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Mr. Steinel,

In all honesty, the problems we are having are generally quality control issues that once JE gets sorted (i.e. reworks or replaces) the problems are solved for the customer.

For example, our latest problem (that we are solving right now) is 3 sets of 83.5mm pistons to make a 2.1L 16V motor do not have the holes bored to fit the wrist pins. Granted this is an option that JE provides as some engine builders prefer to do this step themselves. We however paid for this option and of course expected it to be done. Somebody at JE simply missed a step. Unfortunately, these kind of things seem to happen a little too frequently.

I have also seen differences between pistons from the same set, some seem to be deburred with a dremmel (sp?) and some by hand. Not impressed when the set doesn't look the same. We don't sell that many VW sets a year (20-25) but probably have some sort of issue with about 20% of them. Is this considered acceptable?

I think JE's strength is that they can build virtually any piston type in any size with CR you require, but I think that you really need to provide them the engineering information and say "here, build this". I think when you leave some of the engineering work to JE their solutions might not be the same as to what you had in mind.

Bear in mind also that we are only recommending JE's for water-cooled race motors and for the street guys that have added a supercharger or turbocharged the motor (there are a lot of these guys out there!). The OEM cast Mahle's or Kolbenschmidts will not last in these harsher environments. The JE's will certainly last longer in these applications and the forged piston is better suited than an OEM Mahle cast piston for turbocharging but people who have these 300-400 bhp turbo VR6's and 1.8T's certainly do not expect the motor to last over 100K. Remember, us VW guys don't have many options either, we can either choose the couple of oversize options that are available from Mahle or we can go to JE to have something custom done.

Take it for what it's worth, I can't tell you what kind of issues the 911 engine builders are having with JE quality. You may want to call Steve Weiner at Rennsport in Portland to talk more about the 911 specs, but I know he concurs with me and will only use JE's in a race application. That should tell you something.

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