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I'm baaaaaaaack... redeux

Heyowdy gentz...

Long time no 930folk!

Last you'd heard of idjutme, I'd popped back in here last fall to say HEY as I was back into a Porsche again... I'd previously sold my beloved 930 back in November 2012 to buy my S600 (biturboV12 Just Not Rightedness!) - which at the time seemed like the right thing to do.

I'd picked up a sweet Arena / Grey 993 cab last summer to join the 600 and enjoyed the beejeezus out of it for 5k miles and said "hey!" here then, as it'd been nearly a year since I'd sold my 930 and I was away from this forum. Missed you fukkerz.

Well... I just loaded my 600 onto a trailer to its new owner after 1.5yrs and 22k WOT miles (I should really REALLY be in jail). Straight from the files of you just can't make this shart up... I... I... I...





Guess you can call it Destiny? Literally hours after posting my 993 online for sale, I get an email from the guy in Toronto I'd sold my car to asking if I still had the text/pics from the for sale ad from when he'd bought the car. Weird. And I knew what that meant.

I'd been surfing for rod'ish Carrera 3.2s or SC's to replace the 993 (a really great car but thought I wanted something a bit more raw / visceral). So I figured I should probably at least ASK what he'd sell it back to me for.

Best part?

He'd only put 100mi on it... seems he's an avid Ducati owner and when the short Torontonian "good season" was upon him, he found himself riding his bikes. Cover's only been peeled back 5x.

Bestest part?

The discount I bought it back at - muwhahahaaaa 8-).

I'm coordinating shipment now, should be back home within a few weeks. Picked up an e39 ///M5 for my daily, should make for quite the fun pair.

This time, I'm hoping to hang on to it. The night it left:

Happy to be back amongst the insanity, and with good friends once again. Seems a bit quiet (er, boring) around here these days (I lurk occassionally)... I'll try and spice things up once again heh heh...

ps. shhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell my boy... it's a SURPRISE! He was a bit miff'd when I sold it, he's gonna flip that it's back 8-).
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