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  1. RS VERSION of 997 GT3.2 only came out in DARK GREY, WHITE & MID-BLUE ?
  2. 997.2 How to tell?
  3. Rennsport passes and 997 corral parking
  4. Pictures from BBi Autosport Visit to Magnus Walker's Shop
  5. Pictures from from Annual Customer Appreciation Event at Mckenna Porsche Dealership
  6. GT3 manifold differences
  7. need info on VIN
  8. GT3 996 - Looking to upgrade exhaust manifolds
  9. key remote, central locking button and dome light not working, aftermarket stereo
  10. BBi Autosport Porsche 997 & 997 StreetCup Suspension Package
  11. Replacing the Camshaft adjuster solenoid seal
  12. 997 & I Phone
  13. Fixig rock chips in front bumper
  14. 2005 997S large IMS bearing question
  15. Where to place the floor jack to lift the rear end altogether.
  16. 996 X50, PCCB value?
  17. bumper ID
  18. low pitch continuous beep sound
  19. 1999 996 C2 Worry? Metal Sludge and shavings on drain plug and shavings in oil filter
  20. Give us your input on our shipping time/costs!
  21. BBi Autosport Porsche 991 GT3 StreetCup Exhaust Bypass
  22. 2004 turbo cab vrs 2009 3.8 cab
  23. Looking for 996 engine rebuild guide
  24. Porsche 997 GT2 Outfitted with IPD, Cobb Tuning & Injector Dynamics Upgrades at BBi
  25. BBI Porsche 997.2 Turbo Inconel Exhaust Manifolds
  26. 996 3.6
  27. Porsche 996 Hardtop in Green
  28. OE Porsche Charge O Mat Battery Charger / Maintainer Question
  29. Bi Autosport Porsche 996 Turbo & GT2 Barcode Exhaust System
  30. 2004 996 - For Sale
  31. boutique hotels in majorca Exploring the hidden beaches
  32. Porsche 991 GT3 Suspension Control Arms & Springs Upgrades
  33. Help! My newly-installed oil filter leaks
  34. Jeff Zwart's Andial Built 996 GT2 Pikes Peak Winning Car
  35. 52 Years Of Porsche!
  36. Porsche 997.1 GT3 Street Cup Weekend Track Car Build
  37. PSM Module fried. Replaement options?
  38. rear lower control arms
  39. BBi Autosport Porsche 996 & 997 Turbo Clutch Slave Cylinder Conversion Upgrade Kit
  40. BBi Autosport Porsche 991 GT3 StreetCup Roll Bar
  41. Porsche 997.2 C4S w/ Bose Subwoofer StreetCup Roll Bar Install
  42. $99 Scan Tool Does it work? or too good to be true
  43. Porsche 996 997 GT2 GT3 Turbo Coolant Pipe Fix / Prevention
  44. BBi Autosport Porsche 997.1 GT3RS StreetCup Arctic Silver/Black
  45. Boxster running poorly
  46. Horn Problem
  47. Chrome caps
  48. C-4 center caps
  49. Turbo wheel caps
  50. Emblem wheel caps
  51. Porsche 997 wheels
  52. FS: 2001 C2 MKI GT3 Tribute Car
  53. The NEW 18" RS-808 Rotary Spun Light-Weight Concave WHEELS!
  54. 1999 wheel size?
  55. Crazy 996 brake problem
  56. 2000 C2 Cabrio top hydraulic fill bolt and washer
  57. Bilstein fronts BNIB $275 for the pair
  58. Secondary air system
  59. 2000 996 Won't Start
  60. WTB- C4S Center Caps
  61. Wtb 996tt roller project car blown engine
  62. Hi, I just bought a '99 Carrera and apparently the bearing hasn't been updated. Any referrals as to who can do this for me? maybe a DIYer at home or home shop etc.
