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  1. One for the finacial guys. Pound/Dollar exchange rate - your predictions
  2. Favorite travel booking website?
  3. Need a daily driver recommendation
  4. Last Fart described by a Movie Title
  5. Arborists with beaver experience?
  6. Fall colors in the UP of Mi
  7. Dell laptop low battery warning popup
  8. Need a Roofer. Orange County, calif
  9. Career Decisions Again
  10. 12v Drill Powered by Car Battery - Doable?
  11. Who has read "The Unfair Advantage" ?
  12. Here's to a crappy start of the day...
  13. Effect of final drive on acceleration
  14. Who here can make stickers?
  15. Travertine Maintenance/Refresh...calling Trekkor?
  16. Anyone Tai Chi here?
  17. Picture Perfect Porsche
  18. Avoid 1-95 in central NC for now
  19. UnitedRoutes Auto Transport
  20. "Detect Vin" car scam?
  21. Looking at 2008 Cayman S. Any known issues?
  22. Cool & Vintage
  23. Home made car by PP user, kind of 356/550-ish.
  24. NFL TV Ratings
  25. Electric Postal Vans?
  26. Odd Situation
  27. How accurate are gas pumps?
  28. Bora Bora info
  29. Assume the 12th Amendment is repealed
  30. Another guitar thread.
  31. Finally found a car lift that may work for me - anyone have a Bendpak BL-5000?
  32. Another tragic plane crash...but this one involves a colleague of mine..really sad...
  33. You don't need a Gibson or Les Paul
  34. Real estate sales tax in Calif. ?
  35. Want to get 10% off your next order? Click here for more info
  36. Check out this NICE 1983 Volvo 240 GLT Turbo Wagon on eBay!
  37. Ideas for a good dive trip?
  38. This one went well for law enforcement.
  39. History of F1 video games
  40. 81 Alfa 2000 - distributor to coil wire
  41. Innundated with inebriated drivers!
  42. Assistance in Minnesota
  43. iPhone 4S short battery life
  44. Car over the bluff - identify
  45. Tesla Model X 60D no longer available?
  46. Carry Holster, Sneaky Pete vs Inside Waistband
  47. A few Free passes to Disneyland this week only
  48. Sonoluminesence
  49. Investing Opinon
  50. Internet TV
  51. A P-Car back in my garage!
  52. Overhauling automotive oversight by government
  53. Can you say: Sports car, Sexy, and Jeep in same Sentence?
  54. small time investing and election
  55. Ferrari 550 in Porsche Nachtblau Metallic 39C
  56. Disk utility for Mac? Other utilities?
  57. People are going to stop listening to the media...
  58. Not a good day
  59. Boeing 707 first class seating, 1959 on.
  60. if you like warbirds
  61. Places you'd like to see but not badly enough to make the trek
  62. some questions about clearing land
  63. HFC accord in Rwanda
  64. Seriously thick!
  65. Custom-Built Lithium High Performance replacement Batteries
  66. Are Smartphones Mature?
  67. Smoke? From Defroster Vents.
  68. Tell us what has been good and bad for you in the past couple
  69. Ho-LEE-KRAP! Surf's up!
  70. Toyota trucks - takin' a lickin'
  71. Importing a car to USA from overseas
  72. Brumos Racing Museum - Open ?
  73. Early ballot in Arizona? Anyone receive it yet?
  74. Please help with charging issue with my f150!!
  75. Legal question about the big D and spousal/child support
  76. Robin William's bike collection up for auction
  77. How Do Email Servers Work? Please dont PARF...
  78. I want to take up guitar. Where do I go and what to buy?
  79. Another cop out of control, taxpayers pick up the tab
  80. RIP Great Barrier Reef:
  81. Ever been pranked ?
  82. bob dylan wins nobel
  83. Lost a friend to suicide
  84. craftsman chain saws...cant beat um
  85. Tile guys - Caponi Sealer?
  86. jerry springer for president
  87. I-phone upgrade. What a PITA
  88. Any Carrier HVAC pros here? Router password
  89. Short sale rule change
  90. Investor worries climb as the election nears
  91. Rollin in dough!!! Thank you Michelle!
  92. Samsung Galaxy Gear S2
  93. Note 7 Users: Where to?
  94. Powerful Stuff
  95. elastomeric coating for stucco
  96. Creepy Clown Craze
  97. RaceDeck Flooring
  98. Galaxy Note 7 Is Dead, For Good
  99. The best woman pool player in the world?
  100. P-suv kills woman driver by H2S from battery
  101. RIP Tony Adamowicz
  102. Pete Stout's New Gig
  103. Coffee & Cars with Pelican November 12th, 2016!
  104. Camera for cable channel insertion
  105. Packaging/Shipping Tomfoolery and Fails - Air your Grievances
  106. Bought Some New Hearing Protection....Wow
  107. C4 Corvette?
  108. Popping out a gas tank dent, any tricks ?
  109. Boy did I get suckered
  110. So when did my propane gauge turn into my Porsche...?
  111. High Mileage oil question...
  112. Visited RCAF DC-3 Dakota Crash Site
  113. Suzuka GP comments ?
  114. First real paceline experience...F U N ! ! !
  115. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Pelicans
  116. more free ebooks - programming this time
  117. Porsche Design (watches, sun glasses etc) quality?
  118. Any help finding tuning keys for my Ukulele?
  119. Question about glasses/frames lenses
  120. Car coolant running too cool. It MUST be the thermostat, right?
  121. Might have a Female Cattle Dog needing a new home
  122. This weeks new cars
  123. mods: for sale thread not posting
  124. We got snow....
