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  1. Voltage Regulator replacement?
  2. New ECU
  3. 9 volt back up battery?
  4. the reason for ims /bearing failure
  5. 996 engine swap to boxster
  6. WTB: Boxster S 6-Speed Trans
  7. Question on Boxster Booster ABS
  8. Question on Boxster Replacing Brake Pads
  9. Question on Boxster Thermostat and Pump
  10. WTB Porsche special Tool 9114
  11. Convertible top trans gear
  12. Under drive pulley
  13. Hardtop install
  14. Ignition Switch replaced
  15. Question on Boxster Air Oil Separator
  16. Emergency brake will not disengage
  17. 986 Boxster strange engine noise
  18. would a MAF sensor control air pump function
  19. would a MAF sensor control air pump function
  20. on a 99 boxter will a 5 and 6 speed bolt up the same to a 986
  21. on a 99 boxter will a 5 and 6 speed bolt up the same to a 986
  22. Question on Boxster Manual Fluid
  23. 2004 986 is showing the "Check Engine Light"
  24. Question on Boxster Drop
  25. Question on Boxster Drop
  26. Question on Boxster Drop
  27. Variocam Solenoid
  28. 2004 Boxster IMS+Clutch cost?
  29. Coolant leak, power steer fail, temp too hot!
  30. Question on Boxster Tranny Mounts
  31. Question on Boxster Auto Fluid Change
  32. Question on Boxster Auto Fluid Change
  33. Question on Boxster Flush
  34. Question on Boxster Flush
  35. Question on Boxster Ignition Switch
  36. Question on Boxster Convertible Top Repair
  37. Question on Boxster Fuel Pump
  38. Question on Boxster Common Engine Failures
  39. Question on Boxster Oil Change
  40. Engine locked up
  41. CEL keeps coming back
  42. Code 1531
  43. Clutch making loud squeaking noise down underneath
  44. Few months ago the Ignition switch started sticking in the starting position?
  45. Bose amp draining battery
  46. New Catalytic converter?
  47. Window Microswitch
  48. Help needed Co high
  49. The clamshell doesn't move nor does the roof. Is the message related to a switch on the clamshell?
  50. Radio installation?
  51. Water intrusion?
  52. Sometimes when I drive over a bump in the road the windows will roll down?
  53. The brake lights have started flickering when I depress the brake petal.
  54. Are you at all familiar with an updated linkage adapter that is now made out of a different material?
  55. Purchased the Stabilus front hood shocks and unable to compress the new product out of the box
  56. I've heard that the IMS failure on the early cars was much less often than the later ones. Any truth to that?
  57. Seat Belt Tensioner Fault Code 8009
  58. Blue tooth for Boxster
  59. Coolant temp sensor resistance
  60. Loud engine knock beginning at 1200 rpm
  61. Question on Boxster Flush
  62. Question on Boxster Flush
  63. Coolant leak from valve inside engine compartment?
  64. Clutch pedal sticking when hot on track
  65. Fuel Pump vs Crank Position Sensor vs ....
  66. What is this Boxster worth?
  67. WTB Boxster D-Mass flywheel
  68. Question on Boxster Air Oil Separator
  69. borsche boxster 3.2 overheating
  70. In search of… Cheap Floor Mats 98 Boxster
  71. 987 Hood and frame onto a 986
  72. 01 Boxster Showing to run Cooler
  73. Please rate 1-10
  74. 986 Bentley manual for sale!