  63. Spoiler issues 2001 C2 Cab
  64. For Sale...
  65. Porsche Turbo 930 & GT3 Oil Painting Original By: Alicia of Wheel Dynamics
  66. Show Us Your Porsche For Our Rennsport Reunion Ad!
  67. Set of Porsche Lobster Claw wheels from a 997.1 - $750
  68. 2007, 997 purchase
  69. Tapping Noise Bottom of Passenger Side A Pillar 2005 997 Coupe
  70. Cylinder burning oil
  71. 2004 996 C4S vibration at idle
  72. 2007 997.1 C4S that is throwing a P0441 Code
  73. Boxster wont start after shut off on short trips
  74. Evaporative emission system faults 996, 997
  75. PPI in Tampa/Apollo Beach FL
  76. Carrera4 996 gear oil?(diff and transmission)
  77. Child Seat install question
  78. 996 Starter stuck in engine
  79. 996 Window Question
  80. 996 Cabriolet Top latch not closing
  81. Recommendation for OEM wheel refinish in Phoenix?
  82. I have a feeling this is a craigslist scam
  83. test "do not reply"
  84. Factory roll bar for 996 997
  85. Black plastic windshield trim on 2001 996 broken.
  86. 2000 911 Air Bag Light Still On
  87. looking to buy pair k 24 996
  88. Coffee & Cars with Pelican THIS Saturday in SoCal!
  89. 996 as a track rat?
  90. Recommendations for PPI in Dallas
  91. driving my 2000 996, temp 90C, but temp light flashes, cannot hear the radiator fans. Car starts and drives normally, fuses okay, rad level okay but after reaching operating temp 90C, light flashing....could both front rad relays both faulty?
  92. So I bought your book and was going by that for a c4s but as it became difficult to drop the hub devil of time loosening wishbone. Can't get wrenches on it well enough. Bentley says gotta remove hub by pressing it off and ball joint needs to be press
  93. My 2006 c2 has some white smoke on start up,but nothing after. Any ideas?
  94. I have just purchased a 2004 911 Carrera C2 996 76,000 miles. Oil change was just done. The Check oil limit light is on. What is that? and what does that mean. HELP! Also, When I am over 3000 RPM's or so the oil pressure is 5. Is that where it's supp
  95. Hi guys, I have an oil leak from the left variocam actuator. The one between spark plugs . Unclear at the moment if it's the actuator itself or a seal ring that's causing the problem? Is it an easy job to remove / replace the actuator or does the eng
  96. Motorsport AOS 996
  97. 2007 911 Turbo - I have 12V and 2.5A at the 2 wire plug to the blower when the ignition is turned on irrespective of whether the display shows fan speed on or off. Since there is power to the blower and it is not spinning, is it certain that the blo
  98. 1989 Cab top doesn't work after battery dead.
  99. Replaced battery but now the top won't move, and the "top" light in dash above speedometer doesn't come on when key is in proper position. Windows still work and the fuse appears to be ok position #1. What do you suggest?
  100. Had my 2001 996 c2 parked up over the winter in the garage with the roof down. first time out today and tried to raise the roof but only the front windows whent down and the clam shell raised and the side flaps. then nothing
  101. I have 99 Cab with a roof not working, can't get passed the wondows opening. Think I need a repair manual. What price are they and shipping to Australia?
  102. 2002 986 S Check Engine Light on P0455
  103. 2003 996 C4S. Engine warning light comes on. Fault code reads that it is a knock sensor error. I replaced the sensor and cleared the code. After 50 miles or so I am getting the same fault and light. Any ideas what I should look for next. Otherwise ca
  104. 2003 996 C4S. Engine warning light comes on. Fault code reads that it is a knock sensor error. I replaced the sensor and cleared the code. After 50 miles or so I am getting the same fault and light. Any ideas what I should look for next. Otherwise ca
  105. I do not perceive misfiring during running but I can precisely ear them on idle. Car is shaking random and misfiring is clarly audible. Bank 2 is misfiring in each cylinder -4.5.6-. Furthermore, first range of rpm, util 2000, are very shaky then the
  106. Ebay wood veneer kits? Anyone recently tried these?
  107. Generations
  108. always too hot water temperature in traffic :(
  109. Boxster air pump
  110. 996 stock headers vs upgraded headers
  111. Repair shop recommendations Longmont,CO ??
  112. 996 Interior lights not working
  113. Track run in Porsche 930 - Video
  114. High voltage, lots of issues. 01 turbo.
  115. Torque Tube or Transmission Noise
  116. where is & how to replace oil level/oil temp sensor on 2006 gen 1, 997, c4s...?
