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  1. Think it can do 165 mph?
  2. strangness in the Arizona desert.
  3. AR-15 or Mini 14?
  4. Ski Racing Line Versus Auto Racing Line?
  5. Video Editing - Adobe Elements or . . . ?
  6. i think i want a GLOCK!
  7. A REAL Friendship Poem
  8. want to move somewhere warm
  9. Cool Tilt Shift Vid
  10. The Laptop Steering Wheel Desk. Good stuff.
  11. What is the best way to send a deposit to someone in the UK?
  12. Very cool garage resto!
  13. recent "asteroid?" near miss to earth?
  14. Motivation is low.... it's Friday
  15. Philly Stinks ?
  16. Have to go to Switzerland!!
  17. Haiti - vultures are circling - Aristide wants to return
  18. Look Familiar??
  19. Mountain Bike Recommendations
  20. Archer on FX
  21. WTB: Colt Officer's Model Match .22LR
  22. Anybody know about
  23. Meditations for Men who do too much: - Motivational Quotes
  24. Apartment fire!
  25. Rezoning Might Affect Our Kids - What Do You All Think...
  26. Taurus Judge Handgun - Next Buy???
  27. Battery Charger Tech
  28. porsche posters
  29. NC: The good, bad and ugly?
  30. Light bulbs - LED vs. flourescent
  31. From the WTF file ........
  32. Thursdays Thought
  33. I hope my daughters marry someone like this.
  34. the economys latest victim
  35. Tell me about Tuscan
  36. UK police ask people to use common sense
  37. Keys most likely to be worn out on byrons keyboard!
  38. In the event of a major disaster, can you imagine...
  39. Duracoated a spoon
  40. It is official - I am two degrees away from Kevin Bacon!
  41. This explains my love for cars... thanks dad.
  42. Outlook express problems
  43. Photo Shop help needed.
  44. Best ever joke ?
  45. A question for those with an artistic eye
  46. best nap, ever
  47. I have no credit
  48. Vintage Ad Gallery
  49. American Energy Independence
  50. F&W Classic in Aspen
  51. Some Beautiful 'Garages'
  52. Mark Wahlbeg's 996 RMS
  53. Fresh Chicken Eggs (hardboiled) Can't Peel!
  54. Less than moral web site.
  55. SHOT show in Vegas next week. Who's going??
  56. ...and this is what you're teaching them?
  57. alternator problems
  58. Now _this_ is a Haynes manual...
  59. Google out of China
  60. Just had a simple but fabulous meal courtesy of my buddy Rusty
  61. Socal engine drop party and your invited!
  62. Tampa Bay Pelicans - Karting?
  63. Should I have told-off my buddy?
  64. Ducati only running on one cylinder
  65. Yep, TSA is on top of things
  66. Why do babies need helmets in a baby carriage?
  67. New Members of the Household
  68. Carbonite backup
  69. Our Lil Girl Has Been Selected for a Gifted and Talented Program at School.
  70. 2000 BMW 528...speedometer quit working
  71. Portland Beers and Burgers - 1/13, 5pm @ The Taproom
  72. start/stop stopwatch in 911 w/sportchrono pkg
  73. Modern Binary expolsives
  74. Another Old Timer Gone
  75. More silliness from the UK nanny state
  76. See Avatar, then off yourself?
  77. Cheap online Mossberg Dealer?
  78. Vote for my friend?
  79. Stupid Clothing Question
  80. Do You Systematically Examine Your Mistakes?
  81. What's the most miles you've put on a clutch? Brakes?
  82. Question for the Moderators
  83. "RediRad", allows you to use XM/Serius or iPod in factory stereo...
  84. Unpossible!!!
  85. Relationship and Emotional Dysfunction
  86. Mark McGuire finally comes clean
  87. Need to sell a XKR, any good forums or other platforms?
  88. Caliper assesment for possible employment?
  89. So Confused.
  90. 100cc / 6.09 CU IN Supercharged V8 dragster motor - AWESOME
  91. Large hydrocarbon discovery in Gulf of Mexico
  92. WiFi issues... Laptop card?
  93. My Head Is Exploding Trying To Figure Out My Home IT/AV System Options
  94. Tell me about your wives/SO's female friends
  95. Nanny State: Man arrested for using racist word in email. ...but didn't.
  96. The perfect wife
  97. Computer storage device available for Win98 ?
  98. photo needs caption
  99. It's official: so long, Pete...
  100. Home renovation forum?
  101. Kitchen Island Downdraft Exhaust - can I build one that really works?
  102. Drive recovery? Anyone done it?
  103. Picked up a set of 1st Class Recaro's....
  104. Uhm....It's COLD in Florida!
  105. "If you like Porsches, she likes Porsches."
  106. Just made some Ceasar dressing.
  107. Is Craigslist hurting the economy?
  108. Mercedes E350 Opinions?
  109. Jay leno show cancelled....
  110. Tongue Weight Question for Pelicangineers:
  111. Home maintinance list
  112. New race track in Arizona!
  113. Pir madman strikes!
  114. tried to use Pelican gift cert. today- no workey
  115. remote pc access?
