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Advance timing by 3 degrees

I found this article by Rob Lentini while looking for something else.
Anyone care to comment on if this looks worthwhile? It looks like a pretty easy way to pickup some midrange. Does this even pertain to our bikes?

Advanced Ignition Timing - Rob Lentini
Most manufacturers set the ignition timing for the typical vehicle with poor fuel quality in mind. Modest performance gains may be achieved by REASONABLE increases in initial advance. Just like my K75S, the R1100 is no exception.
Assuming you are NOT experiencing ANY pinging or detonation, you can easily advance the ignition timing by about 3 degrees. Here's how to do it:
- Remove the small rubber timing hole cover on the clutch bellhousing (just inside the right throttle body).
- Remove the black cover on the front of the engine. This covers the alternator drive pulleys/belt.
- Notice on the lower (crankshaft) pulley that the three timing plate securing screws are exposed, and that the timing plate (which the Hall transmitters are mounted on) can slide CW and CCW in three slotted holes.
- Put the tranny in 5th gear and, while observing the flywheel with a good flashlight, move the rear wheel to rotate the engine. You will be looking for "OT" (top dead center), "Z" (full advance) and "S" (the 6 degree initial advance mark).
- Warm the engine and observe, with a timing light, where initial advance is taking place. With the engine at 1000 RPM or less, the advance will be very close to "S". Turn off the motor, loosen the three screws holding the Hall transmitter plate, and tap the plate in a CCW direction from the front to the end of slot travel. Tighten down the three screws and recheck the timing. Be SURE the idle RPM is 1000 or less! If your R1100 is like mine, the timing will be advanced 50% further than the "OT" to "S" mark, for about 9 degrees of initial advance. If so, put everything back together and, if during your test ride you detect no noticeable detonation, you are in business. I recommend only Premium fuel if the ignition is advanced. Never use less than the BMW-recommended Mid grade fuel if the ignition is not advanced.
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