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Originally Posted by voitureltd View Post
Some of the earlier ones did have special Vin's assigned to the car. I know my 84 Kremer has a supplemental VIN altogether different than the factory assigned one and is on the EPA DOT releases also and the 1985 RUF in AZ with Texas plates just now going off ebay( I have been trying to buy it ) has a RUF suppliment VIN attached everywhere and stamped next to the Porsche VIN in the smugglers box area. As far as being officially and exclusively stamped from Porsche later in 89 90 is something I was not aware of so thanks for that info.
Yes, I have seen those plates on certain tuner cars before, including Ruf Cars. I've owned several Alpina cars and they also carried the supplemental ID tags.

But we should be clear on the Vin#s. These are "supplemental VIN#s or ID#s" assigned by Ruf.. or Kremer to identify that particular conversion by them.
Not the Vin # that identifies a vehicle from the manufacturer (Porsche) or for registration. Many of the tuners used these to authenticate a car that was either converted at thier facility or by thier authorized distributor dependant upon the level of build it reeived. That is to say a supplemental ID plate would not be affixed/asigned to a vehicle if it recieved only gauges, a steering wheel, IC and a set of wheels. However, counter to that.. it was about the money in the
go-go 80's, so I'm sure if one poneied-up.. you could probably get yourself an ID plate.

As for DOT & EPA, sometimes that really clouds the issue.. I have seen cars during the gray market days that had actually been re-vin'd by the state that they were held in and then sold. So when you look on the dash or "a" Pillar, and even in the tub, you find another number that had been issued by the state rivited in place! Like your Kremer, these guys didn't know what they were doing and called themselves covering all the bases.. that's why your ID tags are on the paperwork as well. All that was really needed was the actual vin.

I have a 356 Outlaw that was a euro spec model. in breaking out the VIN in translates as a 57. It was brought into the country in the very early 80's or late 70's. Somehow it ended up being titled as a 59!

I am familiar with the car in Az, I've been watching that one too.. nice piece! I noticed the Ruf plates on it as well. I will admit, that one has had me scratching my head and looking at the garage and wondering what I would be willing to part with for that.
Good luck with the chase... although I really hate when these dealers, or an auction house gets ahold of these car.. it usually clouds both the sale and the real value.

I have seen another car recently, advertised somewhere that had the plates also.

Originally Posted by EmptyGarage View Post

Would this be the type of RUF engine or VIN number that you would see if car was re-manufactured at the RUF factory in Germany?
That's a nice shot.. that is a Ruf ID# from one of thier 5spd trannys. Usually a good indicator of what you have as not to many of trannys were installed with nothing else done to the car. Even if one of these cars did not have ID plates, but had one of these trans', I would think the car would warrant a closer look.

Is this one yours?
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