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speeder 03-05-2005 05:02 PM

'72 RSR replica on Ebay, discuss:
Looks freaking amazing at first glance, anyone know this car? :cool: 806&rd=1

Shuie 03-05-2005 05:11 PM

Looks like a neat car. Sounds good to from the little bt i could stand to read. Man, thats a terrible ad. Never seen the car.

speeder 03-05-2005 05:49 PM

Shuie, Man you are right about the ad. It seems to be filled w/ good info but I was getting a headache trying to read it. That whole long paragraph reads like one sentence. :eek:

This is a good public service announcement for kids to stay in school and do their homework. Even if you wind up just being a gearhead that sells stuff on ebay, it matters. ;)

Jack Olsen 03-05-2005 05:57 PM

It's a good example of a bad sales job. You get the feeling the guy writing it up has no idea of what he's talking about (which probably isn't the case). And the photographs are awful.

Still: a nice car, probably.

Shuie 03-05-2005 06:35 PM

I pasted it into Word, did some formatting, and ran the spell check so I could read it. There is a lot of stuff that has been done to the car. Some of it sounds good (hotrod engine stuff from Jerry Woods and suspension setup from TRG) and some of it sounds not so impressive (cassette recorder)

here is a somewhat formatted version fo the ad


Please note this actually a RSR early, call it a replica in hopes of not getting into any legal issues with Porsche and I built it myself. Here are the write up.1972 911T modified specs to RSR for the road. Approximately 22,000 miles since restored, always garaged.

Body: All body work done by Conversion Techniques Inc., Oakland & myself

1. RSR body created by stripping car down to tub and doing complete body restoration. body straightness check on rack while stripped down.
2. Front fenders are original (73RSR), rear body fenders are part of complete new rear clips turbo body standard factory flares. Front and rear, valence and bumper are from (AIR) American International Racing fiber glass body parts (new)
3. Gas tank updated to 1979 SC with space saver spare. Stain less steel fuel lines used from tank to body.
4. Reconditioned battery bucket are like new (no corrosion).
5. Windshield washer bottle not installed but all parts available and working
6. H4 head lamps with extra bulbs, color matched covers for lens rims.
7. Side mirrors are all con vexed in original frame/casing. Special cut mirror by Cobel glass Inc., Oakland, CA
8. All factory body tags with serial#s are installing, driver side window frame, and driverís door area on the body, in the trunk next to the gas tank on left side body.
9. All pedals have bronze bushings, gas pedal modified so both gas and brake at the same height by making the gas linkage longer. Left foot rest panel installed

Interior: All interior work done by Conversion Techniques Inc., Oakland & myself 1. All panels are like new.

(A). Door panels are new light weight panels with modified arm rests
(B). New head liner original lights, rear sides and back are reconditioned, dash is restored but not new, glove box is restored but not new, lock needs alignment to stay closed, 4, point roll bar, bolted in, no welding, with padding, (SCCA) legal setup, rear seat backs removed for safety and room, Sun visors are like new and work
(C). Stereo is Blaupunkt Bamberg with amp mounted on floor under passengers feet, multi band (LW,SW,AM,FM) and tape deck that will record cassettes, no CD this is a time period radio made 73 - 80. Needs the tape deck repaired I have location of a shop to repair and upgrade. Using windshield antenna so no external ant mounted. Some masking tape in some areas
(D) Seats are original Recaros in good condition, also have
One peace race seat that specially made up by my self for easy install and removal of four bolts, five point seat harness setup by Fry Racing, Milpitas, CA SCCA legal.

Suspension: Set up by Al Bauerís and Racers Group

1. All light weight suspension parts from (79to 80 SC or Turbo) Turbo tie rods
2. Bump steer kit installed to keep the steering geometry straight.
3. All Teflon bushings
4. Shocks are Bilsteins Coil over, with sport shock inserts; no springs (coils) in us at this time due to upper shock mounts would need modifying.
5. 23mm and 28 mm torsion bars (race).
6. Factory Turbo sport sway bars front and rear (non adj.).
7. Cambertrust modified with Weltmiester for front shock tower bracing.

Tires/Wheels: Kahler workstate,Roger Krause Racing, Wheel Enhancment

1. (1) set of wheels, Kineses wheel three piece Carrera Cup 8" & 10" with BFG's KA 45 & 40 series tires for street.
(1) Set of factory Fuchs fronts 1 piece and rears 2 piece, 8" & 10" with Hoosier 50 series tires for track or auto cross.

Brakes: Al Bauers, Kahlers Werkstat & myself

1. Stainless steel lines with factory dual master cylinder.
2. Bremtek (4) piston calipers, with carbon pads.
3. (1) set of (4) cross drilled early rotors on car and (1) set of non drilled rotors (spares).
4. Front rotors set with cooling duct kits.
5. Wheel studs, 75mm (all 4 wheels) with 16.5mm front / 15.5mm rear spacers.

