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Arrow Finished but not running

Car is Factory Euro 3.0

The mission that i chose to accept was to drop temperature of said motor while running in traffic in Australian summer Days

During of which i cursed , swore and cursed everything and everyone who thought to comment on what i was doing wrong, of which i apologize its an anurism thing
Well ill like to say haha i did it and its all fixed, who needs knowledge to get things working ? ill just buy a spanner set...cant be much harder than repairing a computer right? soo

I bought
3.3 intake manifold
3.3 diverter valve thing
3.3 Factory Intercooler
3.0 beers

and hopefully as everyone says whack it on and off you go ...
Trying different hoses to different places,
so i
took off fuel head,
too easy left the silver thing on it (sorry ronnie) and i chucked it in awheel barrow to clean it

that sorted i then took off the bits off the engine so i could upgrade with the later parts...

So then..
Put on the lovely 3.3 manifold it FIT excellent im happy but the Throttle Body didnt so i turned it around... but then the link didnt fit to it so i changed that a bit, it seems to work by feel but as the car wont start who knows. but im still pretty happy as it is progress..

Fuel Head and Silver Wur all clean and shiny put it back on engine,.. so far so good, but as i bought a air intake where do i put that hose? didnt know so i put some braid on that and a filter on the end.. looking good as well not Bad Bob.. put on the 3.3 diverter valve i had to use bit of force but all fitting and sealed tight with grandmas secret recipe gump so far all cool

the AAR is sort of floating on right side of engine bay, it looks comfortable so ill leave it there for now.. not sure if i put right hose on it ..startint to get muddled now drinking the 3.0 beers ..

NOw and with AAR removed it looks complete but doesnt work it turns over.. that excites me.. with the msd ignition and the intercooler and the 5 speed and the no roof lightweight centre of gravity im sure it would beat a veyron.. but as it wont start, ill never know.. but i can say now that i have rebuilt a Porsche 930 Euro engine with a spanner set and 3 beers,.!! and that aint bad, even if it dont work? so im still happy..

kind of

This is her latest incarnation ,
I fear shes starting to rust,,
But She Will turn over and the radio works!!!
Now im going to dismantle it again and try to find where i went wrong and rectify it,, im sure ive got a hose crossed.. its all poobar

But it shows it is Physically possible to put 3.3 parts on a 3.0 engine and all by an expert not in porsche engines

Last row 1977 3.0 930 260hp built, still reassembling
Row 1998 996 MK1 3.4 296hp new daily driver
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