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I could be way off here, but my opinion is that you aren't running rich enough below boost, due to your AFR change. Maybe you need more overall idle fuel mixture, and therefore less on-boost mix to compensate and keep your AFRs equal.

The reason I say this is twofold. First, timing advance is not generally going to be more than a 5 hp difference within a fairly close range like you are talking about. Second, I have had my car tuned to try to run less rich during idle and all of your symptoms showed up in my car, no power at all until I was on boost, and then the boost worked normally. It was a simply spectacular difference in performance when I tried to tune the richness out of my idle mixture. Huge difference in off boost power, there simply was none....

Just a thought, maybe if you look over the situation this makes some sense, but I am only relating my personal experience with a lean bottom end killing my CIS power off boost.

The cure for me was just tuning back in the rich idle and de-tuning the boost richness a bit. Now my car happily smokes again on idle and runs correctly down low.

Hope this helps.....
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