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I agree spot on the map with the comments to the effect of what the 934's and 935's did for the brand. And none of that would have been possible if the 930 wasn't around.

To say its one of the single most significant cars in Porsche's history isn't straying too far from the mark either. The 930 did for the street cars what the 935 did for the racing heritage – and monumental would be putting it lightly.

Concerning resale values - I'd love to see the values of these cars go to where their Italian cousins are, however that would throw ownership far from many of those that own them and enjoy them the way they were meant to be driven and enjoyed. Concerning how many are left that are not modded to the hilt, the value should rise accordingly as more of us enhance the stock form and track accordingly.

Is it possible for showroom stock and perfect examples to go for $60k plus? Sure, and that is money well spent for a car that does not get driven. In the US where prices are significantly lower than the UK, a guy called Sloan sells 'P E R F E C T' examples and the pricing reflects that and gets what he asks for, so there are buyers out there who understand and back it up with the cash, but they’re usually very private. So there are the cars that are worthy of the higher prices and are certainly being sold as such – and if there is an example worthy of it out there it will get its value no matter what economy flux we’re suffering.

The only thing is - 930's are a drivers car, not a "drive on sunday fix monday through saturday, rinse and repeat" experience thus there are fewer low mile, perfect examples that haven't had a complete resto. When most are polishing their paint, putting tire shine on their wheels, the 930 owner is checking the oil temp prior to releasing the right foot on the canyon blast or top speed challenge. When other car owners are taking their rides into the dealership for digital service the 930 owner is rebuilding his/her top end or turbo, replacing suspension pieces, not going for concours points but for more power, less squat, etc.

The 930 owner is the quintessential Alpha male personality, king of the road in most cases even against the new horses. So for the most part the prices reflect that on the open market, but like any performance car that is ultimately used to its true purpose, the value, unless backed by on track victories etc. won't see the high prices that so many of the garage ornaments of the Italian variety do.

I love my car and could give a rat's ass about resale - so keep that in mind while digesting the above. These cars are about speed - handling - rawness - ground shaking - fire breathing passion that can be translated to the pavement through two gargantuanly huge smoking rear tires that so many of our cars wear with the power plant potential to relocate the moon from its orbit. I agree with you 100%, but the moral of the story is the cars are in the hands of those who ought to be driving them.
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