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Re: Long block questions.

Originally posted by Noah Holcomb
The area I have the most questions with is building up the long block itself for this project. I want to make an honest 600 hp to the wheels running C16, I would really like to make this power level on 100 unleaded or 100 low lead AV gas but I realize that may be a bit of a pipe dream. I want to use the 3.2 case, heads, and most likely crank. However if another crank is recommend I would consider using it. I want as much displacement as reliably possible; could I go to 3.4 or even up to a 3.6 without any adverse effects?

I would like to know what diameter pistons, and cylinders are recommended along with the best rods to use (I was thinking of going with the JE pistons and cylinders, and the Carrillo H beam rods.) Also how much displacement will this combo yield with the 3.2 crank? Also what other crank could be used and how much displacement gain would the engine receive?

How important is the twin plug conversion at this stage and why is it so crucial? (From my push-rod V-6 and V-8 background extracting massive amount of power reliably with just 1 plug per cylinder is an easy task)

What cams are most people running in their turbo engines at the power levels I am looking for?

Any help is appreciated.

The 3.2 crank is the same as the 930 turbo crank, so are the rods, so you won't have any issues with strength or durability, as long as you aren't raising your rev limit to something like 8K RPM's

IMHO, if you are going through a complete rebuild and have the money for it, this is what I'd recommend you do:

- 98mm P&C's (7.5:1)
- 993/964 crank to increase low end torque and capacity (~ 3.5L) (but this adds $1500 to your build!!!)
- larger piston splash valves
- 930 turbo oil pump
- ARP fasteners
- flame-ringed cylinders/heads with aluminium sealing rings for best reliability at big boost levels
- twin plugged heads for optimal combustion

As for turbo selection, that really depends on how much power you are looking for, but if you are after a tonne of power, I'd recommend a GT40R and a set of 1 5/8" headers.

If you want optimum spool and power, then perhaps go with a twin turbo setup with 1 5/8" TT headers and a pair of Garrett GT38R's (or RS's).

As for engine management, there are many options, but for true drop-in plug'n'play on the OEM loom, I recommend the Protomotive modified Motronic ECU, which uses MAP sensing, instead of a MAF/AFM based system. If you have serious cash to spend, then Motec is the best and most expensive, but will require substantial tuning.

Interesting project! Keep us posted
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