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Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: South East Michigan
Posts: 97
1989 Porsche 944 Turbo S 951 31.5K miles Stock Black 5 Speed Pristine $18,000

I have finally come to terms that it is time for me to part with my 951. I know most of you on this forum most likely know this car very well and some of you know the 944s/951s like the back of your hand so some of the information in here about the 951 would be irrelevant to you . Please bear with me as this was carried over from another local forum that I listed this vehicle in. If there are any misinformation here, please kindly point them out .

Vehicle Information:

Price: $18,000 somewhat firm, however if you have another reasonable offer, I am still willing to listen. The most I can do is turn it down so it wouldn't hurt to try. No lowballers please! There was a similar Guards Red, 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo sold on eBay for $20,300 not too long ago with very similar mileage on eBay. It was not as detailed as my listing but it was 100% stock and seemed like it was well taken care of.
Miles: Currently has 31,530 all original miles (may go up a little due to possible test drives)
Location: Southfield, MI
Engine: 2.5L 4 cylinder turbocharged engine
Transmission: 5 speed manual
Trim: Turbo model, fully loaded. Koni suspension, rear wiper, heated mirrors, power seats (both driver and passenger seats), climate control, removable sunroof, leather interior, oil pressure gauge, volt meter, coolant temperature gauge, boost gauge, power windows, courtesy interior and under hood light, etc.)
Observed MPG: I have actually gotten as high as 33 MPG before in this car driving conservatively during an all highway road trip. On average, however, I get around 25 MPG, which isn't bad at all for a car like this.
Never been in any accidents from the best of my knowledge
Title in hand
Black Exterior
Black Interior
Never smoked in
Never tracked
Never seen the snow
Rarely driven in the rain
Always garage kept with a car cover
Battery's charge has been maintained with a trickle charger
Always started the car up to circulate fluids for at least half an hour, every two weeks in the winter
Normal wear and tear is to be expected from a 22-year old, used vehicle. Only slightly noticeable blemishes will be covered in the description. I want to be honest as possible with my description even if it is a barely noticeable blemish.
For those of you who know a thing or two about 944 Turbos (AKA 951), this is the equivalent to the 944 Turbo S model with the upgraded turbo, koni adjustable suspension (M030) front and rear, revised engine remapping, more powerful engine (M44/52), etc. The "S" designation badge was just dropped from Porsche in 1989 but rest assured that all of the 1989 Porsche 944 Turbos was the equivalent to the Turbo S models. 1989 was the last year the 944 (non-convertible) was built for the USA so this is the latest model. The 944 engine's have been known to last and are solid cars!

About Me:

My name is Scott. I am very detailed when it comes to my cars as you are about to tell based on the following description to come. I am pretty particular when it comes to maintaining and keeping this vehicle in the best condition as possible. Most of the work done to the car has been done by me and recorded with as much detail as possible. Just about all of my work done is always done down to torque specs as I know how important it is to follow it. I love this car especially for the reason that it is a very low mileage 951 in pristine condition. If anyone knows about this vehicle, they would know that it is rare especially for a Turbo model with this amount of miles on the odometer. With this being said, I consider myself a car enthusiast. I would not consider myself a master mechanic, however, I do know a decent amount in terms of mechanics. I possess a good understanding of mechanical concepts and do most of the basic mechanical work at home. I drive my cars fairly conservatively and never beat my cars to death. I never used this car to it's full potential.

History of the Vehicle:

This particular Porsche 944 Turbo has been in our family since the very beginning. I have received this vehicle in late spring of 2008 with approximately 26,400 miles. This car was passed down to me from my father whom he bought it brand new from a Porsche dealership in 1989. My dad has babied this car ever since then. When it was passed down to me, I have babied this car in his place. Shortly after receiving the 944 (951), I did the proper maintenance to ensure that it runs efficiently with no problems. Although my father did follow the proper maintenance schedules, I just did it myself to make sure that it is done properly since the car sat in the garage for most of it's life. This car has never seen the snow and rarely seen the rain. I have always ensured that the car was driven in good weather. This car was pretty much a weekend driver. With this being said, this 944 was never driven in the winter as Michigan winters can be pretty nasty. During the winter, the car has always been started up for at least half an hour about once every 2-3 weeks to get the fluids flowing and to ensure that the car runs properly as routine maintenance. If you know cars, they don't like to sit for long periods.

