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Originally Posted by jwasbury View Post
where exactly in the wastegate are you seeing oil? Exhaust outlet? Boost signal line or on the actuator diaphragm?

My first guess is that its the latter, which could be caused by leaking turbo seals allowing oil into the intake. Not particularly uncommon to find a little bit of oil inside the intercooler on these cars which will make its way into the boost signal hose routed to the wastegate. Another cause of oil in the intake is excessive blowby, compression gasses getting past the piston rings which can pressurize the crankcase, which will force oil out the crankcase breather which is eventually plumbed into the air intake (at least in stock configuration).
Jacob is 100% correct. You can determine better where the oil is coming from by seeing which side of the turbo compressor the oil is collecting on.
if its from the engine blowby it should puddle before the compressor on the inlet side. if its from blown compressor seals it will puddle more on the outlet of the turbo compressor.
You can try relocating the wastegate boost signal line so its not on the low point of the intercooler housing where the oil is going to collect. I am using an open fitting on my blow off valve housing which is on a vertical surface relative to the ground so little oil can collect there.
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