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Tbone425 03-07-2018 09:09 PM

Fuel tank outlet pulled out...
So I twisted out the fuel tank outlet (threaded insert the strainer screws into). Search and couldnít find anything here. Someone has to have had this issue before? Thinking some sort of epoxy, maybe JB weld, to get the insert set. Anyone had any experience with this? Have the strainer and insert marinading in PB now, will separate the two on the bench. Thanks.

pfarah 03-08-2018 04:17 PM

It's called SOL...!
Happened to me which resulted in restoring a spare tank I had laying around the shed.

Tbone425 03-08-2018 04:50 PM

Not what I wanted to
Lol! Not giving up yet. Think I have a plan. Have it all apart, picked up a new strainer from the dealer today. Filed the insert edge hoping to get it back in the luck. Iím going to use a rotary tool with a diamond cutter to notch around the inserts leading edge, just enough to get it started in the hole. After itís started, Iíll line the inside witha nice smear of marine JB weld using my finger through the insert. I ripped the filter out of the old strainer and will use it to drive the insert back to the correct depth. After I reach the scored part of the insert I will put a swirling bead of JB around it to carry the material in as itís inserted.. after the right depth for the insert has been achieved Iíll back the dummy strainer off and use a thin rope of JB putty (think pencil lead) to fill the space between the insert and the tank. Also going to put a hose clamp on the outside of the inlet.

All this being of my local PCar buddies has another if Iím not getting the results I want I can JB the shat out of the outside of the mating surface and just plane on tank replacement the next time the transaxle has to come out.

Iíll post some pics and results I got...

Tbone425 03-13-2018 12:31 AM

Back in...
So I thought I would give a little update. I used a triangle file to notch the threaded insert and needle nose to turn the teeth in slightly ....gooped the inside of the tank outlet with JB marine then drove the insert through hole with a piece of scrap wood and a 5lb mallet. When it was in up to the scored area I smeared JB on it before driving it to depth. It is in their TIGHT. Even with the 5 pounder it took some good wacky to get it in there. It naturally got a nice bead through each of the register holes just past the threads as well. I used the excess to make a nice smooth bead between the insert and the tank as well. I cleaned everything really well with alcohol before I got started.

More to follow.....

Tbone425 03-13-2018 12:33 AM

More pics..
Here itís in. Going to let it set up for a couple days as itís pretty cool here still

petrolhead611 03-13-2018 02:25 AM

I hope for your sake that JB Weld Marine is resistant to Ethanol.
I sealed up my tank with an Aircraft Tank Sealant, a grey rubbery stuff, and very expensive in the UK, but probably much less pricey in the US where it came from.

mb911 03-14-2018 04:22 PM

I am very concerned we will run into the same issue on my sons car.

Tbone425 03-14-2018 04:43 PM

I could have likely avoided this...

Originally Posted by mb911 (Post 9961544)
I am very concerned we will run into the same issue on my sons car.

Unless you have already spun the insert you might be OK. Going back, I would have marinaded the filter rim in PB blaster then ďwakeĒ it up with some taps around the perimeter with a hammer. It took some pretty good force with the 17mm socket to spin it. As you can see in the pics itís pretty well molded into the tank bung. It took some muscle to get it out the rest of the way after I realized what I had done,...and what I needed to do to fix it (hopefully)......Now you may ask ďwhy would someone force it to the point of spinning the insertĒ?... and that would be a great question that I wish I could answer for you. :-/

mb911 03-14-2018 04:50 PM

Ours is leaking a bit must be an o ring? But thats because it sat dry for 10 years..

Tbone425 03-14-2018 05:14 PM

Mine sat for 10 years as well. The O ring was pretty well cracked.

Charlesberry 03-14-2018 06:29 PM

Nice work around!!! Well done!

Jfrahm 03-15-2018 03:33 AM

You can get a hose clamp around this neck to hold the insert to the tank before you pull the tank strainer to prevent the problem. It might also help seal a loose insert.

Bukowski 03-17-2018 05:42 AM

Just so you know - this is GREAT!

as someone who can't really tell if his sort of mental illness / habit of dumping his pictures of 944 work on Pelican helps anyone or just makes me look like a lunatic...

mb911 03-18-2018 05:15 PM

Well tonight we did the same thing.. Gotta get the screen insert off and clean of the the threaded insert and jb weld I guess..

mb911 03-21-2018 03:34 PM

My fitting was trashed so now gotta figure out a solution.

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