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Ok....I can relate,
Many moons ago, I'm out in a friends grandpa's garage, ten miles from nowhere, 1am in the morning, doing a clutch job on my 1969 Plymouth GTX. Car is up in the air, I'm under it trying like hell to slide the 200lb. A833 hemi 4spd out of the bell housing. Yank...pull...yank..pull...nothing. I'm doing this for a good 20 minutes..nothing, it's stuck at about half way out. Soooo...I look away, just for a second to reach for the drop I turn back with the light...wooosh the tranny slides free, all by itself, and drops the 10 inches dead center onto my chest. The drain plug impales my just below the sternum, and knocks the wind out of me. Mind you, it did not drop far enough to clear the under pan, OHHH NOOO, just enough to pin me between the tranny-the under pan-the garage floor.
Did I happen to mention I was on a creeper!
So here I am, can't breath, got 200lbs of tranny on my chest, bleeding, alone, trapped...swell. I manage to twist sideways a little, allowing the tranny to slide down my side toward the edge of the you see where this is heading? Yep 200lbs of cast iron hitting the edge of a creeper with a 135lb human on it. It spit me out faster than a hooker giving a blow job.
Did I mention the jack stands were right next to my head?
Yep, now I'm bleeding from 2 places...did I mention I had to be at work at 7am, and the GTX was my only car....yeh clutches can be more than they seem sometimes...sighhhh.
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