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Angry Air Filter on my 81'930

This is rediculous,... for the life of me I can't get the dang air filter out of the stupid thing!

I've searched here and thought I'd found the answer,...but alas, I was foiled again.

First off, I believe "if" the exsisting filter was just a paper filter I could have worked it out of there pretty easily. However the filter is paper with a metal plate re-inforcement on the intake side of it. That piece of metal makes the filter pretty much inflexible, and a bear to get out of the car.

I've tried loosening the the filter box/housing to gain a little more room to work, but that just is'nt enough. It appears that I either need to R & R the IC, then the Air Box/Filter Housing,...or perhaps unbolt the dang A/C compressor. Seems like a lot of work to get an Air Filter out. There must be an easier way.

I've got a K&N filter to put in the car. If that type of filter was in there now I'd have no problem wiggling it out of there. However like I said the exsisting filter has that metal bracket on the intake side and it's making me misserable.

So that has me thinking if there is a reason for that metal re-inforcement? Perhaps I should'nt put this flimsy K&N in there? While it sure would be a lot easier to get the K&N out in the future, I'm wondering if the K&N is stiff enough since the exsisting filter is so much stiffer with that metal plate on it?

So what to do? Am I wasting time trying to get the K&N in there?

What's the easiest way to get this monster PITA filter out of the dang car?

PS: Now I understand why the PO had left the filter in there for over 15,000 miles!

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment

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