  125. Apple experts: MacBook question
  126. Font
  127. What country are you guys from?
  128. Bikers - What the heck happened to Belstaff?
  129. Clearing out one of our storage spaces
  130. Need Help-Yamaha Golf Cart
  131. In the 80s, EVERY muscle car has its radio cut out.
  132. Adventures in house buying
  133. The game must go on...
  134. Justin Johnson, blues content
  135. Mountain biking / bike rental in Hawaii?
  136. Looks like I'm going solar...PG&E makes it an easy decision
  137. Upside down fire in the fireplace
  138. Let The...
  139. New shoes for my Mercedes 300TD Estate wagon!
  140. Porsche auction
  141. Have you shopped for reloading equipment recently?
  142. Mustang performance anybody?
  143. How warm/cool do you keep your house?
  144. Chabuduo - good enough (on corner-cutting in China)
  145. How many of you are blood pressure meds ?
  146. I'm under-informed...and happy.
  147. Carribean Vacation Suggestions needed
  148. Free books
  149. Not my cup of tea
  150. maybe some of the IRS calls with stop now
  151. what would you do? #2
  152. Shopping for a tablet computer. Is iPad still the sheet?
  153. Apple Watch 2
  154. What would you do?
  155. I can't fathom...
  156. If There is a God, What Exactly Does He Have Against Haiti
  157. Good F1 commentary on Hamilton's engine
  158. Ducati guys - the SuperSport is back!
  159. Hey White Boy
  160. Looking for a special present for someone?
  161. Hotter: Jennifer Marlowe or Bailey Quarters?
  162. Need help interpreting Calif Sick Leave Law - temporary empoyees
  163. RIP Brock Yates
  164. I've been busy. WTF is with the Clowns?
  165. Not another Mac update
  166. Dwarf Orange Crocodiles
  167. New toy in the house - laser
  168. Molecular Machines Nobel Prize Awarded!
  169. How would you handle this?
  170. Bose 901 - Series 1 Keep or sell
  171. Sleepless nights with our kid any advice?
  172. Northern CA Memorial Ride/Drive for fallen U-2 Pilot.
  173. Non-PC comment made on TV and he got away with it?
  174. Blatant Littering! What Pig Does This?!?
  175. 40 years in a Jungle, now in 'civilization' ...
  176. Has the aircooled market cooled recently?
  177. What Did Baz Do Today?
  178. Gulfstream
  179. Who Lives in Pittsburgh / Cranberry Twp and wants to make $200 for a few hrs 10/28?
  180. I'm off to Cuba!
  181. Crossbow under $500?
  182. Hurricane Mathew update....
  183. Yes, fat people should pay more to fly
  184. An Experiment On Swiss Ballys
  185. New Style CMW Billet Heads and Design
  186. All New CMW Motorsports
  187. Oh no, a call from the IRS
  188. How easy is it to make custom vinyl graphics for a car? Joe Bob?
  189. Great ride last evening...LOVE my Roubaix!
  190. Traffic Lawyer in SoCal
  191. Gordon Lightfoot
  192. Gordon Lightfoot
  193. Anyone laser cut stainless steel?
  194. First deer of the season!
  195. Interesting job today
  196. Bass Pro Shops to Buy Cabelas for $5.5B
  197. Cheap, off-brand gasoline is bad for engines
  198. Insurance questions...
  199. For those in HR, a question
  200. Well I Dont Know What To Say
  201. Is it still a barnfind if the owner finds it?
  202. Planning a road trip from So Cal to Seattle
  203. Writeoff a loss of 1B then not pay taxes for 15-20 years?
  204. Country Club Membership Question; just curious.
  205. Any plumbers or house restorers here with galvanized experience?
  206. 1990 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe
  207. Money & Medicine. Futile-care
  208. More Drug Price Insanity
  209. Anybody In Shanghai
  210. Depression era lessons/ thinks taught/ handed down over the generations
  211. Easy R-Gruppe Photos 10-1-16
  212. Do you have a doctor that you could call on a Saturday morning, and be seen that day?
  213. Im going to hire my wife , what could possibly go wrong ?
  214. What's the PayPal scam here?
  215. guitar strings - way cool
  216. Putting off passions/goals/hobbies until "retirement"
  217. Ferrari art at MoMA
  218. Triumph Speedmaster/America, anyone?
  219. Anbody live near Memphis, NY?
  220. small town life...
  221. Tell me what could go wrong and how to cover my assets
  222. Recommends for a good NYC traffic Attorney ?
  223. I'm getting a new PC.....!
  224. The Pantheon of Cheap Porsches
  225. lost lawn mower key
  226. Honda RC213V-S assembly
  227. Townhome sale help
  228. $$$ Product Idea - need access to a polyurethane foam lab
  229. For the 944 guys
  230. plastic welding
  231. Ryder Cup?
  232. TRAACA Old Car Movies
  233. Security of iOS vs Android
  234. Pelican Marines - sword & scabbard display?
  235. One for Seahawk
  236. Oil platform 'flare gas' in SoCal?
  237. Advice to your spouse if you go first....
  238. Anyone have a speeding ticket lawyer in CT / New Haven / Fairfield county
  239. Who wants a cool early 911 project wallpaper? Free stuff! :D
  240. Baseball post season thread
  241. Moving to GA ? on car registration tax
  242. Get a headphone jack in your iPhone 7!!
  243. WTB-iPhone 5
  244. My total knee replacement- no trouble
  245. Can you write your own will?
  246. To 450 or not to 450
  247. Book Disposal Suggestions Needed
  248. Architect Near Tulsa?
  249. Carfax email mistake. Wow, not cool.
  250. Wheel locks?