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Wed Progress on Project 959... (10-24)

I spent a bit of time with the car today. First, I buttoned back up the air filter, and all of the remaining hose connections so that we could take it for a drive. Well, the oil switch replacement was a success, but unfortunately, that apparently wasn't the problem. The oil pressure gauge is reading very erratic - sometimes it pegs and sometimes it gets "stuck" at level 2, and sometimes it reads normal. This is troubling, because the problem could be with the gauge, or it could be some type of oil pressure problem with the engine. I tend to think it's the oil pressure sender, as these things fail all the time (like the switch). I ordered a new one and may install it in the near future.

I also am thinking that the car hasn't been driven too much, and the oil pressure sender is a mechanical device that may be sticking. Towards the end of the drive today, it was registering more reasonable values. Trouble is, the oil pressure relief pistons can also stick. Although this is highly unlikely, too much or too little oil pressure can be bad for the engine. Either way, I need to keep a very, very close eye on this, and see if the gauge keeps reading the proper values (like it was towards the end of the drive today).

Good news - I performed the test of the first turbo today using the in-dash boost gauge. Although this gauge is not very accurate, it's accurate enough to tell me if the boost is stuck at 1.5 absolute or not. The good news is that the gauge read past the 1.5 when running the test. The test says to drive the car in 3rd gear at 3000 rpm and simultaneously press the brake and then press the accelerator all the way down to the floor, maintaining full load, full throttle, and 3000 rpm. It says to do this for no more than 3-5 seconds of course. Well, the boost gauge measured levels above 1.5, which leads me to believe that the loose hose problem (shown in an earlier thread) may have been the problem with the system (what an easy fix that would be if that indeed was the problem). Again, it seems as if previous attempts to maintain the car were less than adequate.

Last week, I also reset all of the codes for the drive control system (there were about 20 fault codes stored). Well, we drove the car for about 30-40 minutes today, and the annoying drive control alarm didn't come on. In what could also have been the world's 2nd easiest fix (next to the loose hose in the turbo system), clearing out the codes and reseting the system (using the 959 code reader that the previous owner didn't have) may have solved the problem. We'll have to monitor that closely, but indeed I was surprised that the drive control error did not come up while driving today (as it had on almost all other drives over about 20 minutes long).

I would love to take this thing home and test it on the roads around Palos Verdes, but with the wildfires, I don't want to keep it outside (Boxster project car is filling up the garage these days). PV is a good driving ground for the car, as there are wide open roads, no one around at night, and no houses near the main road so you won't disturb anyone with "the noise."

One BIG problem remains - the climate control system. Today, it thought that we were driving in the Swiss Alps, and adjusted the temperature accordingly. Seriously, I thought that the wildfires had come home - the vents were outputing 100% of the hot air from the engine into the passenger compartment. As you can imagine, that's not pleasant. There seems to be 4 or 5 different temperature sensors that control the system - I suspect that at least one of them is dead or malfunctioning. The factory manual has a bunch of pages on what the resistance values should be as the car heats and cools - we'll have to go through those one by one. Trouble is, you have to pull out the radio to get to the AC / Heat control unit, but I don't have the radio removal tool. Perhaps I'll post a pic and see if anyone has one for this radio.

I also bought the domain, and will archive all of the information that I find out on this wonderful car on that site. If you go there, I only have a temporary parking page for the moment (

I forgot my camera today, so I don't have any pictures. But in lieu of that, I scanned my newly arrived English language 959 brochure, and I will post it here. This brochure is perhaps one of the best documents I have ever seen that clearly and concisely explains all of what the 959 is about and it's unique features. Very cool:

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