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Born in 75's 3.2 build

Hello! Welcome to the thread of my 87 3.2 Carrera motor rebuild. As some of you know, I have a 1975 911S with a stock 2.7. I've done a lot to my car as documented in my build thread over at the tech forum.

My stock 2.7 has held up OK despite being a thermal reactor car, having no front cooler for the majority of it's life (and being in hot climates like so-Cal and Arizona) and generally leaking quite a bit. I've done everything I can do to it without a rebuild. When I started looking at costs and final results of the 2.7 and the notorious mag case, I began looking around for a 3.0 or 3.2 to build. Having a second core would allow me to drive my car for the year or so it would take me to build my new motor. I'll shelf the numbers matching 2.7 for posterity and a future rebuild.

The opportunity to get into a 3.2 core came up at a low price that I didn't think I would ever see again for a 3.2 that included the fan, tin, crossbar, yoke and dizzy. The low entry price will allow me to amortize my total build cost over several years since I will have to buy an intake and exhaust eventually. It may end up costing me more in the long run but will allow me to fully customize intake and exhaust and all other parts to my whim. Doing a lot of the work will help me keep the build costs reasonable. I felt like the motor was a good buy as I have personally seen this motor running recently. The car appeared to move well and didn't smoke when I followed the car around So-Cal last may when I went to Luft4. I know the PO and felt like I knew what I was getting into.

This is the engine before I got it. The PMOs on the left caught fire during a drive. The fire was extinguished before a major catastrophe ensued. The other PMOs and exhaust were removed before I received it. Before the fire, the motor had occasional smoke problem. As a result of the fire, the motor was tested for compression and #5 was found to be low on compression. Results for the other cylinders were good for compression and leakdown.

The PO bought the motor with his car (coincidentally also a 75) and I've noticed a lot of mods that tell me that who ever did the swap, used some items off his original 2.7.

One such item was the shroud. It appears the outside was painted black over the green gelcoat. I haven't seen any sign of fire on the shroud and the wiring harness is totally fine. I think the fire was high on top of the carbs and was killed before it got too far down.

Another was this 2.7 distributor that contained a petronix ignitor and the vacuum advance plugged off.

There's play in the shaft, and this is the wrong distributor as there is backlash in the gear drive when using a 2.7 distributor on a 3.2. So I'll be selling this core distributor or maybe I'll keep it for my 2.7 if I ever want to change the ignition.

A few nice surprises were: 1. The mexico blue highlights on the fan, housing, valve covers and cross brace are (I THINK) paint and not powder coated. I'll be taking them down to metal and maybe just clear coating or painting them black. 2. There appears to be a brand new alternator in the fan.

Once I got the shroud off, I could see the source of the occasional smoking problem and low compression on 5. Oil is blowing past the cylinder and making it's way out between the head and cylinder. Broken rings?

Here's another clue that PO was running 2.7 style SSI (thin flange) HEs. Short exhaust studs.

I have Thick flange SSI on my 2.7 and if I want to swap, I'll need to change these to long studs. But that's a minor issue in a sea of unknowns at this point. I would run them if I remained stock. As I've heard they are fine for low end torque on a stock 3.2.

I will most likely be changing out the P/Cs to either euro for higher compression, or to a 3.4 displacement.

I noticed a lot of leaks around the cam tower with the plugs and cam lines. Looks like someone was a fan of some kind of white sealant.

I removed the cooler before putting it on my hand me down engine stand.

I just ordered the Torin engine stand from Costco. It's got the two legs, folds down and holds up to 1250lbs. I had picked up a yoke last year. It's an ebay special yoke but fits fine. The only problem was that it didn't come with any holes so I had to drill holes in the steel pipe for the set pin- which was a major pain.

My goals for the project:

1. Have fun and challenge myself. I don't have a lot of engine building experience, but I grew up in my dad's shop watching and helping him build hot rods and engines. I've helped him assemble a few V-8s and do a variety of machine shop work.
2. Take my time but finish the project within a year.
3. Build either a stock 3.2 (find cheap used stock intake and cheap exhaust) and swap into my 75, OR Build a dream engine core, then phase two add dream intake (two year timeline) I imagine opening up the engine will tell me which direction to take.

I like the look of this recent build:

This is an EFI with Jenvey ITBs and 911R style shroud.

Follow along for faux pas and fun.

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