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superglide 06-19-2012 08:16 PM

Another car, a new forum
Howdy 996/997 custodians,
I just made a jump from a 986S to an '04 C4S. The Box got wiped out in a mini-hurricane /flood, here in Tucson last Sep. Unable to locate a replacement w/ same colors and options ANYWHERE, I located an '04 C4S Cab w/ 80k, 3k on a factory warranty replacement motor (got all the paperwork), which shows the replacement as an '05, 3.6. As this was a pivotal year in some respects, does anyone have any input on any advantages or factory fixes vs. the '04 3.6?

Also; now that I have a 88k car w/ an 7k motor; what should I be aware of, maintainence -wise? I've changed all fluids, except the coolant, the car is a #1- in condition, and I want to be aware of how to keep it that way... for the record this cab is a fully loaded seal gray over dove gray, runs like a scalded dog, and was purchased in somewhat of a distress sale, as it was the shop owner's personal ride, and he needed to make payroll that month. $30k out the door. Any comments, concerns, or advice is welcomed.
Happy Motoring,

superglide 06-29-2012 10:15 PM

another car, a new forum
So, after a week, no welcome to the 996 world from the 986 world? ; Totally unnecessary of course, and you all might be busy fighting fires, staying afloat in floods and the like, and I hope that if this is the case, god bless & keep you safe and whole.

On the other hand; I can't believe that there are no opinions or known issues with a 90k/mi C4s w/a 7k mi motor. SOMETHING must be wearing out or already there, and needing a look at. Perhaps I'm being over cautious, as this is my 1st AWD 911, and there have to be some assemblies and components, peculiar to this model that I should be looking at and determining condition....? If the answer is "not much", then this will be my final 911, and I'll consider being buried in it. It's been done before.. So, until the next time, Happy Motoring, and Semper Fi,

Uwon 06-30-2012 02:28 AM

Welcome to this forum. You have a new motor so you have plenty of time to read up on this forum and others, like Renntech, on future potential problems. Don't get paranoid. A great car. Drive it like you stole it (which you did).

LanceGT4 06-30-2012 05:44 AM

Welcome, how did I miss your first post?
+1 on Uwon's words:-)
get some pictures in your garage, OK?

white99c2 06-30-2012 02:07 PM

Enjoy your new car. The C4S is my next car, I love them. I'm up here in Carefree, North of Scottsdale. Change the oil (use only 0W40 Mobile 1) every 5K miles, reduce the ratio of water/coolant from 50/50 to 70% water and 30% coolant. Do the fan hack that turns on the radiator fans on high speed with a switch. I have experimented with oil weights and my car ran hot. If you do those 3 things I suggested your C4S will run nice and cool in this nightmare heat we live in.
Best of luck, enjoy it and my advice is dont beat on it.

Add Water Wetter to the coolant, it helps a lot as well.

FPB111 06-30-2012 05:40 PM

Welcome aboard.
rennlist 996 Forum - Rennlist Discussion Forums has one of the most active 996 boards. 996 Series (Carrera, Carrera 4, Carrera 4S, Targa) - Forums is a very good tech board. This forum is still growing.

Wheel Dynamics 07-06-2012 06:38 PM


superglide 07-30-2012 08:45 PM

Wow! The squeaky wheel got the grease, and then some... Thanks to all of you for your welcoming posts. I suppose I was conditioned to the 986/996 forum; where any post was jumped on, like a dog on a bone.
I just completed a 1900mi r/t to my family's place (Tucson to Santa Cruz, CA) for the 4th. Many parts of the desert sections of the trip showed 110+ on my outside temp readout. The Steam Gauge never got past the left side of the '0' in the 180 range. For most of the way, the sweet spot seemed to be 3200rpm, about in the middle of the torque-curve. 6th gear at that rpm, produced about 84mph, and returned 26mpg, according to the brain box. Wow again. I am looking forward to a long association with this incredible piece from Porsche, as well as this forum. Happy Motoring and Semper Fi,

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