  75. WTB headlights
  76. squeaky clutch
  77. Boxster Hardtop Trade
  78. Boxster Inquiry...................................
  79. Should I buy it? 2006 Cayman
  80. FS: used 17" rims and tyres
  81. FS: Boxster 986 bodykit
  82. Air cleaner clips
  83. 2001 Boxster S Massive Smoke
  84. Coolant tank/sensor problem
  85. top problem clamshell raises on left only
  86. looking
  87. Reverse Light Switch, Boxster S
  88. Looking for interior button / nut / snap
  89. Over tightened oil filter
  90. Two questions: Strut wear and Brake Piston Attachment
  91. Independent Porsche shop in Arkansas?
  92. 2003 Boxter seat switch
  93. Passenger window grinding sound leads to stuck window
  94. Roof dashboard light stays on
  95. Tall Driver Clutch Pedal Mod?
  96. Passenger Side Fender
  97. Problem with car alarm
  98. 996 POwer seats in a Boxster
  99. Boxster convertible motor or transmission
  100. Ignition Switch Questions
  101. Coil-over kit that can maintain stock height?
  102. Smoke???
  103. Fade Stop Brake Fade Solutions Accolades
  104. Experiences with GTP Performance Edgewood MD?
  105. front wheel bearings
  106. Warning about Class Action Settlement
  107. Indie repair shop for IMS repair in MD NVA - estimated costs?
  108. Front engine mount bushing replacement only
  109. Alarm
  110. 996 brakes on '98 Boxster
  111. My latest acquisition...
  112. IMS class action update
  113. Question on Boxster Fuel Pump
  114. Question on Boxster Camshaft Swap and Chain Tensioner
  115. Question on Boxster Common Engine Failures
  116. Question on Boxster Common Engine Failures
  117. Question on Boxster Common Engine Failures
  118. my 2000 986 the horn ring is either broken or just worn out
  119. Lack of power?
  120. I jumped the relay, the fuel pump motor runs but still no fuel pressure?
  121. Rod Housing Bore
  122. Intermittent start/ hard start?
  123. How much maintenance for 15,000miles?
  124. Part number for the trans mounts?
  125. After a cooling service I overheat?
  126. Question on Boxster Idler Pullies
  127. Currently I'm having an issue where the car will run fine for about 20 min. then die out on me.
  128. Also, I need to install an extra oil temperature sender. Are there possibilities ?
  129. I guess Porsche will not do that so where I can have this ?
  130. Q: Will the pump always stay running when relay jumpered or is there a safety that shuts it off after a few seconds?
  131. Brake fade or another problem?
  132. My horn began to blow wen I turned the wheel. This happened a number of times and then it failed to start.?
  133. Question on Boxster Coolant Tank
  134. Question on Boxster Common Engine Failures
  135. Hiss when accelerating
  136. Need CEL help
  137. Broken Convertible Top Channel Piece.
  138. CG Coordinates
  139. Fade Stop Brake Fade Solution
  140. sudden power loss under heavy load
  141. DME replacement
  142. airbag warning light
  143. Question on Boxster Convertible Top Repair
  144. Wheel Lock
  145. A/C Return Line
  146. 99 boxster 2.5 no/low oil pressure after rebuild
  147. Which Slave Cylinder?
  148. Misfire after disconnecting battery
  149. Why all the inane "questions" from guests? Looks like spam to me.
  150. Can the clutch be adjusted? 2006
  151. "O2 Sensor Adaptation" DTCs Info
  152. 17" wheels wanted
  153. Broken Fuel Actuator cause Remote Central locking to fail?
  154. Real Newby Question
  155. Seat Belt Alarm goes off randomly
  156. 98 Boxster w/150k mi needs all new susp. Kit avail?
  157. 987 exhaust on 986 ?
  158. Question on Boxster Common Engine Failures
  159. Question on Boxster Air Oil Separator
  160. Rough idle on start and hesitation when hitting throttle
  161. how do I check a/o clean the a/c drain in 99' boxster...??Li
  162. 2001 Boxter S P0102, P1126 and P1133
  163. Lifter Noise
  164. vibration when taking left turn
  165. Need cd changer or repair for 2002
  166. Need Help: Belt Tensioner broken?
  167. 2013 Blue Ridge Boxster Summit A Huge Success | Pics Inside!
  168. headlight washer nightmare
  169. Need Boxster hardtop
  170. Boxster roof rotates only one way
  171. indie repair shop - houston
  172. 01 Boxster S no right side running lights ?
  173. 99 Boxster Lost power on Highway. Tow. Starts??
