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Porsche 924 05-07-2008 12:24 PM

I have a problem with timing.........
I have a problem with my 1987 924s I was going to change the timing belt, but once I took everything apart I saw that the belts were good, but I tried to take it off anyways, I didnt have the tools to do it, so when I was trying to take off the crankshaft belt, and it sliped, so then /i got affraid and I fixed the slip by putting everything back in it's place, and then I thought I'll change it another time because they still look good, so I put everything back together, and I started it and it was good but then it just turned off, I started it again and
i gave it a test drive and everything went well. the next morning I started it and it started to make gun shot sounds, and then it turned off, I tried it many times, but the same thing kept on happining.
can anyone tell me what to do, before I ruine the engine.

mattdavis11 05-07-2008 01:43 PM

I have no idea if porsche put the auto tensioner on the 87 924s or not, but it seems to me the early 944's are just like the late 924's, but the 944 has wider fenders. Assuming no auto tensioner, pull the belt and align the timimg marks and re-install the belt. You will need a 15mm socket to loosen/tighten the tension nut, and 1 1/16?, or 27mm? to hold the eccentric adjusting nut. You will need a deep 24?mm socket and a 10mm to unbolt the crank pulley from the crank shaft to get the belt out and the new one in. Of course you have to take the accessory drive belt off first, there is a tensioning rod right the in front, the two nuts are 17mm, but you will need to loosen the a/c compressor with a 15mm on the front and a 17mm in the rear to let it swivel. I'm going from memory here so look it up, I might be wrong. When you adjust the slack out of the belt, you will pull the cam gear 1 to 1 1/2 teeth, so roll the cam backwards (to the passengers side, or dirvers side if you are a right hand driver, before you begin. It's similar to any car with a timing belt. will help, go to the garage shop manual section.

If you pulled the timing belt off with your hands, it was too loose, if you screw drivered it off, it's toast. The timing belt is $8 or so, buy a new one and put it on.

John_AZ 05-07-2008 02:58 PM

Porsche 924,

The 1987 924S does have the spring tensioner.

Follow the instructions at Clarks-Garage like MattDavisII said. I remove the spring tensioner to make it go in easier. You do not have to remove the lower crank pully.

It sounds like the cam belt timing marks are off. DO NOT run it until you double check the TDC and Cam marks with a new belt.

Good luck.

1988 924S + 1987 924S

Porsche 924 05-09-2008 05:21 AM

I found out the problem. the problem was that I accidentaly put the spark cables wrong, cuz once I came back from the test drive I fixed the lower radiator hose, so I guess when I was working on the hose they came off and I put it in the wrong spot.:D
now it is fully functional:D

Thanks anyways:D

3D914 05-10-2008 08:34 AM

Hope no one minds if I Hyjack this thread . . . but its similar problem.

I'm replacing both balance shaft belt & timing belt, as my balance belt went to shreds. I checked all the rollers and it appears that the Balance Belt Idler locked up and shredded the inside teeth on the belt.

Where I'm having trouble is getting the timing lined up (with confidence) at TDC.

I have the Cam Gear lined up on its TDC mark, but aren't there two TDC's for this one - compression and exhaust?

I have the manual, but I can't see a thing down in that tiny little hole at the back of the engine. Shouldn't there be another mark on the Crankshaft drive gear at the front of the engine - where the timing belt is driven from?

I know there's got to be another way. If I had a compression gage I'd just put that on #1 cylinder.


3D914 05-10-2008 08:59 AM

OK, I found a link to Clarks Garage and the description for setting TDC. There are two other options listed there that I will try.

Here's the link for reference.


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