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I woulldn't say you were having a bad day; quite the opposite it would seem. Absolutely priceless ranting and spot-on the mark. I wonder if Porsche's had been made in some country other than Germany - in the home of the Lambo or the Ferrari or the Lotus, for example - if the value and prestige of the 930 would be better sustained. I too am somewhat mystified as to why our legendary beauties haven't been elevated to a higher status. It may just be that Porsche assigned a more reasonable price when first introduced, and that price "sticker" is still holding her down. Certainly the engineering, quality, and performance quotients are all there. My guess is that it's just a matter of time and the world will wake up.
But getting past the value issue, at this stage of my life I really don't care because I don't plan on buying another 930 and I don't plan on selling this one. I paid way too much for mine with high miles....but I didn't care and it's still in excellent condition throughout. Properly maintained by previous owners apparently, and certainly by me. I fell in love with these cars in the early 70's (when I was just old enough to drink...good thing I didn't have one then!) but knew that the day would eventually come. I was able to bide my time with British sports cars for well over 20 years (I still have my 1960 MGA), but those cars are meant for a ride in the park, vs. roaring up a twisty canyon at speeds that the MG's tractor engine could never hope to achieve. So, I have the car of my dreams. Yes, I would love to own a Ferrair (for me, either a Dino or a Testarosa...because they fit the period I fell in love with cars). Hell, I would love to just drive a Ferrari or any other exotic, just so I could etch a comparison in my brain against what I know in my heart to be true....that the 930 style and performance can kick some serious ass against all those "other guys". Unfortunately I'm trying to prepare for retirement here (and procurring a 930 was a must-have to see me through to the grave), so adding some other foreign sportscar to my collection of things that run on decomposed dinosaurs will not happen.
I enjoyed your diatribe. Now I'm going down to the garage to lay my hands on my girl....and she doesn't play tennis either, but really knows how to turn me on regardless.
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