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  1. Question on BMW 3-Series Rod Bearing Torque
  2. Question on BMW 3-Series E36 Spark Plugs
  3. Vacuum leak?
  4. Air bag light is on
  5. 318ti strange miss fire
  6. O2 sensor $650?
  7. Auto transmission loses reverse when warm...
  8. Airbag fault codes...
  9. window regulator problems...
  10. Question on BMW 3-Series Alarm Install
  11. AC unit shot...
  12. humming noise from rear...
  13. Door is stuck shut...
  14. Question on BMW 3-Series Sunroof
  15. Dead car in driveway...
  16. Clunk from transmission when shifting...
  17. Question on BMW 3-Series E36 Belt Replacement
  18. Trouble bleeding...
  19. LED Lens kit...
  20. No heat through heater core?
  21. Question on BMW 3-Series Rear Shock Mounts
  22. Clutch "stuck" after change
  23. AC blows cold up top, and hot in the bottom vents
  24. Tensioner pulley removal...
  25. Radiator with AC plug...
  26. 1994 318i ignition problem.
  27. Cluster Problem
  28. new plug wires won't snap on....and resistor question
  29. 93 318 Coolant Leak front passenger side of engine
  30. 97 328i Window Regulator problems
  31. Need help setting cams
  32. On warm-up,hard/hanging shifts from 1st to 2nd
  33. 1990 325is center consul
  34. after new tie rods installed
  35. Need a DIY guide on how to replace a P/S hose for an E36 BMW M3
  36. idle issues, transmission failure '97 328I
  37. Sluggish + backfire?
  38. Torque converter problem?
  39. Problems after clutch replacement...
  40. Weird automatic transmission problem...
  41. Automatic transmission fluid change problems...
  42. Can't get muffler brackets off...
  43. Reservoir failing...
  44. Overheating after removing thermostat?
  45. Question on BMW 3-Series E36 Coolant Flush
  46. Clutch slave keeps leaking...
  47. Hook to support the engine
  48. Oil change intervals?
  49. Temperature problems...
  50. O2 Sensor is missing from my car?
  51. Fuel Pump is very loud...
  52. Airbag / SRS lamp won't reset...
  53. Question on BMW 3-Series E36 Engine or Transmission mounts?
  54. Changing fuel pressure regulator...
  55. Panoramic Sunroof
  56. Antenna adapter - where to buy?
  57. 2003 Cutting out...
  58. Sluggish performance...
  59. Squeaky brakes...
  60. My blower motor sounds like a cricket
  61. Door question
  62. Advice on buying an E36?
  63. 318i - sluggish acceleration
  64. 318i starting issues
  65. Leaking valve gasket?
  66. Alternator lamp issues...
  67. Question on BMW 3-Series Convertible stopping prematurely...
  68. Question on BMW 3-Series Alarm Install
  69. Clunking sound after limited slip differential (LSD) installation
  70. Question on BMW 3-Series Convertible Top...
  71. Altitude issue
  72. Axle nut size for E36
  73. Bleeding the slave cylinder on the clutch
  74. DME Blown?
  75. Head Gasket replacement problems...
  76. Cold start issues...
  77. Question on BMW 3-Series E36 Coolant Flush - Head Gasket blown?
  78. Melting coil packs...
  79. engine problem? 1990 325IS
  80. Glove box issue
  81. Convertable top delima
  82. Automatic transmission problems...
  83. Dropping down transmission to install short shift kit?
  84. Question on BMW 3-Series Oil Pan Gasket replacement clearance
  85. Confusion about brake pad sensors...
  86. Water pump confusion
  87. Automatic transmission won't go into 3rd gear...
  88. 2002 M3 Cab
  89. Bleeder screw hole on the radiator is stripped...
  90. Blower motor not working...
  91. Difficult rough running problem
  92. Overheating after two minutes?
  93. Mixing oils?
  94. OBD Computer issues...
  95. Pressure too high in cooling system?
  96. Whrring sound on startup...
  97. Tranny gear lamp is on...
  98. Erratic running issues...
  99. Stomp method of reading codes not working?
  100. Heater valve leaking?
  101. Question on BMW 3-Series E36 Fuel Pump
  102. Sport mode transmission...
  103. Pad sensor lamp will not go out.
  104. Power down?
  105. Valve cover gasket replacement
  106. ABS problems...
  107. White smoke from tailpipe...
  108. 88 325ic...engine intermittently cutting out.
  109. CAN Bus failure
  110. 6450.7 integratedclimate regulation (IHKA E36)
