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Re: '91 3.8 turbo questions?

Originally posted by rdane
I looked at this local car yesterday.'PORSCHE')

Dyno says: ChipC2 turbo Euro 8 (I assume that means a chipped 3.8) w/EFI

Torque is 606# @ 5800 and peak HP with 15.5 boost at 7500rpm
new injectors @ 60 psi and 1 bar boost

(14.5# =1 bar ? )

So turbo guys tell me what you really think? Grenade waiting to explode or monster car? How should the engine have been built to stay in one piece? 7500 redline? Isn't that unusual and fairly extreme? 15.5# boost ?

I know nothing about turbo engines and need a quick education. I should have a copy of the engine build sheet later today. Thanks for the help.
Okay, as far as the redline being 7500 rpms, that is what typical 3.6 block rebuilds will have with a good set of lightweight valves and also good rods, so that is not a problem. The reason they stop at 7500 is that the engine runs out of breath and there is just not anything to be gained from revving higher.

Running one bar of boost is fine if the set up is correct.

The only thing I would want to know about that particular car is how much track useage is on the engine and drivetrain. And if you can stand the color in person. The purple interior may be darker in person, so it may look better than in pictures.

That car would be a lot of fun, potentially, but if you need to work on it than you may want to find a mechanic that can handle modified Porsches, not just your average Porsche dealership. I would do that in advance.

The car has been on sale for a long time, so I would haggle down the price but first I would make sure that you find out the real condition of the engine and find somebody that will work on it for you. Test drive it under normal road conditions for a while to make sure the EFI works under differing loads. Don't be blinded by the sheer power, you want to remain objective if you test drive it, and try to assess the health of the engine.

I wouldn't have a problem buying it if everything checks out. At some point, the dealership must be anxious to get rid of it. You may be getting a once in a lifetime ride. But you need a mechanic.
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