Reason for Selling:

I just got a motorcycle last year and I find myself riding my motorcycle more than the Porsche. It just does not make sense for me to keep my Porsche anymore as I rarely drive it at all. I also have another car as a daily driver. I currently work 65+ hours a week as well. I am just running out of room and time to drive and take care of the car so it makes more sense to let someone else enjoy the car. I do honestly want this car to go to a good home and hope it will be taken care of as well as enjoyed as much as I have with it.

Please, no joy riders. The vehicle is currently not registered nor insured so test driving will be limited. Only when I sense that a buyer is serious about possibly purchasing the vehicle will I allow a test drive. Cash (partial), license and proof of insurance in hand to test drive, no exceptions. This is to only insure that the car is not abused by people who only want to take the vehicle for a joy ride. This is a rare car in mint condition so I expect that it is treated that way as well. I am sure that the future owner for this vehicle will appreciate this. If you crash, you buy at the asking price. The vehicle is currently on the 993 18 inch Turbo Twist wheels and it will stay on until it sells. When the car does sell, the original stock 16 inch wheels will go back on the car. However, please be aware that the tires seems old from what I know. That is the reason why the 993 Turbo Twist wheels are on the vehicle now. I would highly recommend trailering the vehicle if it is long distance for safety purposes.

I am currently asking for $18,000 and I am somewhat firm on this price. I think my asking price is reasonable considering the condition, mileage, rarity, and the time and effort I took to maintain this vehicle. While the records for this vehicle are not official as I did most/all of the work myself, I did take time to detail every little change that was done to it. As you can see, the records that you see here are as detailed as possible. As I always say, something is better than nothing. I am looking for that person that appreciates and knows the value of 944s, Porsches, and/or automobiles as much as I do. With this being said, I am in no rush to sell. I am willing to sit on this until the right buyer comes along. This vehicle has been in the family since the beginning and I do have some sentimental attachment towards it so a car like this going to a good home would be ideal! Pristine 951s are harder to come by these days and I am pretty sure that the prices on these cars will not go much lower. 951 Prices may actually appreciate as they are becoming more rare. The vehicle is in pristine condition, garage kept, and under a car cover until it sells. This Porsche 944 Turbo is one of the last few, unmolested, fine examples with very low miles compared to it's age. I welcome and encourage anyone that wants to hire a mechanic to take a look at the vehicle at the buyer's expense. At the buyer's expense, I will also cooperate with shipping if necessary.

Condition of the Vehicle:

As to be expected from a 22 year old, used vehicle with 31.5K miles, although not many and not severe, there are going to be a few blemishes, rock chips, scratches, etc. There are signs of touch up paint to cover up some of the rock chips/scratches to prevent the metals underneath from corrosion/rust. Nothing out of the ordinary I would say to be concerned about. This car starts up with no problems and with no hesitation. This 944 drives well, revs strong, and shifts smoothly. The interior as well as the exterior is in immaculate condition. The interior leathers, carpet and trim is in very good condition with no signs of noticeable wear. The exterior paint is also in very good condition. The car still shines like it is brand new. The clear coat as well as the paint are still intact other than a few rock chips and the such primarily located in the front. A friend and I personally did a 24 hour, professional detail, color correction, wax job on the vehicle in the summer of 08. My friend is now the co-owner of AutoLavish of MI. AutoLavish does professional cleaning, detailing, and color correction for all types of vehicles including exotics. As stated before, the vehicle was garage kept so damage from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun is kept to a minimal. The underbody of the car shows no signs of rust and corrosion. It actually looks very clean underneath. Yes, I also wash the under carriage as well as the engine bay of my vehicles. Nothing is neglected.

