything. Check for power at the DME-harness. If the alarm-box is interfereing with powering on the DME-relay, you won't have any power on the DME harness pins #18 & 35 (big red/yellow-stripe wire). So unplug the DME, turn the key to ON and check for +voltage at pins #18/35 (use anything for ground, door-hinge bolt, bolt on side of center-console, battery negative terminal, etc.).

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