Engine: Kahler werkstat, Jerry Woods & myself, new at restoration, Euro Carrera 2.7 race engine, 276hp. less than 20,000 miles

1. Balanced pistons set
2. Race prepped heads, spring, and titanium retainers
3. Triad exhausts system (very light weight) and still has all smog points for test (lambda probe).
4. RSR factory set up muffler (replenumed 77 (2) in/ (2) out) made by Ralph at Al Bauer.
5. Chain tensioner oiling kit installed.
6. Intake given high butterfly affect with the us of 94 Turbo stand-offs, raising fuel injectors up from the intake valves, gives much better atomization of the intake mixture Air/Fuel
7. Permitune ignition.

Transmission: Al Bauers, Kahlers werkstat, new at restoration

1. New taller 5th gear.
2. RSR clutch with heavy duty spring.
3. Quaife, (torque sense. differential).
4. All new have shafts with repacked boot assembly.

Additional work:

1. Racer Group corner balanced for les than 3 lbs difference between wheels per axial
2. Suspension camber and toe set to standard race -2.3 degrees. This will wear out the street tires fairly fast.

CarreraS2 03-05-2005 06:44 PM

I don't know why the eBay program does that. I've had the same thing happen to me.

You type in the text with spacing and paragraphs, but then it runs it all together when you submit it.

Finally figured out you need to insert the paragraph symbol after each section of text that you want paragraphed. Weird that it doesn't do that automatically.

klaucke 03-06-2005 03:50 AM

Looks nice, but 20k starting bid?

fryardds 03-06-2005 04:59 AM

If the car does indeed have a 911/83 motor with MFI it should definitely start at $20K.

Boy you guys are right his text and photos are terrible for a ad.

ttweed 03-06-2005 04:10 PM


Originally posted by fryardds
If the car does indeed have a 911/83 motor with MFI it should definitely start at $20K.
If that motor was built on a 911/83 case, it would be worth $20K to the right person without the rest of the car!

Seriously, klaucke, buy a beater '72T, have it stripped to bare metal and painted with widebody flares added, add a rebuilt drivetrain and upgraded suspension, Bremtek brakes, 2 sets of wheels and tires--what do you think you could build it for? $20K would be a bargain for this car, even if it has some flaws.


silverc4s 03-06-2005 04:38 PM

Agreed, looks like a really good car, and a really bad EBAY ad. It probably won't sell this time around. Any Oreganonian's know this car????

klaucke 03-06-2005 05:13 PM

When I said "Looks nice, but 20k starting bid?" I was assuming the engine was built to RS spec, not that it might be an RS # case. I'm not saying it isn't worth 20k, and I fully realize it would cost much more to make this car! But 20k starting bid just seems a bit high.

speeder 03-06-2005 06:22 PM

I agree that most people don't seem to understand the dynamics of an auction, it should start @ $1000.00 even if the reserve is $50k, just to get things going. And keep the reserve a secret, when people start @ their minimum taking price and get zero bids in 7 days I am never surprised.

What on earth are they afraid of? Have they never seen a live auction in their lives? :confused:

I also agree that this car is worth more than $20k if it had a 2.7 CIS motor in it, much less a real RS motor. :cool:

fryardds 03-06-2005 07:20 PM


Originally posted by klaucke
When I said "Looks nice, but 20k starting bid?" I was assuming the engine was built to RS spec, not that it might be an RS # case. I'm not saying it isn't worth 20k, and I fully realize it would cost much more to make this car! But 20k starting bid just seems a bit high.
I mis-understood you. I agree, the auction is starting too high.

He states: "Engine: Kahler werkstat, Jerry Woods & myself, new at restoration, Euro Carerra 2.7 race engine, 276hp. less than 20,000 miles" So unless he doesn't know what he talking about that would only describe a 911/83 motor.

Check out the photo of his engine. It most definitely has MFI.

Shuie 03-06-2005 07:35 PM

Not only MFI, but it has some kind of gee-whiz custom high butterfly throttle setup. Either that or they are injector blocks for non MFI heads. :cool:

There is a lot of money in this car. I cant wait to hear from someone who knows it.

Elombard 03-07-2005 02:58 AM

Hmmm 276 HP from a single plug 2.7. ????? IF I was spending that much on a RSR monster I would want more cubes. Very cool car though, I love the color.

Crachian 03-07-2005 12:05 PM

Alert: not a real RS 911/83 motor. When I asked the seller's first response was "Why do want to know the engine number?"

speeder 03-07-2005 12:13 PM

This forum rocks.

fryardds 03-07-2005 03:36 PM


Originally posted by Crachian
Alert: not a real RS 911/83 motor. When I asked the seller's first response was "Why do want to know the engine number?"
That figures.:( If he had a spec. motor built why didn't he say so in the description, instead of being misleading? Totally clueless!

trader220 03-07-2005 04:27 PM

Zero Bids still

Adam 03-07-2005 05:01 PM


Hmmm 276 HP from a single plug 2.7. ?????
The late John Gregory was a veteran 911 engine man who could frequently create MFI 2.7s and 2.8s that were clear of 100bhp/litre. Some were very close to those figures with only single-plug ignition.

I think John's son-in-law (and co-builder) Mike Jacobsen posts here and he could confirm the power limitations of 2.7 engines.

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