NOTE: The vehicle will come with the stock Porsche OEM 16 inch rims/tires. For the duration of the sale, the car will be on the Turbo Twist 18 inch wheels as I trust those tires more.
Stock 89' 951

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Registered User
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: South East Michigan
Posts: 97
Oil Changes (Capacity with oil filter change - 7.4Q):

03/19/90 - 2,099 miles - Porsche Dealership #1311 Birmingham, MI (record from Porsche maintenance booklet)
07/20/90 - 7,096 miles - Porsche Dealership #1311 Birmingham, MI (record from Porsche maintenance booklet)

Oil changes were not recorded within this time frame, however, the oil changes were done accordinging to the manual.

06/07/08 - 26,461 miles - Full Synthetic 7.4Q 15W-50 Mobil 1 EP + 4oz of ZDDP additive (ZDDPlus) + Mahle Filter (OC 142)
03/15/10 - 30,684 miles - Full Synthetic 7.4Q 15W-50 Mobil 1 EP + 4oz of ZDDP additive (ZDDPlus) + Mahle Filter (OC 142)
Recommend an oil change soon

Exterior/Interior Maintenance/preservation:

08-25-08 - 08-27-08 - Approximately 28,100 miles - Full wash, polish, claybar, restoration, leather/interior treatment, sealant, engine bay cleanup, detail job - P21S, Mothers Back to Black, and more!
08-31-08 - Approximately 28,100 miles - Full Wax job - Lusso Oro
06-22-09 - Complete clean of brake components
06-22-09 - Full detailing and waxing of the rims
10-17-09 - 30,594 miles - Full wash and wax job
05-10-10 - 31,900 miles - Full wash
10-11-10 - 31,457 miles - Full wash, detail and wax job. Winter prepping

Other Maintenance/Work:

Spring 08 - Lubricated headlight linkage and all door hinges
Spring 08 - Applied fuel injector cleaner
08/16/08 - 27,594 miles - Timing & Balance belt check and retension
08/16/08 - 27,594 miles - Front engine seals check
08/16/08 - 27,594 miles - Water Pump check
08/16/08 - 27,594 miles - Coolant drain and fill - 8.2Q = 2.05 gallons Peak Long Life (5 years/150,000 miles) antifreeze coolant
09-08 - Replaced front windshield wipers - Bosch Evolution 20" Driver Side (4820), 19" Passenger Side (4819)
03-15-09 - 29,269 miles - Replaced battery - Bosch group 48, CCA: 690, CA: 850, 48-690B
05-08-09 - 29,291 miles - Partial power steering fluid drain and fill with ATF Dextron fluid
05-08-09 - 29,291 miles - Replaced thermo radiator fan switch - Operating temps 95/102C, 951.606.481.00 - OEM
05-08-09 - 29,291 miles - Partial Coolant drain and fill - 1 gallon Peak Long Life (5 years/150,000 miles) antifreeze coolant
06-22-09 - 29,291 miles - Replaced front and rear brake pads - Porterfield Racing Brake Pads R4-S - Front: AP 372, Rear: AP 345
06-24-09 - 29,291 miles - Brake fluid flush and fill - ATE Super Blue Racing, high temperature DOT 4 brake fluid
06-25-09 - 29,291 miles - Topped off transmission fluid with full synthetic Castrol Syntec SAE 75 W90 gear oil.

Note: I got the timing belt and engine seals checked and had the intention to change it, however, upon taking the timing belt cover off, the shop informed me that the timing belt looked brand new. There were no leaks from the engine seals as well. The timing belt even even had the Porsche logo freshly imprinted on the timing belt. The shop checked the condition of the belt and felt that a timing belt job was not needed. The shop told me that the belt seemed like it was recently replaced. I looked at it too and agreed. The shop checked the tension and off I went. I would, however, recommend replacing the belt if any of you want a peace of mind. I didn't change the belt as I saw the condition of the belt myself, trust the mechanics that told me, and also felt that the belt did not need to be replaced. This took place approximately 4,000 miles ago.

