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First off, update your cams to SC or 964 grinds. Follow that with a Garrett gt35 turbocharger, headers (need heat?), then a Bell IC and Tial 46mm wategate. I'm not a big fan of 1bar boost springs without twin plugging the heads/ignition, but that may go beyond your 5K budget.
Wouldn't switching cams eat your whole 5 grand if you had a shop do it? Doesn't that require a top end rebuild, which leads to replacing all kinds of stuff while you are in there? Sounds expensive to me, although I am not entirely sure of how expensive.

Robert, if you want to stay on a tight budget like 5 grand and do all kinds of things to gain horsepower you are going to have to be pretty stingy. Headers, turbo and intercooler are going to eat your five grand just in parts, and then you will want to install it and throw in a 1 bar spring, which most people run fine without twin plug ignition, provided your cylinder rings are in good shape and you get the aforementioned IC, and your CIS is tuned absolutely right with no exceptions....

For headers, ssi or B+B or ghl are all 2 grand. Vertex makes a sort of imitation of the B+B style for much less money, although I don't know if they offer heat exchangers. I can't vouch for them, you would have to do your own legwork on that, which is part of being stingy and getting bang for your buck. I would have bought SSI headers but they require modding and welding to fit a 930. At least they did when I checked. Not sure if they have heat exchangers. Although some people are really high on the cheap OBX headers, I have heard that they are not only inconsistent in quality but also have bad welding which is covered up by a layer of proper appearance welding. I can't verify that, and don't really want to get into it again about those headers because some people really like them and I have brand new B+Bs, so it ain't my battle...

For turbo, you really don't have to switch to a garrett style if you don't want, which requires modding. Headers and a high flow, modern K27 is another option and very good although people love to argue back and forth about this. I would go with the cheaper solution out of the two alternatives, again that is your legwork. K27 potentially requires a little modding, but I think that the headers all hook right up to it.

An intercooler is a must have item, especially if you put in a 1 bar spring. You may want to see how much boost you are getting with new headers before increasing spring rating, because headers often create so much more airflow on their own that they overboost your wastegate and give you more boost anyway.

You have spent 5 grand right there, and never mind that you need your air fuel ratio tuned again with ANY of the above mods except the intercooler.

A zork pipe can be added for $190 from Rarly. But that will 'bother' you the same way your Fabspeed 'bothers' you now. It will have some performance benefits, however, even if they are minor, it would be icing on the cake if you are prepared to run a open exhaust. Your Fabspeed is pretty darn close to being wide open.
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