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dondarnell 01-12-2021 05:29 PM

What is the lastest and greatest in wastegate replacement?
I believe I need to replace the wastegate in one of my 951's. It looks like the sellers of Tial adaptors have dwindled down to maybe 2. And they are pushing the Tial F38. I'm wondering what others have done recently to swap in new wastegate bits.

I am also aware that Lindsey Racing has a stock-ish wastegate, but I don't care for the core charge part of that transaction. If my core is bad, it gonna get pricey.

Fast Freddy 944 01-13-2021 03:22 AM

Keep it stock, brother, keep it stock...

nize 01-14-2021 07:13 AM

the problem with keeping it 'stock' is the stock wastegate costs $2821.75

the tial 46mm is 'the best' one but most people go with the tial 38mm because it's a little cheaper. old threads are here:

and here:

and here:

*beware* most tials on the market today are counterfeits, be sure you are buying an authentic tial.
TiAL Sport - Spotting a Counterfeit TiAL

fake vs real how-to:

fake vs real teardown:

SFR has kits available and is a reputable company so i'm guessing they have real authentic tials:

if you want to risk getting a possible counterfeit tial you can get the adapter for the 38mm separately here:

motoxxxdeamon 01-21-2021 06:23 PM

Regarding Tial 46mm waste gates, Broadfoot now sells modded/pre-fabbed outlet pipes to fit these.

dondarnell 01-22-2021 08:16 PM

Bought a F38 Tial and adaptor form the 944 Store. I’m sure it’s real.

nize 01-23-2021 11:20 AM

that is a really cool 46mm tial adapter pipe, if i still had the stock exhaust i would get it.

Mike Goebel 01-26-2021 08:45 PM

Well I recently purchased the 46 and now I'm wondering if that adaptor pipe is required for a stock exhaust system???

Mike G.

nize 01-27-2021 09:54 AM

Mike Goebel: you will need some type of an adapter to make the tial 46 fit the stock exhaust. check the wastegate outlet pipe section here:
944 / 968 Exhaust

Mike Goebel 01-28-2021 08:58 AM

Well that really sucks!! I had been lead to believe it was a direct bolt on so I got that instead of the 38 to avoid needing adaptors.


P.S. I have read a lot of negative reviews about Broadfoot racing. Are they reliable at this time?

Mike G.

azbanks 01-28-2021 12:03 PM

The elbow pipe from the existing exhaust TO a Tial 46 wastegate is a direct bolt up. It is the pipe exiting the Tial 46 that requires a different attachment point.

I've had good luck with Broadfoot but it has been a couple years since I bought anything from them.

Mike Goebel 01-28-2021 01:04 PM

So do I just need that same side adaptor that is used for the Tial 38 and the stock pipe will mate?

Mike G.

azbanks 01-28-2021 03:15 PM

I don't know if one of the Tial 38 adapters will work with the Tial 46.

You could try asking the user fejjj here on the forum, He makes the 38 adapter plates.

Broadfoot and Speedforce Racing both have kits where they will modify your factory pipe to work with the Tial 46.

My experience with Speedforce Racing is the same as with Broadfoot Racing. I have had good dealings with both of them but it has been a while.

Mike Goebel 01-29-2021 11:48 AM


Originally Posted by azbanks (Post 11201866)
I don't know if one of the Tial 38 adapters will work with the Tial 46.


I looked at those and NOPE Nada, Nichts!! BOO!! haha Looks like I'm going to need to buy myself a welder. Awe that's going to suck. NOT!!

Mike G.

nize 01-30-2021 08:12 AM

Mike Goebel: i remember now, the tial 46mm is a direct-bolt-on except for the exhaust dump side of the wastegate. when mine was first installed i had simply cut a piece of pipe bolted on and had it dump directly to atmosphere (and plugged the wastegate inlet pipe on the exhaust). i've since reconnected it so the wastegate dumps back into the exhaust again, but i don't recall how it was done. i'll take some pics when i have time.

Mike Goebel 01-31-2021 06:25 PM


I bought a Tial flange and will be doing some metal fab soon.

Mike G.

soxnail 02-01-2021 09:18 AM


I bought a Tial flange and will be doing some metal fab soon.

Mike G.

Been there done that, it's not such a big deal. see pics in my WG thread.
Buy a DC electrode negative welder if you want to use the flux core (gas less ).

Mike Goebel 02-05-2021 05:12 PM

So far not too bad trying to install the 46 Tial. Bought a super cheap factory down pipe for $40 including shipping. Cut off the flange and now test fitting. Ordered a super cheap a$$ Tial flange from Still waiting for the flange to arrive. WTH with the shipping delays lately?

Mike G.

Mike Goebel 02-18-2021 06:41 AM

All Done car is a rocket ship now!! Ok its beat Camrys now.

Mike G.

nize 02-20-2021 04:06 PM


Originally Posted by Mike Goebel (Post 11229660)
All Done car is a rocket ship now!! Ok its beat Camrys now.

Mike G.

camrys or camaros? :)

Mike Goebel 02-21-2021 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by nize (Post 11233344)
camrys or camaros? :)

NOT! Camaros.

Mike G.

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