  117. '06 997 c4s fluctuating oil level on dash gage
  118. Just changed the oil air separator on my 996 carrera 1999. Car was runing before hand, but now it wont run. Its tries to fired up but backfires and stops? Any ideas?
  119. KW Coilover Porsche Promo Program
  120. 996 tt front cut question
  121. 996 Cabriolet top stuck
  122. On my '04 996 Turbo I attempted to close my top and the clam shell would only open an inch or so on the passenger side only. The driver side would stay down fully closed. Holding the dash switch in the close position long enough resulted in the windo
  123. A/C blows warm air but when temp control ius altered blows cool air.
  124. M97 If you had this specimen of 911, what would you do... knowing what you know and all the above characteristics?
  125. 2005 997 S Hesitation acceleration flat spot
  126. Soft top not working after having hard top on 996
  127. Black Chrome
  128. Funny Rattle
  129. LN IMS failure?
  130. IMS Bearing questions
  131. 996 Cab Canvas not folding correctly when top goes down.
  132. 996 Cab Canvas not folding correctly when top goes down.
  133. 996 Coolant and water pump change tips.
  134. 997 Airbag light on
  135. 997 Cab top latch issue. Windows do not roll up, latch doesn't complete latching operation
  136. 996 Convertible Top Service Position question
  137. What causes the canvas to fold wide enough towards aft to catch the cowling latch?
  138. 996 Cabriolet Top calibration question
  139. Hello. I lost my door trip driver side for my 2006 997 that is at the end of the door. The part that needs to be removed when unscrewing a nut to unassembled the door panel. the color is brown. Can you help me out?
  140. 997 Window Regulator additional information
  141. Can I afford a 996tt??
  142. 996 Turbo fuel tank interchangeability....
  143. Rough Idle, and can't rev past 4K
  144. Do factory crate engines have IMS issue
  145. Loose Bumperette left side rear
  146. strong fuel smell after shutdown
  147. Not another RMS/IMS but a must read for anyone tracking a 996!
  148. Hi Pelican Experts; I have a 2006 Carrera 4S with 30,000 km only. I noticed a very slight oil leak gold color oil under the two rubber cover 7222710287 at the bottom of the gear. Slight means that I find some traces of oil if I run my fingers on t
  149. 996 TT rear sag?
  150. New member with 996 camshaft issue
  151. Fastest Porsche that I have driven - Video
  152. 997 MK2 coil use on 965
  153. Blown coolant hose. What else should I work on?
  154. i have a 997.2 with a slightly different tensioner. I turned it clockwise to release the tension and it stayed in the loose position. I had to turn it counterclockwise to tighten the belt after replacement. is this normal oris my tensioner defect
  155. My 2003 996 C4S 65,000 Mi was just diagnosed as having a "Rod Bearing Failure", with brass filings in the oil, confirmed after "tear-down"! What actually causes this?
  156. Help my 996 roof opens halfway then stops I can hear a relay click when I retry but the roof will not open further, it will close again
  157. Torques
  158. Total Cost of Ownership?
  159. Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix 2015
  160. HD or Sport shocks
  161. Idler Roller Pulley now plastic? 997 part number same as 996?
  162. Hose clip for 996/997 quick connect radiator hoses
  163. What is the recommended adhesive to use to re-glue emblem that is beginning to peel off? The tip of the C of the "Carrera" always becomes loose even shortly after a new replacement.
  164. 2003 996 C4S Check Engine Light On
  165. Engine Compartment Temp sensor grommet part number?
  166. Engine Compartment Temp sensor grommet part number?
  167. 997/987/987C Tensioning Pulley Bolt head size is 16mm hex.
  168. What is a Metzger engine? Does my 996 Turbo have IMS Bearing issues?
  169. I have a 2006 c2 that has fresh oil change with filter, Mobil 1 0/40# and I get 5 bar oil pressure after warm up still get 5 bar at 4000 rpm and at idle get 2+bar. I I think it is supposed to be 3.5 bar at 3000 rpm. Where should I look to correct th
  170. Thinking of getting a 996.2
  171. Water hose connector to oil separator snapped
  172. Need Exhaust for 996 TT
  173. How do I replace the b pillar seal and upper window seal on the convertible top?
  174. On a 1987 Carrera 911 there are 2 Targa emblems on the roll bar, just behind each door. How are these emblem mounted?