Miscellaneous Work:

Undated - Dark blue rear window tints
Undated - Center Porsche rear, back-lit reflector from Porsche dealership
Undated - Rolled fenders
Summer 08 - Replaced both visor clips - OEM
Summer 08 - Replaced glovebox light housing
Summer 08 - reapplied and reglued interior, center mirror
Summer 08 - Red vinyl over rear yellow signals
08-08 - Installed Dual XHD6425 Bluetooth ready Car Stereo Receiver
08-08 - Installed 1 Blue and 2 Ultra White LEDs in instrument panel (T10 4 bulb LEDs 194). Porsche 944s are notorious for dim dash lighting. The 4-bulb LEDs has significantly solved this known problem. The one blue, ultraviolet LED brings out the orange needles while the white LEDs make the gauges more visible.
4 Red LEDs in rear Porsche center lens panel (5 bulb LEDs 194)
09-08 - Installed under stereo pocket
09-08 - Installed brushed aluminum bezel in instrument panel
03-01-10 - Replaced dome light housing
09-16-11 - 31,501 miles - Replaced driver side fog light bulb - H3 V12 55W

The Bad:

Small, very tiny, crack on the dash right above the hazard light button.
Passenger side window does not work. The window motor most likely needs to be replaced. The window motor sounded loud right before it stopped working so I'm going to assume and it most likely is the motor. I tested the window switches and wires connecting to it with a multimeter. It does not seem to be dealing with electricals. This is not a particularly hard task to fix. The longest part (about an hour or two in this task is taking apart the door panel to get to the window motor itself. Once the door panel is off, it's just a matter of replacing and reconnecting the motor. I would probably get to this eventually myself but I just don't have the time nor the motivation. I currently work 65 hours a week so it's hard for me to find the time now-a-days.
Small cracks on the dash near the two air vent holes farthest left on driver side (barely noticeable, about a quarter inch long each). The 944s are notorious for cracked dashes. This particular 944 only has a few small ones that are barely noticeable but just wanted to put it out there. Other than that, the dash is in very good condition with no signs of age.
4 tiny holes on the passenger side on the side of the center console where a built in telephone used to be installed
Steering wheel vibration at higher speeds due to old and unbalanced tires. Wheel/tire needs to be balanced and/or replaced
The key head is missing the Porsche emblem
Tires may need to be replaced soon. The car is currently on the 18 inch Turbo Twist wheels. Although there is plenty of tread left on both sets of tires, I am afraid that the tires may be old so for safety purposes, I would highly recommend replacing them.
The air conditioning blows out cool air, but not cold. It seems the AC just stopped blowing cold air this year. The AC needs a recharge. It is still on the original stock R12 system. Otherwise, the AC compressor still kicks in and is still functioning.
The rear trunk foam underneath the carpet has some tears due to age. The carpet is in very good condition and the foam is just located underneath it so you can't even see it.
VERY slight oil leak from rear camshaft cover due to age. Very easy and takes about half an hour to replace. Cork gasket costs about $1.00 online + shipping (Part #: 928-105-189-02-M17). Torque 10mm M6 bolts to 6 ft-lb. I would probably get to this eventually myself but I just don't have the time nor the motivation. I currently work 65 hours a week so it's hard for me to find the time now-a-days.

Will include:

Original Porsche carpets in very good condition (I always use rubber floor mats over the OEM carpets).
Original Porsche manual and service booklet
Original Porsche wheel lock key
Original Porsche air compressor kit
Original Porsche spare wheel and tire (never been used)
Original Porsche tool kit (if I can locate it)
Original Porsche radio with Blapunkt equalizer (if I can locate it)

Option to purchase separately if desired at a significant discount. Buy everything at $1,200:

