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excessive oil - self inflicted pain

A couple of months ago I bought an 87 930 which was neglected.
(intro link Long time coming! My 930)

After purchasing the car, I began to notice smoke out of the exhaust and further investigation determined that I was blowing oil through the intercooler/intake....well, it has to be the turbo seals right???

So I order a new K27 HF S from Kevin and get it installed...follow all the instructions for pre-oiling the turbo before firing the engine and then button it all back together. I notice a small leak on the turbo sump flange and fix it....well, I lost some oil in the process of fixing the leak.....So some genius (un-named to protect the innocent ) overfilled his oil tank.

After puking a healthy amount of oil on the garage floor, I realize my mistake and drain some out and refill to dip stick level while at operating temperature.

My problem is I still see what I would consider a huge amount of oil collecting on the tins and dripping/pooling on the floor. Both inlet and outlet oil lines to the turbo are dry? The oil appears to be blowby from the turbo outlet neck to the tappered aluminum tube which hooks to the IC inlet Is it possible that i'm still flushing excess oil through the breather lines connected to my intake piping? Could I be generating too much crankcase pressure (not sure if this is even a possibility?) I thought I did a pretty good job cleaning up the over filling issue??

Has anyone done anything to re-route the factory breather tubes on efi turbos..if yes, pics please?

I am really concerned now that I might have replaced the turbo for no reason other than a bit more low end boost (which isn't a bad thing)...but the oil pooling has me stumped.

help please.

Instagram @einars_garage

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