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FR Wilk 04-05-2005 11:30 PM

For what its worth. I don't like beating up on customers no matter how deserving. Apparently I have no choice.

Bart paid for an installation of a adapter board to his DME. All went well and was shipped UPS back to him. He reported that it ran for a while and then failed when heated up. An insurance claim was made with UPS. UPS rejected it as a preexisting condition. It was shipped back to me.

I tested it. After 5 to 10 minutes, the ignition would stop and the noid light would stay light. The driver stage of the fuel ignition driver circuit is stuck on. This is a failure on the analog card which was not modified. Not the fault of the installation. Since Bart just threw it into a DHL box with no ESD packaging, it was probably damaged then.

I explained the problem was with his DME and not the installation. I offered Bart to install a new board and chip into his spare DME at no extra cost. Bart's response was he would not have my poor workmanship in his car. He would get someone competent to do it. He apparently did so after he was warned that this voided any warrantee.

Whoops..... Bart's expert just dropped out. He remembers you (Bart) erasing your post about the DME actually running the engine for a while. The DME you brought AFJuvat was DOA. Damaged it just to win an argument Bart?

btsave 04-06-2005 12:21 AM

Re: Rebuttal

Originally posted by FR Wilk
Damaged it just to win an argument Bart?
Now that makes no sense at all. Not going to waste my time responding to your view of reality/

For several months before you disappeared off the board, I have been attempting to have you replace the defective chip or board which you sold me. As you know, we have tested the chip set on two verified DME’s and it does not function. I have spent some serious money on my 83’ 944 and am not some wet-behind the ears kid trying to scam you… but you know that already.

Beginning of letter sent to Floyd on 2/9/05:

Both xxxx, (xxxxx on the Pelican Board) from xxxxxxxxxxxx, Fl., & I have been trying to contact you for some time now concerning the Power Prom chip & upgrade for my ’83 944 which I purchased from you a month or so ago.

As a reminder, I sent my working DME to you to install the PowerProm2 into, along with a bank draft for $470. A month later, I received back the “chipped” DME only to find it did not work. After discussion, I sent the unit back to you. In the meantime, I purchased a second DME for $75 to keep the car running while we resolved the issue.

As you know, we had a disagreement as to the nature of the problem and the proper resolution. Unable to come to a successful compromise, you returned the DME & chip to me.

Since you claimed that it definitely was a defective DME, I ordered a third DME from Russell Roulette ($155), had it shipped directly to xxxxxxxx via DHL, and paid xxxxx a small amount to check the DME out. He verified the new DME worked and installed your chip/upgrade into it. At that point, I drove 3 hours to his shop, where he then installed the DME into my 944. It still does not function.

Logically, we can determine that the problem was not in the shipping, not in the two DMEs used and not in the workmanship by me or xxxxx. The problem is very much in the chip/upgrade itself or in your installation of the chipsets.

I contracted with you for a working chip set, upgrade and your labor to complete the upgrade. I paid you on a timely basis & you accepted the contract when you cashed the check. You have not held up your share of the agreement. You are contractually obligated to complete the transaction.

I personally feel that you owe me a new chip set/upgrade and reimbursement for the 2 extra DMAs I had to purchase. Short of that you should ship a new, tested, chip set & upgrade directly to xxxxx and refund me your labor charges while also reimbursing xxxxx for his time & labor.

To date I have spent over $700 and still have not achieved my objective. Had you been more reasonable earlier, and corrected the problem, you would have saved both of us time and money. I am still out a great deal of money, but at least I would finally have what I paid for and you are only out your labor charges. “
End of letter


tifosiman 04-06-2005 05:45 AM

Z-man 04-06-2005 06:08 AM

Thread closed.

Please resolve this offline.

Warning: opening any more threads regarding this issue will result in bannings. No questions, no excuses.


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