  116. How come I can't see posted smileys any more.
  117. Don't drink and eBay!! (it's dangerous)
  118. What's the best credit card deal out there now?
  119. Deliver Your Friends From Dull Edges
  120. Introducing my new pups
  121. Completely Useless.....
  122. Shots
  123. This is awesome!!!!!
  124. Porsche Supercup Series on Speedvision
  125. Gumby's father died
  126. The Chinese economy
  127. Cahs 4 Clunkers List - Some Amazing Vehicles Destroyed!
  128. Nice item for a Porsche guy.
  129. Le Mans on TV!!!!! 12EST
  130. TV advice: 120 vs. 240 Hz?
  131. You Drive What?
  132. Apocalypse man...should be zombie man
  133. a pelican chat
  134. Porsche Photography
  135. Ecclestone to buy Saab
  136. Rare Tiger Shark sighting - not for the humorless....
  137. How about a funny movie line-Youtube thread
  138. Buh-bye Trojans?
  139. Technology in the Year 2000
  140. Having children at age 39 and 41
  141. Need some ideas for a fireplace facelift project
  142. offensive facebook picture
  143. The Future...
  144. What does YouTube recommend for you?
  145. Dementia
  146. T&A for the TSA - the selling of the strip-search.
  147. How to remove aftermarket window tint?
  148. Happy Birthday Elvis
  149. Commute reimbursement
  150. Porsche vs Tow Truck
  151. Did this Marine go too Far
  152. I need another vice
  153. Need Good Head-Hunter / Agency in Va
  154. computer experts, quick Q
  155. Guys, how do I go abput replacing an outlet box?
  156. Have you ever accepted a counter offer? (long)
  157. Animal Activists "Missing" after protesting "leather" at Outlaw Biker Rally - Funny
  158. Just built me a new spoon.
  159. Should I buy company stock?
  160. What was the flyover at the BCS game?
  161. Illinois Jury Duty - WTF?
  162. cash for clunkers
  163. Just 16 Ships Expel as Much Pollution as All the Cars in the World
  164. Judicial system in the trenches just sucks for the poor...
  165. Is your Dually good in the snow?
  166. Background check online??
  167. #1 place not to speed
  168. TSA Humor
  169. Bob Howard, RIP
  170. Heading up to Montreal tomorrow
  171. Weird Weather in Houston
  172. protecting new garage floor
  173. You ever rent a satellite phone
  174. LA Pelicans, let's grab a beer next week.
  175. V-6 engines begin long fade into history
  176. south park vs. the japanese whalers
  177. Any information on a Caliper Corporation personality test?
  178. Women!!!!
  179. Home network question
  180. Ming Na WOW
  181. Women....
  182. Tag Carrera vs Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra, please help!
  183. Hmm. Comments:
  184. Poured driveway today, sun tomorrow, water it?
  185. Unloaded Open Carry in California...
  186. Share Your Favorite Police Experience in a 911
  187. Honey I Blew Up the Washing Machine
  188. Predictions.....Alabama vs Texas???
  189. Got a big hunk of lean dead cow
  190. Muscle Building Help and Questions
  191. What is This Place?
  192. The United Nations Held A Raffle...I WON!!!
  193. got another dog......I must be nuts
  194. The zenith and nadir of automakers
  195. Airport security, Slovak Style
  196. thrills/chills/
  197. AUDI ad - HOLY CRAP disturbing
  198. Help Me Name My New Book
  199. 2002 Toyota camry LE
  200. LOL product packaging and legal department
  201. Read the "fine print"...DANGER!!!
  202. head gasket on truck.....again
  203. 231%
  204. Roll call - who's had rotator cuff issues?
  205. Congrats to US Junior Hockey Team
  206. Congrats to the USA World Junior Team.
  207. anyjuan own a lowepro dryzone 200 camera pak?
  208. One horsepower
  209. Quick Q about a BMW 800GS
  210. Co-boys Beagles
  211. Odd sales inquiries
  212. You Want This
  213. How fast have you gone on skis?
  214. Sig P226. much $$
  215. great Rangie off road video
  216. Fresh out of the bluing tank...
  217. do you like vacationing in LAS VEGAS?
  218. Pilots, Vintage Plane guys...
  219. brace for landing!
  220. Today is my birthday!
  221. Thanks Wayne & Staff, always a class act!
  222. Deceived by
  223. 91 f150 302 same as 94 f150 302?
  224. Seasick Steve on Top Gear
  225. hilarity ensued
  226. Porsche Brownies
  227. The Man and the Porsche
  228. Washington lawyers (child support) what do you think?
  229. I'd like to revisit the vasectomy thread
  230. A Three-Cylinder Porsche? More on the 2012 Boxster
  231. garage opener remote
  232. Is my friend getting hosed?
  233. large bore air rifles? WTH!?
  234. A retired USAF pilot says
  235. MBA grants or cheap loans?
  236. Animal Rights Activists Take "War on Leather" to Motorcycle Rally
  237. will cogs of progress come to a grinding halt at USPS because the zipcode is wrong?
  238. The Ducks are Back ...
  239. The most chill New Years EVER
  240. Learn me about WASR-10
  241. Anyone willing to share some options trading tips?
  242. NFL Comedy Show....
  243. thinking of prepping for next new year's party. dance lessons.
  244. i wish we could buy a toyota HILUX.
  245. When men were men.
  246. Workload
  247. Inside a 10yr Olds Backpack...
  248. real estate payoff advice
  249. The 4 Hour Work Week
  250. Berkley HS to cut Science Labs because of underperforming students?