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First - reliability: these cars are IMO very reliable, as others have said, but keeping up on maintenance is paramount. I'll offer that annual leak down checks, in addition to required valve adjustment, oil changes, and the like will keep the car on the road, and give you a benchmark for the overall health of the motor. Read up on the zinc/phosphorous issues in new motor oil and buy oil that is better designed for air cooled engines.

Some things to consider - keep an extra Bosch CD box in the car, along with extra relays and fuses. The CD box can go without warning (this stranded me once) and a swap out is simple. Also check the window rubber and sunroof seals carefully - mine had 2 very small leaks in the lower corners of the windshield that were not easy to identify, simply a 20-yr old rubber seal going bad which would have led to rust in these areas (which is NOT a fun repair).

Emissions: I think Atlanta has the same tailpipe standards as Cali (we have the visual standard too but these guys are not knowledged enough here to check for a CAT or smog equipment - I passed the tailpipe test with a ZORK one year and the guy couldn't tell it had no cat), and my car in stock form passed the sniffer with over 100K miles (and ~18% leakage in cyl #6), no operating smog pump, and no cat. It is VERY easy to adjust the idle/low speed mixture of a CIS car to get it to pass the sniffer. After rebuilding my engine, it passed no problem (it also wasn't fully broken in which actually HURTs emissions) with 964 cams, a backdated ('79) CIS setup, no smog, and no cat. You might invest in the innovate WB oxygen sensor kit (Pelican sells them) if you plan on modifying the car - it will allow you to easily set the CIS mixture leaner if needed to pass the test, then reset it to kepp your motor rich enough to stay in one piece under boost.

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