  174. Tail lights, head lights, break lights, fog lights, marker lights, Please Help
  175. Adjust B-pillar
  176. Microfiber Static- Defect?
  177. Light Toggle between 4th & D
  178. 986 Cam Chain tensioners
  179. Direct oil injection
  180. Boxster S timing issue!!!!!
  181. Lock Issue
  182. IMS Bearing Center Stud Major Issue
  183. 2003 Boxster Fabspeed Exhaust Install
  184. maxspeed
  185. 986 rear knocking sound
  186. Boxster axle flanges at 108mm?
  187. FYI -- link to low mile 2003 3.2L S engine for sale
  188. Question on Boxster Convertible Top Repair
  189. Question on Boxster Manual Fluid
  190. coolant tank lid leak
  191. Question on Boxster Air Filter
  192. Boxster carpet ?
  193. WTB - 986 Boxster Airbag Deactivation Bar
  194. Desparate need of ENGINE EXPERTS
  195. Wtb
  196. Help diagnose shifting problem please
  197. 986 Boxster S instrument cluster not working
  198. 1999 Porsche Boxster muffler noise.
  199. Will BBs RS 721 and 773 fit my 2001 Boxster S
  200. Anyone running a Carnewal/Cantrell exhaust?
  201. Soft top install
  202. Remote Key (I searched)
  203. I replaced the 2 radiators in my boxter 97, and still the heat is up over 200 degrees?
  204. My 2001 boxster showed the low coolant red light,?
  205. Once in a while when I turn off my 2001 boxster S, coolant begins to flow out of the rear.?
  206. What did i do wrong?
  207. Any other ideas!?
  208. I have a 1999 Boxster that was giving me P1124 and P1126 codes?
  209. After detailing my 2000 Porsche boxster started it and for a moment it ran ruf no CEL light on but it would not rev over 1800 ?
  210. Can I replace the cam chain tensioner by myself?
  211. Also, in your experience are all original intermediate shaft bearings made by NSF or are there other bearing makes used by Porsche?
  212. Question on Boxster Intermediate Shaft Bearing
  213. Should I pack my IMS bearing with high temperature grease?
  214. Should I assume the IMS has already been changed with 131,000 on the clock?
  215. I have a tip for the IMS bearing job
  216. I already have the LN bearing, should I put the new one in?
  217. With engine timing Am I "good to go"?
  218. Question on Boxster Intermediate Shaft Bearing
  219. What tip are there to replace.the Boxster Intermediate Shaft Bearing?
  220. how can I be confident as to whether I have a five or three chain engine?
  221. small oil leak frount side of oil pan.it makes noise at start up only once then goes away. ???????????
  222. If I lock the engine at TDC and put in the cam locks what if the sprocket isn't lined up with the holes? Was this done in lieu of using cam locks? once the locks are in there is no aligning the sprocket for the set screws, what's the best way to keep
  223. My IMS went, how do I know if the engine is toast?
  224. How can I get a repair manual for my Boxster in Germany?
  225. Why do my engines keep blowing up?
  226. Does the Boxster S suffer from these problems?
  227. Question on Boxster Common Engine Failures
  228. three cyls on driver side quit doing there job after timing chain?
  229. Question on Boxster Common Engine Failures
  230. how exactly the AOS works? is it vacuum or pressure activated?
  231. Driver Window doesn't drop with handle
  232. p2187
  233. Question on Boxster Suspen Overhaul
  234. Question on Boxster Convertible Top Repair
  235. What oil viscosity should I use?
  236. and it acts like it is stuck in 3rd gear.?
  237. check engine light came on Any suggestions?
  238. What should I do?
  239. Question on Boxster Common Engine Failures
  240. Question on Boxster Ignition Switch
  241. Question on Boxster Ignition Switch
  242. Question on Boxster Common Engine Failures
  243. What is the cause of my low rpm engine surge?
  244. check light on,cod p0300 miss fire,poor running at idle,last point before i scrap,throttle body clean,????
  245. Question on Boxster turn signal switch OBC upgrade
  246. Do you thinik I should have any worries with the engine if I change the oil immediately and change it every 3000 to 5000 kms?
  247. What will a larger intake do to my performance?
  248. Why are there Porsche engine failures at 30,000 miles?
  249. Why is my check engine light on?
  250. Question on Boxster Camshaft Swap and Chain Tensioner