Catalytic converter pipe with bypass test pipe, 951.111.093.03 - European OEM. In very good condition. This is basically a cat delete pipe. I purchased this used pipe with intentions of installing it in hopes for the turbo to spool up a little more earlier, to get a nice sound out of it (so I've heard), to reduce weight, and to make the car more efficient. I just did not have the time nor the motivation to do it anymore so it was never installed. These European OE pipes are VERY hard to find. This is a direct bolt on with no cutting and welding involved. Just bolt on and go! $350
993 OEM Turbo Twist Wheels - 18x7.5 ET50 Fronts, 18x10 ET65 Rears wrapped with 225/40/18 Fronts, 265/35/18 Rears. Comes with all Porsche OEM center caps. Highly recommend wheels to be balanced. These wheels have the proper offsets to fit the 944s. They give the car a more aggressive stance as they are wider and come out towards the fenders more $950
Clear, front signal lamp covers (barely used. Only used for about 2,000 miles. Very good condition $40
2 Mahle oil filters (OC 142) (OE manufacturer) $8 each
4 brand new Bosche Platinum spark plugs (never installed) $6
Complete Continental Contitech, CRP timing belt kit TB107-293K2. This kit has all of the parts needed to do a timing belt job. I believe all of the parts are made in Germany since Contitech/CRP is an OE supplier. This kit includes: 1 timing belt (944 105 15704), 1 balance shaft belt (944 102 219 04), 1 balance shaft tensioner (944 102 025 07), 1 balance shaft idler (944 102 277 06), 1 timing belt idler (944 105 241 04), and 1 timing belt idler (944 105 631 06) $170

Let me know if you want to purchase any of these parts even if you do not intend to purchase the vehicle. I am willing to ship all/most parts at the buyer's expense.

As much detail as this listing may contain, there may be a few, minor things I may have forgotten to mention. With that being said, please contact me initially with a PM if there are any questions, concerns, and/or interest. More information can and will be given upon initial contact if desired. First come first serve basis. I will not hold the vehicle for anyone as I didn't have good experiences in the past with doing so. Pretty much all of the pictures of the good and the bad are posted here. If you need any more additional pictures that I haven't posted already, please do not hesitate to ask! Whew, thanks for taking the time to read all of this!
Stock 89' 951

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Stock 89' 951
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Stock 89' 951
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Four small holes where a built in telephone used to be

Key with wheel lock key. The keyhead is missing the Porsche Emblem

Stock 89' 951

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Stock 89' 951
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Small scratch on the front bumper

Stock 89' 951
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I took the liberty to add more pictures of both good and the bad. As you can see, the paint is in immaculate condition aside from the usual nicks/scratches/chips. I don't believe there are any dents on the car. The windshield is free of cracks. The under body is free of rust/corrosion. The leather interior is free from tears and cracks. The shift knob is in very good condition. These pictures should speak for themselves. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, however if any of you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to PM me! Even if you aren't looking to buy, I hope you all enjoy the pictures anyway . Thanks for dropping by!
Stock 89' 951

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As requested from an interested individual

Note: The stock 16 inchers are in very good condition with minimal wear and tear on them. There are no signs of corrosion, rust, and peeling from my observations. I did a quick wash on the wheels before storing them to prevent further damage from the brake dust and other contamination. The rims, however are still a bit dirty in the inner portion despite my cleaning efforts. The front rims are a little dirtier than the rear rims, which is to be expected. A good scrub and buff should get them looking new again (which I have not gotten to).

As I stated in the description, the tires have plenty of tread left. The tires can probably still be used, but I am unsure how old they are as the car was stored in my dad's garage with these tires on. The tires look new and looks like they were barely used. I would, however, recommend replacing the tires for safety purposes. Better safe than sorry is what I would say. As you will also notice, the tires have no uneven wear and no signs of abuse.

Rim measurements:

Fronts: 16x7" I believe the offset is 65mm
Rears: 16x9" I believe the offset is 60mm

Tire measurements:

Fronts: 225/50/ZR16
Rear: 245/45/ZR16
Tires: Good Year Eagle

Comes with the original Porsche center caps.

Front Wheels/Tires:

Rear Wheels/Tires:

Small curb rash on one of the rear wheels

Stock 89' 951

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Stock 89' 951

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Stock 89' 951
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Stock 89' 951
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