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nippy 12-17-2015 10:20 AM

My new build, the last of a long but very FUN journey!!!
Wow, where do I start. I found a 911 for $6K on the side of the road back in 2010 and little did I know it was going to transform my life and the way I look at cars. This story isn't about that car but that is the car that got away from me and now I am rebuilding it in the form of another car with all the same parts.

So my first 82 911 was a $6k bargain that ended up sliding down the slippery slope on the Porsche mountain. I built a dream car to myself and from the response it got, allot of other people. Some may remember the thread I used for a step by step documentation of the parts used and installed. It was called "My $6K Porsche".

I had no idea about the cars at the time. I learned allot very fast. The help from Pelicanites was great along with some local PCA/track junkies. That car ended up being a 2200 lb. 215HP lightweight hot rod that was an absolute hoot!

Well I was officially bit by the Porsche bug and at that time my little business was cranking pretty well so I did what any Porsche nut would do, I started looking for another car! I wanted a newer car but still air cooled. I found one here locally and snatched up a Grand prix white 95 993.

So here I am now with 2 beautiful cars. LOL the 993 caused a problem with the at that time girlfriend who was anticipating a ring as I was off playing with "fancy cars". So she takes off. Now I'm upset and think the only way to get her back is to sell the 993. So I did. I owned that car for maybe 6 months. Well guess what, I get the girl back and promise I'm done with buying cars, I'm happy with the lil SC. LOL funny stuff right?

Well less than 1 month later a white on black 930 505 slant nose pops up in my area for a great price. As a kid, and still to this day, the slant nose was a dream car bucket list type vehicle to me. So I go look at it and its a guy I know from my younger days whos selling it. Needless to say we strike a deal and I have to go face the music with the girlfriend.

So I drive the car home in a downpour of rain to my house. The girl gets off work and shows up and shes furious.Less than a month after I promised I was done, here I am again guilty as charged, BUT I have a 930 Turbo slant.LOL, I'm a nut and I have major issues, I know. Needless to say that was the last straw and shes gone again!!

I had that car and the 911SC track car about a year before finances changed and I had a decision to make. So in my mind I'm thinking I will put both cars on ebay for sale at the same time and whichever car sells first, I'm keeping the other. I truly thought the 930 Turbo being one of 287 made in 1987 would go fast and first. Well I was wrong. A local guy who had seen my track/street SC at Sebring called and said I'm coming to buy your car cash tomorrow and I'm not going to haggle the price because I know what it is and have seen it in action. So the next day sure as heck, we made the deal and my project that took 9 months to build was GONE!

So poor me I'm left with a 930 Turbo. Well the financial crunch continued and the motor in the 930 was really starting to leak oil at 80K miles of use. I looked into an engine rebuild and the cost of that kind of forced me to let my dream car go. I disclosed all info and threw the car up for sale. I owned her for about a year at that point. I did a no reserve auction and she sold to a fellow Pelican.

nippy 12-17-2015 10:21 AM

had to reply to my own thread because you cant post more than 10 pics on 1 reponse

I than got into my Mercedes phase and picked up a couple cool cars at low prices and played around with them for a while. I had a motor swapped 87 190E 16V Renntech 1 of 1 (real cool car). Also had a 95 S500 Coupe Lorinser with low miles, former Tony Kukoch of NBA Chicago Bulls fame.

Notice my old tag from the first Sc on the Benz.....ugggg

The entire time I was playing w/Mercedes I knew my heart was with Porsche!I missed the air cooled sounds,smells,feelings,track days,cars and coffees.

To be continued....I have to run but I have allot more and then on to my new build, the FINAL car! It will all make sense when I explain the significance of all the prior cars on my newest!

CCM911 12-17-2015 10:53 AM

Awesome cars! And really dude, you need to dump that girlfriend as fast as you can. There is no way in hell that a human being could ever make you as happy as those cars! She sounds like a gold-digging buzzkill that needs to be cut out of your life like a cancer.

Carry on and keep the photos coming. I love that Benz 190 16V.

nippy 12-17-2015 03:35 PM

So back at it now with a beer. yes I am guilty of TUI, typing under the influence, LOL! So along my travel to work I pass a Indi Porsche mechanic who has a black SC out front for sale. I stop in and talk and take a spin. Car was recently rebuilt and CIS stuff was all pulled in favor for some 46MM PMOs. Car had incredible torque and was in great condition with new tan leather. I haggled for about a month before pulling the trigger on my 4th air cooled 911.Back in the game!!!

