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My CIS goals are about 13/1 in open loop just off idle before boost if possible and in the mid to high 11's at TQ peak (4500-5000rpm ) on boost where risk of detonation is highest. If it goes into the mid 12's (up to 13/1) at red line and it is not being pushed on the track to red line over long durations, that is probably about the best it is going to get with the stock WUR/CIS.

I would guess that when you set the CO richer there is a good chance that when the WUR boost enrichment is triggered you are going into the 10's on you AFR's. If so that will hurt your mid range power.

If you are ruining the stock K27-7200 turbo it is just to small for the 3.6 if boost is increased or other mods are made.

On my modified 91T it could only hold boost to about .9 bar at HP peak even with the EBC set at 1 bar. On your 3.6 that would be maybe about .8 bar. Thus, when you turn up the boost you might get a more boost and power in the early part of the power band but the turbo will hit a celling.

If it is a street car I could live with 13/1 at red line if I am in the high 11's at TQ peak or about 12/1 at HP peak.

This assumes your injectors are clean and balanced.

Another way to get more fuel is to shim the fuel pressure reg on the fuel distributor. This should add fuel progressively with increases in air flow and dose not need to effect your idle AFR's as it can be adjusted around. It will increase your cruse AFR's a bit. This assumes your fuel pumps are up to the task.

There are other things you can do like an adustable WUR, RPM-boost clamp, or Digital WUR.

The best.
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