  111. vacumm leak
  112. E36 325i, filled with smoke, will not start
  113. tranny question
  114. Question on BMW 3-Series E36 Belt Replacement Torque?
  115. Blowing radiator hose off?
  116. Removing contaminated oil prior to head gasket change...
  117. Car broken into - now the locks don't work...
  118. What type of oil to use on older car in a hot climate?
  119. Code P1519 - VANOS unit?
  120. Damage to exhaust valves?
  121. Cooland temp sensor part numbers...
  122. E30 LSD on 318ti
  123. Head bolts pulled threads...
  124. Thermostat stuck open?
  125. Questions on BMW 3-Series Head Gasket Replacement
  126. Question on BMW 3-Series E36 Brake Switch
  127. Seat heater broken on seat part
  128. Question on BMW 3-Series Alternator
  129. bad noise from rear of car
  130. Trouble codes P1250, P0441 and P0442
  131. Trouble with cam timing...
  132. Seat motor stuck in upright position...
  133. On board computer installation...
  134. Removing coolant sensor...
  135. Question on BMW 3-Series E36 Belt Replacement
  136. fuel pump question
  137. Convertible top issues...
  138. Battery drain problem...
  139. Problem with engine squeeling...
  140. DME Swap...
  141. Dual VANOS installation...
  142. Head gasket - oil pressure check valve...
  143. Question on O2 Sensor
  144. Hunting problem...
  145. No power to cylinder 3
  146. ECU Swapping...
  147. Disconnected and reconnected some sensors, now the car won't start?
  148. Question on BMW 3-Series Head Gasket
  149. Gunk in cooling system...
  150. Question on BMW 3-Series CV Axle noise...
  151. Idle problem and TPS on M44
  152. Car sputtering after sitting for a few days...
  153. brown sludge in radiator
  154. Questions on Limited Slip Differentials (LSDs)...
  155. Afraid to apply too much torque for removing the plugs...
  156. C8 - DME control unit selftest
  157. replacing rear bumper cover: oem
  158. icv cleaning e46 M3. Please help I don't know what I'm doing
  159. e36 Convertible top
  160. e36 convertible top window dilemma
  161. Heater Barely Works
  162. really slow convertible top e36 1997
  163. Rough running on a 1995
  164. Locks not working, windows not working + clicking sound
  165. Car won't start after engine swap
  166. Fuel Pump doesn't run
  167. lever is slightly off to the side after Short shfit kit install
  168. Installing new stereo while keeping factory amp?
  169. Wheel bearing - did I screw it up?
  170. BMW 3-Series Head Gasket Replacement article notes...
  171. How do I remove the keyed ignition cylinder?
  172. E30 Cutting Out problem
  173. Replacing alternator with a higher amp unit
  174. 96 328i Sedan brake sensor?
  175. Question on BMW 3-Series E36 Coolant Flush
  176. Wierd electrical problems...
  177. Car won't start after replacing NiCad batteries in gauge cluster
  178. Where to plug in rear brake pad sensor?
  179. Fuse blows when the brake pedal is pressed
  180. Comments on BMW 3-Series Oil Pan Gasket Replacement
  181. DME / Wire Harness issues?
  182. Question on BMW 3-Series Convertible Cowl Switch
  183. Driveshaft_Bearing Preload
  184. Camshaft staining / camshaft wear
  185. Trouble reading codes with "pedal method" on OBD-I, pre-1996 car...
  186. DME Chips on 1992 318
  187. E36 Convertible Top Reset after manual pull
  188. Convertible top broken
  189. Head gasket - cylinder block locating pin
  190. Beware of independent convertible repair
  191. Surging at idle
  192. O2 Sensor Bank 1?
  193. 96 328i Trans Fixed!
  194. 94bmw e36 conv top prob
  195. Lousy gas mileage 95 E36 with 123000 miles
  196. major coolant leak
  197. Wheel and tire Question
  198. Injector and O2 (oxygen sensor) errors
  199. Check out this E30 Race Car!
  200. How many O2 sensors on the 1998 328is?
  201. Over fueling engine
  202. Install Oil press. gauge on 6cil non-vanos
  203. '99 328is abs/speed sensor wire burn
  204. Replaced voltage regulator, now car won't start
  205. DME Swap - no O2 sensor?
  206. AC System can't keep up?
  207. Water pump - plastic or metal?
  208. Changing differential
  209. 325e oil pressure worries
  210. Part# for bolt that holds Alternator bracket
  211. closing door
  212. Engine would not start!!!very high pitch noise coming from the front of the enging
  213. Clutch job cost
  214. 94 318i won't start
  215. E36 M3/4/5 front sway bar link replacement
  216. Ignition switch busted?
  217. Do I have the wrong spark plugs in the engine?
  218. Hesitation when accelerating
  219. Misfire codes...
  220. Installing an amplifier with stock stereo?
  221. Recommendation for mechanic to perform automatic transmission fluid flush?
  222. 430 332 mile E36
  223. 1994 convertible top damper stops
  224. Site Confusion
  225. 99 bmw 323i convertable top not working
  226. 1998 328i Engine Rebuild
  227. wanted late model M3
  228. Replacing window regulator
  229. 1998 318 Climate control unit doesn't work + blower motor makes clicking sound
  230. M50 Engine Knocking
  231. Question on BMW 3-Series Diff Fluid
  232. Doors won't unlock with key
  233. Question on BMW 3-Series Sunroof
  234. Electrical Problems
  235. When to change automatic transmission fluid?
  236. Heater valve or flapper failure?
  237. Clutch slave upside down?
  238. DME swapping?
  239. Transmission alert light + burning smell
  240. Convertible clamshell not closing all of the way
  241. E36 M3 coupe Amplifier location
  242. Valve Cover leaks
  243. 2001 325i - Gears have disappeared!
  244. Replacing camshafts on the M42 engine
  245. Painting chromed trim?
  246. Question on BMW 3-Series Seat Repair
  247. 2002 325i Code code 1085 - running lean
  248. 185K miles - Change Automatic Transmission Fluid?
  249. Battery lamp keeps coming on
  250. Kinesis K29R 18" Wheels complete w/Tires