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OBX header fitment issues

Just wanted to poll the group and see if anyone else had as many fitment issues with (OBX, GSF?) style headers as I am having. Ordered these units (with heat shrouding) from Imagine Auto along with K27S turbo and am having all sorts of trouble with getting the system to fit in my 79 930.
First the good news:
The headers appear to be well made, the welds look good, and they bolted up to the cylinder heads fine.
Now the bad news:
1) The turbo outlet collector appears to be about 1/4 inch to high and to far inboard towards the engine. This means the turbo support bracket does not fit. Though I slotted the mounting holes on the bracket that moount to the engine cradle, the 4 bolt holes and the main exhaust hole in the bracket are about 1/4" off center from the turbine exhaust hole. I don't see anyway of correcting this unless cutting and rewelding the bracket.
2) The outlet tubes that are supposed to connect to the fiberglass hoses from the engine are completely out of plane with the stock location and the passenger side tube is about 1 inch from the muffler when mounted. Makes it pretty impossible to get a heater hose on there. It gets worse, the drivers side heater tube that connects near the tranny to the hoses from the heater valves lies about 1/2 inch at most from the axle and cv joint boot. Makes me wonder if the cv boot is gonna hit or cook when the suspension travels thru its motion.
3) The adaptor that provides the o-ring seal for the intercooler up pipe that mounts on the cast outlet of the compressor housing tore up 2 -orings upon trying to install it. I think that it is just too small an ID to allow the o-ring to compress as it is installed over the end of the compressor housing. No amount of grease made this slide on any easier. Wound up siliconing the joint to prevent leakage after install.
4) Now the real issue is that the B&B intercooler no longer fits in the engine bay. It is now sitting too high and none of the mounting brackets come close to lining up with the intake manifold or the little support bracket on the fan housing. This was perfect with the old 3LDZ turbo and OEM exhaust. On top of that the engine lid comes no where near closing without major trimming and cutting of the intercooler sealing plate mounted on the wing. This needs to be trimmed around the outline of the intercooler to allow it to pass thru the plate as the lid is closed. I have rotated the compressor outlet as much as possible to drop the overall mounting height but this puts the up pipe connections at big angles at the intercooler end and the compressor outlet end.

Anyone have suggestions on what they have done to make this all go together. I am really disappointed in the overall fit of this upgrade considering the amount of money spent on these items. When I ordered it I was under the impression this was a bolt in upgrade, I do not like the fit of the intercooler now at all.

Should I have spent the extra money (about $1100) for B&B exhaust?
Would this have been more of a bolt in?
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