My first SC was EFI via a motronic 3.2 system on my 3.0. great set up. Jason at Heritage Motorcars Research did the work and the car was really a nice piece. This SC car was my first carbed car. I must say I like the PMO set up.

I ended up selling it last year and it seemed like that was probably my last P car as prices even for the entry level SC cars were climbing out of my comfort zone. I sold that one again because of finances. Business has just been so unsteady for the past few years for me. I kind of buy the cars and use as a fun piggy bank and then need to cash out every now and again to get topped off again.

So I pick up a couple more cheap Mercedes toys to keep me busy as by this time I'm starting to wrench on my own cars due to finance. I had no other choice but to learn on the fly. It helps that I have a master mechanic/fabricator/partner at my shop to double check my work. So I found a 5 speed W124 aka 300E. 5 speeds are very rare in the USA. So I bought it and went all through the suspension and the car ended up real nice. BUT its a far cry from a 911. I constantly thought to myself when pondering the Porsche cars I used to have, "Boy I have really fallen along way down the pole" Im now riding around in a 4 door baby blue grand ma car. I used to own a 930 turbo :confused: The 930 cars by this time are fetching BIG $$$ and not even on my radar. I figured the good old days were just that, old days long past. Oh well then the Mercedes cars cheap and affordable and easy to work on were what it was going to be! I actually did enjoy rowing through the gears on the old blue girl. Her straight 6 wasn't all that bad. Unless I thought about a 911 flat 6 :(.

Cook&Dunning 12-17-2015 03:46 PM

Not lovin' the Merks, but that black 911 with the gold bbs wheels is/was pretty cool. Good story, hope you are back in the pcar fold soon.

yelcab1 12-17-2015 04:11 PM

Question: what happened to the girl? Did she come back?

Comment: You need to buy and keep, don't sell.

I would love another air cool toy, but right now $35K for a 911SC in worse condition than the one I sold 6 years ago for $10K? Not this lifetime.

Good luck with your addiction.

nippy 12-17-2015 04:23 PM

The other car I missed was the 190E 16V. I really liked that car and they were starting to get a bit more recognition as cool cars not to mention being the direct competitor for the E30 M3 which as we all know has a cult like following. If your not familiar with those 2 do yourself a favor and look them up on youtube. There are some cool videos regarding the 2 cars and the competition between the two. Anyway, I stumbled across a euro 190E 16V locally on accident while on a date (not the same girl, shes long gone). I ended up picking that car up for a good deal just recently. This was like 2 months ago. I actually have been building the car in my garage and have a build thread here on Pelican in the Mercedes section. I been telling all my buddies that I'm keep the Mercedes, I'm done. I love the euro car with the plaid interior.For those not familiar these cars came from the factory with a 5 speed dog leg getrag tranny 185HP (euro form) a full factory body kit and wing and factory Recaro seats including the rear seats. They really are pretty neat little machines.

Last car I promise.

So this car now sits in my garage under construction. I mean really under construction. Dropped the sub frame, replacing all bushings, new springs shocks blah blah blah. I haven't even received all the new parts yet. Its literally in my garage on jack stands as I type, an unfinished project.

If you look close you can see the "Porsche parking only sign" LOL!

Well to make a long story longer. I made the mistake of looking around craigslist just about Thanksgiving time this year when most people were around family and away from the computer. Well I stumbled across an ad for a wide body 911SC (turbo steel flares) a recent rebuild and a bunch of other goodies. I reached out to the seller and you know the rest of the story!

So after all of this chasing and searching and trying different cars out,I'm returning to the 911. The air cooled 911! This car arrived here a couple days ago. This car has all of my past 4 cars features wrapped up into one car. Shes a 911SC (been there done that twice prior), shes GP white (been there done that twice prior), shes a wide body (did that once), shes got PMO carbs (did that once). Out of all my past cars, my first SC, the lightweight hot rod with all the cool parts was probably my fav. So I am going to go back to that style and direction with this car. Anyway, enough is enough. The car is a 930 clone (identity crisis) for sure and begging for a back date. I have already gutted it and began ordering the parts for her. She will be identical inside to my first black car. I have the blueprint in my mind and the part #s and brands saved on my computer.So here she is .....Thanks Lee a fellow Peilcan and Rennlist member from Me. He was a great seller and helped me all along the way! If I have my way I will never sell this car as it truly is everything I want in a car. SmileWavy

And then there is the motor.....this is what she is....I can tell you shes very fun and very healthy....
3.3 short stroke 46MM PMOs, 1 5/8 Georges Euro headers, m and K 2 in 2 out exhaust. Motor rebuilt 4K miles ago at EBS racing. The sound is AMAZING!!

nippy 12-17-2015 04:28 PM

Let the fun begin. Gutted and turning into the lightweight hot rod 2 days after receiving the car.

