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Determined 06-10-2019 09:07 PM

2006 Cayenne S Valve Cover Gaskets Replaced, now No Start
Hello Cayenne friends,

I tackled my valve cover gasket replacement today on my 2006 Cayenne S, I took precautions to make sure the rear cleared properly during removal on both sides. I disconnected the wire harness from the AC compressor to give me plenty of slack.

I'm not sure if should have done this but I washed both of my valve covers and let them sit in the hot sun until they were fully dried, I also used forced air to dry it. I did cover my Air/Oil Separator with a rubber glove.

After reinstalling the covers with the caution for clearance to the rear area of the valve covers I lined up the holes and reinstalled, everything aligned up nice with nothing forced. I put in new Bosch spark plugs while I was there and torqued them to specification.

Once all was back together I went to start the car and it turned over and continued to turn on its own but no start. I noticed that the brake pedal was hard as hell and my gauge cluster finally after turning over gave me a ABS failure message. I connected my code reader and no faults came up, car sounds funny while turning over and will not start. Is it possible that a vacuum line or my Air/Oil separator is creating the no start? Brake pedal feel is hard and not normal. I don't believe the valve cover install itself went wrong, should I disassemble or look elsewhere? Any help is appreciated, I don't want to do more harm.

Best Regards,

Determined 06-12-2019 12:40 PM

Ok, so I pulled my covers off again to inspect the camshaft pins at the back end of the engine to see if they were bent or broken. Thank God they were there and not damaged, I was careful when removing my covers but I needed to be sure. Here are a few pictures.
(Right Side, both tables fine)
(Left Side thru a mirror, both tabs were fine)

I suspect since my fault at start-up is a hard brake pedal and ABC Proportioning Workshop/ABS Failure, that I have a vacuum leak in one of my hoses. I know these are easy to break during this gasket cover replacement. I wanted to do a smoke test on my lines but I don't have this tester, I was going to make one but instead I did it old school way. I first tried to pull a vacuum on my lines and could not achieve any vacuum. I tested vacuum on the line going to the brake booster and through the engine firewall, I disconnected there and pulled vacuum. It held vacuum and only very slowly came down, this is likely to my home made connects, I'm pretty sure the vacuum line to the brake booster is fine. Pic below of vacuum measurement.

(From Brake Booster through engine firewall)

Next, I tried to pressurize the other lines and used soapy water to check for leaks. The areas I thought might have got cracked were not to my surprise, instead I see bubbles coming out of this, I think it's a check valve. Could this be why I have a hard pedal and no start condition? I will double/triple check the other lines again but I did not see any bubbles anywhere else but here. Not even behind the manifold where one line goes to. Any thoughts? Yes, I put JB weld around areas known to crack to just eliminate these spots, no leaks from there, just were noted below.

Determined 06-12-2019 05:57 PM

Last update, I temporarily JB welded to test if this is my root cause of problems. It started up quickly!!!! A few codes were thrown but they cleared themselves after running a while. I’ll go to my local Porsche dealer for the part I need and fix it the right way.

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