  175. 2001 996 C2 Thermostat and Waterpump removal. Do I need to remove the exhaust manifold to replace the thermostat and waterpump?
  176. fuel pump help
  177. Can you provide the part numbers for the various clips?
  178. Can you provide the part numbers for the various clips?
  179. HELP: 996 body damage in Orange County CA
  180. Passenger's window has lost it's mind...
  181. 996 cup rotors change help
  182. 996 Convertible top stops when closing
  183. 1989 Cab top works fine, warning light stays on when top is up?
  184. Repair instruction for the 911 C2 Cabriolet top seals
  185. 996 Cab top clip?
  186. 996 Convertible top stops when closing
  187. Can I replace the clip part number?? 996 Convertible top
  188. Can I replace the clip part number??
  189. 996 Convertible Top light stays on when fully opened?
  190. 996 Convertible top stops when closing
  191. It there a way to adjust the top on my 996 Convertible?
  192. I have a 996 cab, 3.4, 1999 how do I check the differential oil?
  193. Is it possible to check the Coolant Heat Senor on 997 C2?
  194. I have a 2001 996 and I can not get the interior lights to come on when entering or exiting the car without the key being in the ignition. I have read the manual and cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong
  195. I'm wanting to purchase a 2004 Porsche 911 Turbo - 660HP EVOMS GT660. Is the 3.6L engine going to be reliable? Will the transmission and rear end hold up to all this hp?
  196. I have 06 c2 is it possible to change the plugs without the removal of the headers and muffler?
  197. Is it me or Pelican's fault?
  198. Help--Do I have a DME problem?
  199. 996 wheel sensor connection part number
  200. New 996 owner need shop referral in San Diego
  201. 2003 996 Air Cleaner/Intake Housing Part Number?
  202. Single row or dual row??
  203. 2007 912 turbo - sticky parts
  204. Oil fil quantity 996
  205. Need help with 996tt clutch
  206. Need help with 996tt clutch
  207. 997 softtop on a 996 - will it work?
  208. 2001 996 Fuel Filter Ground wire
  209. 996 Turbo Turbo Oil Reservoir need draining?
  210. Coolant filling with the Airlift
  211. Crankcase vent valve
  212. Offroading in a 996 turbo
  213. Do you double dog dare me????
  214. New Daily Driver: 997.2 S or keep my E92 M3
  215. 996 MKI C2, rpm surges and choked itself. Secondary air pump not running.
  216. Well I did it, bought one!
  217. Child Seat Airbag Deactivation MRS light on after install
  218. 996 Climate Control Squeaking
  219. 996 Clamshell doesn't close when opening top
  220. Oil Change 996 oil filler tube tip
  221. Radio Question
  222. Brake light switch
  223. Has anyone had a Guardian go off?
  224. Damn repeticious check eng lights that are wrong How knock out??
  225. 2000 C2 with Tip - Cracked cylinder available
  226. WTB: Parts for 2004 Porsche 996 4S cabrio
  227. looking for a engine 3.6 for a 04 C4S
  228. 997 as a sort of daily driver
  229. 2003 cabrio top on a 2000?
  230. 2000 C2 Cabriolet Ignition Key cannot be reinserted after shut down
  231. 996/986 Window Regulator not going all the way down after replacement
  232. P0456 and P0450
  233. 2003 Boxster howling from fuel filler cap area
  234. 2003 Boxster howling from fuel filler cap area
  235. Looking for new custom wheel rims for 2000 carrera cab
  236. 997 3.6L DFI engine value?
  237. Failed Leak Detection Pump - 997.1
  238. Sat in a 997 Today
  239. 996 Convertible top operation after having to perform manual override (emergency operation)
  240. 996 Headlight Gasket Question
  241. 2002 996 Time-sert question
  242. 1999 996 Tiptronic service and corrosion issues
  243. 2003 Boxster howling from fuel filler cap area
  244. Engine leak question
  245. Drawing of 996 *** PHOTOS *** ART at it's coolest
  246. FS: 996/986 Aluminium pedals
  247. 2000 Carrera 2