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Just google-searched "Porsche Turbo Carrera" then clicked on "images" and will attempt to attach a link to one of the many photos found below: 2F02%2Fporsche-930-most-refined-use-of.html&psig=AFQjCNEg_Fst-KP8VshgwJOB9TNx1VoDFQ&ust=1499107909953923

Are there pin-studs on back side of your emblems to insert thru holes on your engine lid ?

If your engine lid holes were filled and painted over, you will still find there exact location by looking on the inside of the engine lid.
And then, what I have done is (using my hand ONLY, for precision, and not an actual drill) is to use the smallest drill tap I own which is either 1/16th inch or one size below that and spinning it carefully in the CENTER of each of the lid's thru-hole FROM THE INSIDE OF THE LID TOWARD THE OUTSIDE as a pilot-hole.
Then working up to the size drill tap equal to the pin-stud diameter, by hand-spinning taps from the outside through your pilot holes.


And then, of course, installing the push-grommets or "speed-nuts" onto each pin-stud once each emblem badge is inserted into its lid holes.

IF there are no pin-studs on the badges then it is possible that the Turbo-Carrera's emblems were attached with an adhesive double-sided sticky tape originally, and then you'd have a different procedure to do. This would involve using an appropriate adhesive out of a tube now that the original stickiness of your emblems is no longer sticky. And one of the challenges here would be to squeeze a not-too-big a stripe of the glue onto the entire backside of each emblem along the letters and placing it in onto the engine lid at a spot you'll have to measure and draw on to the lid first.

If you have to glue it on, use a wax crayon (Crayola) or a "Wipe-Away/Easy-Erase-Board" marker to draw a rectangular right in the location on the lid that the emblem should be placed onto.
Layout the two emblems flat on a table properly spaced apart as they'd be on the lid and measure the width of that area. Then measure the height of the emblems for the height of the rectangle your going to draw onto the lid.
Measure the width of the engine lid.
Draw your rectangle into the center of the lid's width BUT AT A HEIGHT YOU WILL HAVE TO DETERMINE from the bottom edge of the lid, or from the bottom edge of the rear-spoiler - because, the photo in the link seems to show the Turbo Carrera emblems closer to the lid's bottom edge than the line along the bottom of the rear spoiler making it appear that the emblem was not centered in that height column but affixed closer toward the lid's bottom edge.

Hope I've helped get you started

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