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dsqracing 04-20-2000 11:03 PM

Taller windscreens?
I've seen pictures of R1100S' in Europe and Japan that have a taller windscreen that is rounded across the top. Don't want BMW's taller version...looks dorky. Anybody got suggestions on sources?


Zarex11 04-22-2000 08:27 AM

Couple of options. First, try Parabellum at

They've just come out with several different height sheilds for the S: 16", 18", 20" and 22" in clear or tint. They make very good quality shields. Their ph. # is (706) 864-8051.

Your other option is Zero Gravity Racing, at:

They don't picture it on their web site yet, but I have one of their new dark tinted screens. It's about 4" taller than stock, looks good and works well. It was cheap, too, at $69.95 plus S&H, part #10-804-02. I have pics if you like. Ph: 1-800-345-9791.

Otherwise, Gustafsson Plastics in FL makes several different heights of clear or tinted screens for the S. Others who contribute to this board have them. Good quality, but you have to drill your own holes. This is a good thing, actually, as you can match them up exactly to your bike - and they provide the drill bit needed. They're at:

Ph: 1-888-824-3443. Forget about emailing them, ole' Leif Gustafsson is an ornery old cuss who doesn't take to computers very well!

Hope this helps.

- Scott

Frank Huff 04-24-2000 07:50 AM

FWIW....I have tried several heights of Parabellum screens trying to get some quiet air for touring. Their product is well made and they are very expert/helpful/reasonable.
However, it looks like the S bike fairing configuration is such that a taller screen just puts more wind and noise on the helmet.
The stock screen puts airflow on my upper chest and neck..takes a bit of weight off the wrists and here in AZ the cooling ain't bad. So I just decided to suck it up and use good ear plugs while touring. If anybody finds a solution to this problem please post...

Frank Huff

dfaber 04-24-2000 08:50 AM

I just spoke with Lauren at Zero-Gravity and ordered the XL series replacement screen part #10-804-02 in a medium smoke tint. She said that this screen is a direct replacement for the stock item and is the same height and shape. She said the Sport/Touring screen is the taller item, not the XL. Price is $69.95 + about $7 shipping.

She said her catalogue lists this screen only for the 2000 model year RS1100S. I hope there isn't any Y2K windscreens change (my bike is a '99).

Scott- I would be interested in pictures and further impressions, did you get a Touring Screen?

Zarex11 04-24-2000 10:31 AM

Hi, David - per my email (with pics), I received probably the first publically available R11S screen from Zero Gravity, obtained after much pleading and groveling. It sounds like they sent me the touring model, since the one I have is definitely about 3" taller than stock. Perhaps they sent me the touring screen and put it in the XL bag, since they were still scrambling with the product launch? Or perhaps the ZG screen is the same "height" when laid down, but installed on the bike, with its increased rake is actually several inches taller than the installed OEM unit? Haven't measured (I'd have to dig up the OEM screen somewhere in the basement) them both - just know the ZG screen I have is about 3" taller, installed, then the OEM unit. I'll try to find my OEM screen and measure them both, then post the results.

Actually, I'd rather if I had a tinted one in stock height, because I think that Frank is right. There probably is less wind turbulence off the shorter screen than this taller one. I'm 6' tall, and the bike has tall BMW bars and a raised Corbin seat.


- Scott

drlukas 05-10-2000 04:52 PM

Dera guys
I'm 196 cm heght and have a lot of problem with Bmw taller shield due to turbulence on my helmet, is th ezero gravity a definitive solution or the standard Bmw is best.
Zero gravity looks good isn't it.

Rick Ellis 05-10-2000 09:38 PM

Have experienced same problem(s) expressed above with factory tall screen. Originally acquired for better touring comfort and have found that buffet around head is worse than standard small screen. As mentioned, with ear plugs and a good helmet the standard setup is very manageable. Will stick with stock.

moose 06-13-2000 10:47 AM

Hi: Frank, you mentioned trying several height parabellum windscreens. Which did you try, and how tall are you? I am considering a taller screen and higher bars. (I'm 6'2")

Mike H 06-13-2000 01:41 PM

I have just aquired the Zero Gravity sports touring screen in smoke tint here in the UK.
There are pictures of this 'new' screen on the ZG web site .... Click on What's new and then BMW for the pictures
The screen is ~ 3" taller and certainly wraps around more than the stock item.
Appearance wise it is a big improvement especially with the tint. However because of the wrap round, I doubt that it would allow full turn with higher bars. As far as wind protection, I'm tall 6'-2" I find it no worse (or better come to that) than the stock item. I reckon a screen to give me still air, would be so big it would look idiotic on the bike. On balance I prefer the new screen especially for appearance. However, as they say, you pays your money and takes your choice.

R11Sportourer 06-23-2000 10:34 AM

Does anyone know how much the Gustafsson standard size screen is?


Colin 06-24-2000 03:28 PM

US$125. I like mine very much.


[This message has been edited by Colin (edited 06-24-2000).]

Frank Huff 07-03-2000 01:47 PM

Sorry to be so slow responding on Parabellum windshields. I am just under 6'1" and wear a Shoei Synchrotech. I have factory "high" bars. I think this gives approx 2" lift. I actually tried 3 Parabellums. The tallest was an experimental 23.6" to which I attached wind deflector molding from Saeng TA. Bottom line was no joy. Still getting lotsa burble and swoosh around the helmet, so I had to give up and just go to stock screen and good earplugs. Main windflow is now about at throat level. If anybody finds a solution to make the R11S more of a tourer in this aspect PLEASE POST.


moose 08-01-2000 06:15 PM

My experience with taller windshields has been similar to Frank's. I tried the Parabellum, and found that the noise was bad unless I hid behind the screen. They were very good about letting me return the windscreen. I have since purchased the Large BMW windscreen for the R1100S. I think it's standard on the 2000 US non-sport models. It is an improvement over the shorter screen, and I prefer it to the Parabellum. Aeroflow doesn't have any plans to make one for the S, but will if there are enough requests. That would be the one to have.

SpaCovers 08-01-2000 06:46 PM

I will post right when I get mine from Zero. They have lived up to their name. Received two screens, and zero fit my bike.

Markus(Germany) 08-02-2000 11:15 PM

Hey guys,

Last month, a German company (MRA Windshields) brought out taller windscreens for the S in different colors. You will find a description on their <a href=""> homepage </a>. But no pics yet. I got some pics, which I will post on my homepage in a couple days


check out my homepage about the R1100S:

EZ-RIDER 10-24-2000 02:55 PM


Originally posted by Markus(Germany):
Hey guys,
I was looking at MRA windshields and they don't sell to anybody in the USA or Canada
something about liability.I like thier tinted
screen.Has anybody used it?
Last month, a German company (MRA Windshields) brought out taller windscreens for the S in different colors. You will find a description on their <a href=""> homepage </a>. But no pics yet. I got some pics, which I will post on my homepage in a couple days



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