Allot of dead weight back here. I have read 90lbs between rear seats, rear interior 1/4 panels, hat trey, carpets and sound deadening padding. But I will add a roll bar so I will pick up around 80lbs.

Heavy factory door panels gone, heavy leather seats gone, carpets gone, center console gone.

sugar scoops gone, metal hood gone, whale tale gone bumpers going going .....

nippy 12-17-2015 04:44 PM

This is the exterior goal or look I'm after. I ordered the exact same front bumper from Patrick motorsports, same rear bumper and duck. To top off the look I ordered 17" Zeuf/Fuchs 17x9 and 17x11 rear, all black everything. So when I say it will be identical to this car, it will be spot on except in GP white! The red car is a 930 but you get the idea, this look is exactly what I'm after! Should be a fun one!

The interior will be identical part for part to my first SC minus the steering wheel which was a Monte Carlo, and I went with the prototipo this time around. Also the roll bar will be powder coated white.


nippy 12-17-2015 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by yelcab1 (Post 8922262)
Question: what happened to the girl? Did she come back?

Comment: You need to buy and keep, don't sell.

I would love another air cool toy, but right now $35K for a 911SC in worse condition than the one I sold 6 years ago for $10K? Not this lifetime.

Good luck with your addiction.

She married a doctor and now has kids. We tried to get back together but the damage was done. Hopefully my hand wont be forced and I will not sell.

nippy 12-17-2015 04:59 PM

Some parts starting to come in now. RS door cards with upgraded leather strap. The rennline tow hooks (same as my first car).

Prototipo with the white stitch

Euro Bosch

TRE rear fiberglass bumper, front bumper inbound!

Big thanks to Paul from CCP fabrication here locally for the hood and ducktail. Very nice quality. he came highly recommended from a fellow PCA/track guy. Cant beat the price. I weighed the duck at 11 lbs, turbo whale was 39 lbs. The glass hood weighed 13 lbs, factory 34 lbs on my scale. So loss of 49lbs in just 2 components.

New black aluminum grill for the duck

pmax 12-17-2015 05:02 PM

The 82 lightweight hot rod looks awesome with the wheels and interior. The black SC with the BBS wheels, great combination. Not getting the red though.

Sicklyscott 12-17-2015 05:06 PM

I'll have to look at your old thread but 2200 lbs is a lot of weight loss. Got some secrets to share?

nippy 12-17-2015 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by pmax (Post 8922325)
The 82 lightweight hot rod looks awesome with the wheels and interior. The black SC with the BBS wheels, great combination. Not getting the red though.

Car is not going to be red if that's what you mean. Just the look of the red car but staying white.

Sicklyscott 12-17-2015 05:28 PM

That's still pretty damn good. I'll have to read through your old thread.

nippy 12-17-2015 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by Sicklyscott (Post 8922331)
I'll have to look at your old thread but 2200 lbs is a lot of weight loss. Got some secrets to share?

Your right sorry. Just dug up some old pics of when it was corner balanced.

The basic stuff, FG bumpers, tail, that car had a carbon hood, lightweight carpet and seats and no radio or AC components. I wanted to keep the factory doors but I'm told if you go FG doors you loose ALLOT of weight. My car still had power windows and sunroof at 2319lbs. You change those out and your doing real well.

pmax 12-17-2015 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by nippy (Post 8922358)
Car is not going to be red if that's what you mean. Just the look of the red car but staying white.


yelcab1 12-17-2015 07:25 PM

I sold my E30 M3 over twenty years ago. The only car I miss...

impactbumper 12-17-2015 07:36 PM

Great story, welcome back

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ninelevenick 12-18-2015 05:36 AM

Really enjoyed reading about your adventures. Seems like all in all you made out well playing with nice German cars. I look forward to following the progress on this one.

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